Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Chill

My entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Chill

Cold and wet here today. Well a little on the chilly side anyway, especially for Arizona


#ThreeThingsThursday – February 15, 2018

Three things of note:

  1. It’s been raining since yesterday afternoon…
  2. Sent the requests off to get transcripts from past colleges (well ones in the mail, the other needs to go in). Right now I’m looking at Health Information Technology. Talking to the career counselor (at the local community college), it does seem to be the best fit for me. Am I the only person who has doubts that they are doing the right thing and making the right choices.

  3. Hubby’s eye procedure went just fine. Both eyes have now had cataract surgery done on them as well as a common, routine, follow up surgery to remove scar tissue. The bouncing in the one eye will always be an issue for him but the cataract part has been taken care of.

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#TuesdayChatter – February 13, 2018

Getting to the Tuesday Chatter late today.

So hubby had the routine procedure done today on his eye that I had mentioned before. He had the same procedure done on his other eye last month.

After the procedure we stopped by Einstein Bagels and got a Bakers Dozen plus an extra, and some shmear.

The son is off to scouts, the hubby is asleep, and I’m enjoying some time watching old episodes of “er”.

Ohh, I did I mention that I had an appointment with a career counselor yesterday. The counselor recommended doing Health Information Technology. She thought it would best match my personality type (ISTJ) as well as my skills set. Plus, it could possibly give me options to work from home, I guess. So there we are.

Well that’s about it. Catch y’all next week. Hope it’s a great one.