Weekend Coffee Share – Friday March 23, 2018

Good Morning everyone. It’s one of those rare weeks where I’m getting to my weekend coffee share on Friday, as opposed to my usual barely getting to it on Sunday. The bad thing is there’s not really much for me to report on in my neck of the woods that I haven’t already posted about. I did grab a photo of a pretty gorgeous sunrise and another of the sunset yesterday. I put them together into a collage using Photo Grid.

Ohh my gosh, how rude of me. I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and totally forgot to offer y’all some.

Still trying to figure out why the drooping eyelid and why hubby’s eye isn’t wanting to track correctly. My understanding is it’s been contributed to 3rd Cranial Nerve Palsy but the question of “why” or what’s causing it is still up in the air. The doctor has him on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and possible infection in the tooth (this along with the virtual pharmacy he’s already taking – 9 pills in the morning 12 at night, along with the extra pill he takes with each meal.

Put it next to a triple A battery for size comparison.

The doctor is also going to put in a referral for a neurologist (at least I think that’s the game plan). The good news is an an aneurysm and TIA/Stroke have both been ruled out.

The son is slowly but surely making progress in his classes at both schools. Hoping he gets done with his English before the end o the school year and History before the end of the school session (both are at different schools). His grades in Math and English are actually holding pretty good….

The score is the figure on the far right side.

History not so much which is surprising because History is generally his strong subject… A lot of it however has to do with missing work (well not missing as it’s all online but not yet turned in). We’re cracking down on him on that and getting on him to get the work done so he can get caught up.

That’s pretty much the news around here for us. What’s going on in your neck of the woods. Hope y’all had a wonderful week. Wishing you a fun & relaxing weekend and a great week, and don’t forget to check out and join in the WeekendCoffeeShare with our host Eclectic Alli.


#ThreeThingsThursday – March 22, 2018

Been a hectic day, infact a hectic week. Here’s three photos that made me smile this week.

And can you believe 7 years….

Check out There She Goes – Three Things Thursday …. I’m off to relax and watch some old Cutthroat Kitchen and maybe the new episode of the new show (on Hulu) – “911”

Cee’s Share Your World – March 19, 2018

What is your earliest memory?

I think one of my earliest memories is where I’m sitting at what I believe was my mother’s studio. In my memory, I never see my mother (except for photos I don’t remember what she looks like) but can feel her presence.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Neither. We actually don’t put our toilet paper rolls on a holder, we keep it on the counter next to the toilet. Unfortunately the location of the toilet paper roll holder doesn’t really work for me (or hubby) in terms of reachability.

What makes you feel grounded?

Not really sure what, if anything, makes me feel “grounded”…. I do remember one time when I was super sick and hubby took me to Urgency Care. He was trying to be nice and give me a ride on his wheelchair as I could hardly walk a straight line without hanging on to the wall…. Unfortunately the motion of the wheelchair as he wheeled had me feeling most un-grounded. I ended up having to get up and continue with more sore attempt at walking.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Well, I guess you could say that having our car back, the kitchen faucet fixed, and the fact that the CT Scan hubby had yesterday showed no sign of aneurysm or stroke/TIA are things to smile about.

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#TuesdayChatter – March 20, 2018

Well the sink (more specifically, the hose on the faucet of the sink) is fixed. Got the car fixed too – well partly. The problem with the radiator and overheating has been fixed but we still have the PCM to replace (planned for the beginning of the month).

Yesterday was a an interesting day. Got everyone up early because I thought we had an appointment for my son that morning (turned out that appointment was today). Later, we took the son to school (his school schedule is different than a typical school) and then took hubby to his doctor appointment. At the end of said appointment, hubby comes out with news that doc wants him to go to ER for CT scan. Apparently one eye wasn’t tracking (or not tracking properly). Both the doctor (well Nurse Practitioner) and the neurologist that she had called were concerned about a possible aneurysm or a TIA. The good news is that the CT scan did not sow any signs of either. It’s looking like it could be 3rd cranial palsy (possibly related to a sinus infection). We’re suppose to follow up with hubby’s regular doctor (NP)… By the time we got home it was something like 9 at night.

Today was less crazy…. Just the appointment this morning (the one that I thought was yesterday) and then a few quick stops at some stores after dropping off the son at school.

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