Share Your World – August 14, 2017

Been a while since I’ve done this…  Here goes.

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?

Well, if I’m to be completely honest, I do have a tendency to sometmes get distracted and forget about turning off lights.  I’m often reminded by my husband about a light being left on.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

I could go two directions here…  One would be purely selfish and only thinking of me – I’d either get clothes, or maybe some makeup (Mary Kay of course), or candles, or spend money getting stuff I want through Pampered Chef.  Perhaps a little of everything.  The second direction would lean towards thinking of others – I’d likely split the money between a couple good Fire and Police Foundation, or give to the Departments towards upgrading some of their stuff, or a bereavement fund for the families of firefighters & officers killed in the LOD.

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…

LOL – Guess I’d have to say doing stuff on FB and Twitter…. that and checking my emails and reading various blogposts (via email) as time allows.

What inspired you this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Don’t know if it would be considered an inspiration but I am in awe of how much we collected at this last week’s Dispose-A-Med event (over 500 pounds).  It was insane and amazing to see the turn out.  I can only hope that the next one goes as well.

That concludes my answers to Cee’s Share Your World Questions for this week.  Hope you’ll join the fun….  Have a great week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – August 13, 2017 Birthdays and School Under Way.

Good Sunday morning to everyone.  I’m enjoying my 2nd cup of the morning and invite you to join me.  How do you take it (your coffee that is) – Cream? Suguar? Black?  We have regular sugar and a sugar substitute (a Stevia Blend)…  There’s also Cocoa Powder if you’d like to make it a Cafe Mocha.  Not one for coffee?  There’s also some tea but I’d need to get the water bottle.  And, of course, there’s water and tea on tap.

It’s been a week (well 2 weeks) of birthdays.  I think I forgot to mention in last week’s Coffee Share that my son son had a birthday nearly a couple weeks back.  He’s reached the big 1-6.  I know for girls that is (or used to be) considered Sweet 16 (is that even done anymore??). Pretty sure 16 year old boys don’t want to be considered sweet 16 😝 but it is a pretty big time in their lives as well.  I asked my son what he thought of being 16 and he responded that it was the same as 15 πŸ˜‚.  Ohhh, did I mention, last week, that he’s taking Drivers Ed as one of his electives this year??

The other birthdays are my own.  Before you start shaking your head in confusion, I’ll explain…  One is my actual birthday (the date of my birth).   The other is more of an anniversary date, but I thought “birthday” sounded better considering the other birthdays I was mentioning, the birthday/anniversary of my becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 years now that I’ve been doing this πŸ˜ƒ.

Birthday – wise, it’s been fairly uneventful.    Per tradition, my son got a “beat-down” (basically a ‘spanking’ with a large paddle like thing.  This is done in good fun and even the younger kids go through it, on their birthdays, in good stride. 

In other news,  School is well under way for my son and he’s completed his first week at the new school.  So far, things seem to be going well.  

I’d say that pretty well covers it for me.  How about you?  Do anything exciting or fun this past week?  How about the week ahead?  Any exciting news to share (or just news in general)??  Be sure and join Diane over at Part-Time Monster Blog for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.


Ohh Hi, Good Morning everyone…  I was just doing some research on the use of tags in wordpress – more specifically whether or not tags could consist of more than one tag (eg Weekend Coffee Share vs WeekendCoffeeShare)…  Didn’t exactly find the information I was looking for in my “search” but I did find it when I went to my dashboard and looked at my “tags” so, ok,  good to go now.

Ugghhh,  can you tell how boring things are?!?  First thing I start off with is writing about wordpress and tags….  Ok well it’s not all completely boring so, please, don’t take off running yet.

So last Friday was orientation for my son, starting off at a new school. As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is an online based school so he gets to work at his own pace.  But it also has the benefit of a brick & mortar school in that there are teachers there to help if he gets stuck on a problem or has a question.  I’m thinking, also, that because he is limited by what he can do on the computers in the school and because it is a “school-like” setting there will be less distractions and more of a likelihood to work on school work. 

One clear advantage for our son, and the way he works, is that he can focus his attention on say a couple courses at a time, and spend his 5 hour class day just working on those classes.  When he’s done with those, he moves on to the next set.

 School actually starts off, for the year, on Monday and I’ll have a better idea of what he’s taking during the school year.  He did get a rough schedule at orientation but there was some discrepancies as the school hadn’t gotten the full transcript from the last school and was missing classes he had already taken.  We got that sorted out and a more final schedule should be  ready to go on Monday.  As it currently sits, it looks like  he should have Sophmore English, Geomoetry,  Earth & Space Science, American History.  Plus a couple of electives – Personal and Family Living and a Driver’s Ed course.

The overall schedule of our days will be interesting as he goes to the afternoon session and, between scouts, martial arts, etc,  has something going on nearly every day (or so it seems).

I’ve done enough talking myself…  What all is going on with the rest of you??  Has school started up for anyone else yet?  How is the process going for you?

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I haven’t yet seen a post from our host, Part-Time Monster Blog, yet but I’m sure she’ll be along here soon…  And I’m sure there’ll be more “Weekend Coffee Share” posts to check out.  But, for now, it’s time for me to say good-bye and end our little chat.  Hope to see you next week for more Coffee Chat.

Cee’s Oddball Photos challenge (July 30, 2017)

Photos & Videos:

Partial rainbow, barely visible 

Dark skies at the store

Trying to capture the lightening 


An old video….Sort of forgot the camera was still on.  I had shown up early for an open house event at a local fire station – just in time for a front row seat to the landing of Life-Net.  This was just after the landing. Exciting doesn’t even begin to cover it.


#WeeklySmile 83 – Wednesday August 02, 2017

Whooops….  Almost forgot the WeeklySmile (yet again).  In my defense, I’ve spent most of the day either taking care of household chores, baking, or shopping – Today is the first Wednesday of the month when several stores in the area offer senior discounts, which means it is our big shopping day….  So I guess we could start of with the fact that I’m smiling because we’re finally done, everything has been put away and I’m finally able to relax a bit.

Another “Smile”  mentioned in the paragraph above was the baking.  I baked up a batch of muffins to take to the guys at one of the local fire stations – That always makes me smile when I’m able to bring the guys a batch of muffins.

Ok, now to go back a bit in time for some more happiness.  My son took his first flight traveling as a non-unaccompanied minor (or at least that’s the best I can think to call it).  He did wonderfully and for the most part everything went off without a hitch (the parts that didn’ – which, by the way, had nothing to do with how well my son did on the trip – I’ll leave unsaid as it would get into a lengthy explanation and would take a way from the Smiles that this post is about, so….. moving on….

Another piece of awesome news is that my son earned his first belt in Martial Arts, his yellow belt.  For someone who started with two left feet and  no coordination he has improved a lot.  There’s still a lot of room for improvement but he’s come a long way.
And for my last smile – The thought of going to bed here very soon (preferably before I fall asleep sitting up)….  That and my morning coffee.  And with that I say, “Good Night to Everyone”