#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday, August 28, 2016

The end of the month already.

Got my firsr cup of coffee made and I’m ready to do this.  At some point, here, I’m going to probably have to go help the hubby when he’s done with his shower.  

I just learned (well not literally, but the other day) that my son was elected quartermaster for his troop.  He needs this as part of hus rank advancement to earn his Star.

Ok, that’s done, hubby just finished his shower….  So whete was I? Ohh, right – my son, quartermaster, star.  I think this is a good position of office for him.

Took a quick break to take care of a few things, including making my 2nd cup of coffee.

The other thing going on this wrrk is that we received our Pampered Chef order, as well as several other packages.  Now we’re just waiting on 2 more packages- one of which is my new Mary Kay name tag (this time with the pin backing rather than magnetic).  The other is some “new” USB charging cords for our cell phones  – Don’t get me started on that.

Yesterday, I was sort of mulling over my list of hobbies and interests.  I guess you could say my hobbies (if I had both time & money for them) would be baking, photography, and maybe writing.  I do enjoy writing little “micro stories” for challenges (which I post on my writing blog Taini Writes.  I love to watch videos and shows that have to do with cooking, baking, and decorating.  I also enjoy making cookies & cupcakes.  I guess you could say baking would top the list and photography & writing would be tied.

The two things I find I have the most interest in would be anything to do with Fire/EMS and things that have to do with the way people lived in the past – I think that has to do with anthropology, but not sure….  I’m not really much into history or historical stuff, but I do find the study of how people lived fascinating.  My favorite era would have to be  the pioneer era and then probably colonial and victorian (early 1900s).

I feel like I’m beginning to ramble on.  I should let you do the talking whilst I finish my coffee.  Tell me about your week, and your thoughts.  Remember to check out the other Weekend Coffee Share posts and share your own.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday August 14, 2016

Hello everyone.  Please, pull up a chair and join me.  I’ve got the usual cream & sugar to offer, as well as a couple coffee flavorings – caramel  and hazelnut.  I’m enjoying the caramel in my current cup…Hazelnut will be the flavor in my next one.

How’s everyone doing?  What’s going on? – Anything fun & exciting?

Took me a little while to find this week’s Coffee Share.  I usually find it in my blogreading email but it seemed to be playing hide and seek…I’m sure it’s there somewhere.  I finally ended up going to the actual wordpress link for the host (Diana from Part Time Monster) and finding the coffee share that way .  Seems she is a bit under the weather.  If you could all send some “well wishes” thoughts her way.

I’m afraid there isn’t much going on that’s worth mentioning.  I’ve told you all about my Mary Kay business and my son starting school…Really there isn’t much going on.  Well there’s stuff going on, there always is, just nothing earth shattering – nothing much worth mentioning.

So far this morning (I’ve been up since about 4am and it’s now about 6am), I’ve been mostly cleaning up my emails including my blog reading emails (where I get notifications of all the blogs I read) – Damn there was a lot there (too many to catch up on😦  ).   I did also clean up some apps on my phone, and did a bit of stretching (not sure how much good it did, I’m stil stiff).

Well back to cleaning up emails and reading up on some blogs.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday August 7, 2016

I hate to say that my coffee is almost gone, but my coffee is almost gone….  I spent my time, while drinking my morning’s 2 cups, catching up on emails, notifications, and such.

So, what’s been going on this past week?  Well here, we just (as of Friday) finished the first week of school…. Yes, you heard right school.  Schools here start about the first week of August.  Most of the public schools start up tomorrow, though the charters start up a week earlier.  I shared this little funny on a “you know you’re in” group (this one is Arizona based) —

You know you’re from Arizona when you start talking about back to school stuff and your  friends are still talking about summer vacation (or your friends ask if the school is year round).

I’d say the first week of school went well and my son seems to be doing okay so far.  We had originally thought he would be repeating Algebra I this year as that was what was on his original schedule (he had taken it last year in middle school but it is listed as a high school course and thus counts towards credits).  When we asked the dean about the repeat, we were told it was because he had failed the first semester last year. However, the schedule given to our son on the first day of school had him in Algebra II.

The other big news is that today is officially my anniversary as a Mary Kay consultant – One year ago, to the day, I signed the Consultant Agreement and began an exciting journey.  Anyone in need of, or know of anyone who is in need of, a consultant??  My personal website is www.marykay.com/tdcarr and I also have a facebook page – www.facebook.com/TenaCarrMKIBC.  I am very much looking forward to another exciting year as a Mary Kay consultant.

OK, so you don’t think I’m just about pushing my Mary Kay business (though  I do love what I do), what else can I tell you…..

Let’s see….  Well, I  am about to work on a story for this weeks prompt over at InnerSunshine.  My short story, once I get it written, will be posted to my writing blog – Taini Writes.  First though,  I think there’s a couple things I may need to do (or help out with) around the house, plus I need to post to my party event (I’m late on that as it is).

See you again next week for another Weekend Coffee Share

#WeekendCoffeeShare: July 31, 2016 – School Starts Soon

Welcome!  I’m just sittimg down to a cup of coffee.  We’re out of cream and won’t be getting more till tomortow sometime (after my morning coffee), so I’m improvising.  Made myself some tasty coffee with hershey’s chocolate powder, caramel coffee flavoring, and a good size dollop of extra creamy coolwhip put in the buttom of the cup before brewing coffee into it (I have one of those single serve coffee-makers where you brew the coffee right into your cup – pretty cool huh, I can make your coffee to order).  I did extra sugar as the chocolate and coffee (I used hubby’s super dark) is quite bitter.

Well then now that we’ve talked “coffee”, I should tell you that you did indeed read the title correctly – School is, in fact, starting up soon in my neck of the woods.  Orientation for my son’s school was last Monday (I think I wrote about it last week) and he starts school tomorrow.  I think I might have mentioned thst the school he’s going to is a STEM school with focus on science & technology.  I think he’s pretty excited about that and (perhaps) the fact that he’ll be in high school  this year(more choices in the classes he takes, and (hopefully) less teasing – middle school kids can really be mean).  He does have to take a certain number of credits in each subject (ie: 4 english/language arts, 4 math, 3 science, etc) but for the most part he has choices within that.  Our son also wants to join the robotics team.  We told h it is imperative to keep his grades up to stay on the team (school rules).  

Both my son and myself have birthdays this week…. 15 and 45 respectively.

The other big thing is that I will be starting up my birthday/Mary Kay Anniversary party on Facebook this week.  I’m celebrating one year with as part of the Independent Sales Force of an awesome company on an awesome team, on an awesome unit.  The party will pretty much be going on all month long.

That’s about the end of what I have to share, and the end of my first cup of coffee…. Let me get another cup going, then you can tell me all about your week and what you’ve got going on.

I also want to let you know (or remind you – for those who are returning) that the #weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Diana at PartTime Monster.  Be sure to check it out and join in. 

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