#WeekendCoffeeShare – July 25, 2016

Well it wasn’t just our Weekend Coffee Share host that was late to the coffee share fest.  I too am late, beyond late, so late I missed  the opportunity to link to the coffee share linky (and last week I completely blew it off altogether). 

Yesterday, my usual coffeestare day, was basically spent recuping from the trip up to pick up son and taking care of little things around the house…  There really was no reason to miss out on doing my coffee share and I feel like a dunce for having done so.

You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve already had my coffee this morning.  I can always whip up another cup or make up a cup if tea (hot or iced).

The trip to get my son wasn’t all that long really (about a 3-4 hour or so drive).  Me and hubby headed out about 4:30 in the morning (plenty of time for a 9am pick up time). The idea was to be back home before it got too hot.  We get to camp (where son was a junior counselor – more on that in a bit) to find he wasn’t ready to go.  It was something like another 2 to 3 hours before we could leave camp and then the 3 to 4 Hour drive home.  It was late afternoon by the time we got home, and HOT!!

So how did our son do as a junior counselor you ask. Here’s something I had written up earlier…

“Beyond proud of how my son  did this last monthas a junior counselor.

I was a little worried about how he’d do his first time, but he came through with flying colors. I talked to a couple of staff members who were in charge and was told he did good. On the trip home our son told us (with the usual prompting- LOL) about his month at camp.

He was assigned to the shooting sports area. Apparently there was 2 counselors and then Sam as junior counselor. For the most part he helped the counselors and then the last week, since class sizes were small, he got to teach with support from counselors. He also helped out on the shooting range”.  
I think maybe he’ll be going back next year to be a junior counselor again  (the following year he’ll be eligible to be a counselor…  Or maybe it’s CIT (counselor in Training).

Well, see y’all next week.

Take care and be safe out there.

#WeekendCoffeeShate: July 10, 2016

Starting off my day drinking from one of my favorite cups – though I don’t use it often because it is so big and doesn’t fit well on my single cup coffee maker… Care to join me??  I can make coffee (or tea, even iced) to order

I was given this a while back by my team leader and it is a good reminder that dreams don’t just happen you have to make that happen and that (to paraphrase), God helps them that helps themselves.  It amazes me the people out there that believe they are “entitled” by color, gender, creed, etc… And in many ways (IMHO) they give a bad name to those (of “different” color, creed, etc) who are willing to work and not expect hand me outs because who/what they are.  It also takes away from, when you have people abusing the “welfare” system due to “entitlement”, those that really do need the assistance – those unable to work due to injury or medical reasons….  But I digress and am taking this post in a direction that I generally don’t go on this blog – political.  I will say this and then no more – equal rights should be just that  EQUAL.  Meanimg (for example) you should be chosen for a job based purely on your skills and ability to perform said job, irregardless of anything else.  The color of your skin and how you live your sexual life should, in no way factor in.  I will not deny that “minorities” have been denied jobs, etc because of their minority status but I also know of a situation where someone was denied access to a job or school because said place didn’t meet the minority quota (in other words, there weren’t enough minorities there).  What’s that you say?!?  I only have 1 example when media is filled with tons of examples of minorities being denied, not the other way.  Here’s my point, before you send the lynching mob, both extremes are wrong.  A person shouldn’t be denied because of skin color, gendwe, or sexual preference nor should they be given preferential treatment–  Like I said before Equal Opportunity means EQUAL…  OK, this time I really am done with all this political rant & crap.

The pin I was given the other night and our end of year recognition dinner, I think, pairs quite nicely with this cup.  Another reminder dreams come true.

I could speak more on our little recognition dinner but I’ll leave that for later, maybe.

As far as my week I can’t really think of much that happened.  It just seems to have flown by and I can’t account for my time.  I do know that I spent some time doing the usual housework, worked on a few small projects including helping my husband with some of his stuff, and did some work with my Mary Kay business including making some calls, texting and posting on Facebook/twitter – though not as much as I should be…  I’ve really got to step up my game.

Well that’s my week, and the end of my coffee – time for me to make another cup.  Tell me about your week and what your thoughts are on the whole “equal opportunity” thing – I only ask that you keep it respectful of everyone, and clean.

Share Your World – Week 26

Joining Cee’s Share Your Workd, Week 26 (a tad bit late, but better late than….)

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane flight?Hard to choose…. There are three memorable flights:

1) The one in which I got burned when the stewardess (now called cabin attendants) was handing me hot water for tea.  We hit a pocket of turbulence at that exact moment…

2) Speaking of turbulence, another flight I was on there was nothing but turbulence the entire flight – bad turbulence.  At one point we flew through a bit of turbulence that, I swear, knocked the plane down 500 fr and back up a hundred.  Ok, I don’t actually know how much the plane dipped down and back up…. I do know everyone was very still and quiet.  Pretty sure a few, besides me, were white knuckled.  I can’t remember if that was the same trip we ended up circling over O’Hare for what seemed like forever waiting to land.

3) My third memorable flight was one taken with my hubby and son on Southwest Airlines.  The seats were so narrow that between my hubby wanting to stretch out and be comfortable and my son laying across his seat (and part of mine) taking a nap, I ended up standing or sitting on the floor a good part of the flighr….Except during take off and landing, at which point the three of us shoved into our seats more or lesslike sardines.

How many bones, if any, have you broken?

Well I have had a couple toes surgically broken to straighten them… Other than that, the closest I’ve come is a sprain or strain of my shoulder when I tripped and fell on it.  The stupid part is I tripped and fell over nothing.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

Let’s see, well the first (obvious) choice would be one of many fire, EMS, or LEO personnel I’ve met over the years…Do I have to choose one of them?  The next two choices would be Helen Keller and Laura Ingalls Wilder – In no particular order.

Make a Currently List: What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating, needing, wanting, and missing right now?
Reading: At the moment, nothimg.  I’ll probably read some blog posts later…I also have a number of good books I could be reading (both physical & digital).

Watching: Now, Nothing. Waiting for next episodes of Master Chef and of Mythbusters on Hulu, plus there’s the last couple episodes of Doogie Howse, MD for me to finish watching.

Listening To: Nothing 

Eating: I had a watermelon yogurt earlier and my 2 cups of coffee.

Needing: A new phone and an iPad or laptop (we’re leaning towards iPad)…. All of it, of course, takes money.

Wanting: More sales for my MK business.  Reason – see above.

Missing: My son.

I am thankful for:

My son made it safely to camp and was excited to be there. His trip with Grandma (they were supposed to see the Grand Canyon) went well.  I am looking forward to picking him up towards the end of the month and hearing how things went….  But that us several weeks away.

Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day.  Remember, Don’t Drink & Drive and Be careful & safe when using any fireworks – fireworks and alcohol don’t mix.

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