Friday List

Another fun list shared by Patricia.

This week’s top 5 list has to do with fruit…. So here’s mine really quick 

  1. Avocados 
  2. Bananas 
  3. Pineapples 
  4. Grapes
  5. Blackberries 

Have an awesome day all.  Getting ready to run off and deliver baked goods to local fire & police, plus do some shopping while I’m out.

Friday Fill-In Fun for Friday February 24, 2017

I’ve done these Friday Fill-In Fun challenges in the past but it’s been a while.  Came across it through Patricia’s Place.  Check out McGuffey Reader for more Friday Fill-In Fun.
1. I wish _______ would come back in style.  Nothing really comes to mind.

2. I always have lipstick in my purse.

3. I think that I am a relatively good person.  I’m not the perfect person and may be rough around the edges, but I surely try.

4. People zooming around me and cutting me off is a pet peeve of mine (to name just one).

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday February 26, 2017

Good Morning everyone.  Sorry to say the coffee had to be reheated twice this morning.  I also had difficulty finding the host Weekend Coffee Share post this morning.  Thought I would find it in my email box where all the blogs I am subscribed to go but alas could not find so plan B — go to the website.  I know I am subscribed to Nerd In the Brain (our host for this Weekend Coffee Share thing) so I have no idea why I can never locate when I look for it.  Nonetheless, here I am ready to enjoy coffee with you.  I’ll be making more coffee, fresh coffee shortly.

In a few minutes I’ll need to (virtually) step away from this blogpost to post something to a party I’m doing on Facebook.  Shouldn’t take but a couple minutes for me to do.


Ok, I’m back with fresh coffee (and I got my posting done for the facebook party).  

So, on today’s agenda…..

Going to be doing more baking to deliver to local fire stations tomorrow and tuesday, as well as ship off to soldiers (for Soldiers Angels)… Speaking of Soldiers Angels, I also need to write my LWT letter for February.

There’s also laundry to be folded (and more coming) and later on there’s the weekly sheet washing (generally done on Sundays)

What else???……  Well there’s a party to post to throughout the day, and I’m sure I’ll find other things that need to get done around here.

So, enough chatter from me…  What about your day. What’s on your agenda for the day?  


Well, coffee’s about gone… Time to get this day started.  Hope you all have a great Sunday and a blessed week ahead.  See you all next week.

Tuesday Chatter: February 21, 2017

Good Morning.  Doing my Tuesday Chatter post (hosted by Brew N Spew).  Had a bit of an issue with brewing my first cup of coffee this morning – mainly that I forgot to add the very thing that makes it “coffee”, the coffee itself.

All is good now and I am sitting here in my usual (comfy) chair enjoying a Cafe Mocha (mainly just coffee with cream and hot cocoa added.

Meekah is joining us again this morning.

I guess I am chattering on about nonesense. Trying to think of something a little more substantial.

Yesterday I got to thinking of how through the course of events you can meet people who become more than just the reason you met them in the first place but become friends.

I had written up a long dissertation of some examples but decided to delete it as it was going to make this post way to lengthy.  One example started out with both an interview for public interest story and events that I would attend put on police department where I was living at the time.  Another involved a chance at a “drawing” that I almost walked past.  Let’s just say that through the course of these events I’ve met people who have become friends, though the reason for meeting them was really more business-like in nature.

One example I was going to write about involved not just a person but the fire department where I now live.  You see my connection with them started back before I moved here, back when I started following the Fire Department on twitter many years ago – The twitter account being run by the departments Public Information Officer.  Little did I know that I would end up moving into the service area of said fire department.  Sadly the PIO that I met through twitter had passed away before I got an opportunity to meet her in person.  I have, however, met some others from the department.  Friends??  Not sure if you could say they quite fall in that category but certainly are wonderful people.
I’ve chattered on long enough…  What do you have to chatter about?  

Hoping you all have a wonderful day.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – February 19, 2017

Wowww…  Talk about being late to the party.  Hopefully not so late that I’ve missed everyone.  I’ve already had my coffee for the day, but I can always brew up some more real quick for anyone who wishes to join me.

I got a little side-tracked earlier this morning on a couple things I needed to get done, then when I went to find the hosting coffee share post via my email (where all the blogs I’m subscribed to go), seemed to have some difficulty locating said email…  So, over to Weekend Coffee Shares’ new home –  Nerd In the Brain… And there it is: Weekend Coffee Share in a New Home.  I’m sure I’m subscribed to receive the newest blogs….  But I won’t bore you all with anymore of my technical difficulties.  On to the matter at hand – COFFEE.  Though, actually, now I’m having a nice hot bowl of soup.  Perfect for the dreary weather we’re having.

One of those days where you look out and really don’t want to do much of anything but stay in.

Thankfully I am comfy in my Roe Leggings

My son is due back from his hiking campout anytime now.  Considering the weather this weekend I’m thinking someone might be on the cold & wet side.

This isn’t his first campout nor his first with this troop.  However, it was his first hiking campout.  I’m hoping he did okay and had everything he needed.  Quite a difficult task to get him down to where what he’s carrying is only a quarter of his weight when a quarter of his weight only allows him abou 27 lbs and 16 of that is in water alone (a required 2 gallons was needed at 8lbs/gal) and then there’s the backpack to carry his gear.  He was buddied up with another scout so some gear is split up – such as the tent and the cook stove/fuel (One carries one, and the other carries the other).  Plus a sleeping bag…  And then there’s the personal gear and food. I think he technically might have been a little bit over, and that was after going through and taking out non-essentials.  Will be interesting to see how things went.

What else???  Well, I am closing out a Facebook party – Mary Kay, of course (but I’m sure you guessed that 😉 ).  Infact, I need to get back to my hostess to work out her hostess rewards, etc.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – hopefully drier than what it is around here.  Don’t forget to check out the weekend coffee share for this week.

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