Bloganuary: Days 21

Day 21 – If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?

I don’t know…. I mean it might be nice to actually get to know my mother (who died when I was 5) or spend more time with grandma but there’s no guarantee that going back in time would change any of that, besides it would be too messy – would mess with the space time continuum and all that. So I think I’ll skip the whole time travel thing 😂.

Day 22 – What is your favorite quote and why?

This is actually a quote I found in my mother’s writings…a quote Kiekgaard – “Life can only be lived forward, but understood backwards.” Another good one is from Forest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.”

Day 23 – Interview a fictional character.

Can you guess my fictional character (it’s an easy one – LOL 😂)

  • What is your favorite food? Lasagna
  • Second favorite food? Pizza
  • What is your favorite past-time? Sleeping
  • Second favorite past-time? Antagonizing Odie
  • Name a nemesis? Nermal
  • Favorite superhero? Arched Avenger (not sure if I got this right)

Day 24 – Write about a dream you remember.

Haven’t had this dream in a while but can still remember it…. I’m walking along a meadow. All of a sudden, I step off the edge of a cliff (without warning). I always wake up before I hit the bottom.

Weekend Coffee Share: 01-23-2022

It’s halfway through Sunday and I’m finally getting to my Weekend Coffee Share. Now I’m sitting here watching the old Baywatch and trying to figure out what to write 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂. The thing is I have no idea what to write. Not much happened this week. There is one thing that happened that is kind of exciting in a way. I got an email earlier in the week, congratulating me on my education Tech AAS. My diploma should be mailed out in the next month or so. I feel like I should be a bit more excited than I am….Not that I’m not proud of my accomplishment. It just feels like the hard part is actually getting my foot in the door somewhere and beginning my career in Medical Records/Health Information Technology. Getting your AAS degree and starting a new career, or attempting to, at 50 isn’t easy. I did have one phone interview a few days ago but no idea what the outcome is going to be. They just said something about doing more interviews and they’d be in touch or get back to me… something like that. There was one other phone call from a different company. They left a message but when I returned the call I got voice mail myself. I left a message but that was the last I heard there. For now I just keep keeping an eye out on the various job search sites and once I have a physical copy of my degree or a copy of my official transcript I’ll put out some local resumes (for what good it does 🤷🏻‍♀️).

Hopefully y’all are having a good weekend. Guess I should try to get some stuff done. Got some old photographs I need to go through and organize, plus check my email and a few other things. At some point I need to work on dinner. We’re making up salad and adding in some chicken from last night’s dinner. If we had some eggs that were old enough we could also hard-boil some eggs and add that in but the eggs aren’t quite the right age for boiling. Usually a week past the sell by is about right for hard-boiled eggs. Anyway s I as saying I should get to work on some other stuff. Hope you’ll check out some Weekend Coffee Shares and join in next week with our host Natalie

Bloganuary: Day 20

What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken

I don’t know that I could pick a single “favorite”. One of my favorite subjects is my cat Meekah

Her favorite chair. We consider it hers for the most part.

My other favorite subjects would be anything related to weather or the sky, things like that. I also like taking pictures of things like flowers and animals (the latter if I can manage it) 😂

This is from years ago
Taken a while back, out on our back deck
Also taken a while back, in our back yard.

Fandago’s Provocative Question #153

Here is Fandago’s Provocative Question for this week:

What has been the most difficult, hardest, or most painful decision you’ve ever had to make in your life?

There’s a couple directions I could go or things I could look at (not necessarily that any of them are truly “difficult”…

The first one actually wasn’t difficult or painful in any way though it was a question of finances (to a degree). Our cat Leila (no longer with us) essentially came to us off the streets. She was hanging around our house and we were unable to ascertain where she lived. I put out a bed for her on our back porch and put food out for her in the mornings (at the time she was apprehensive about entering into our home). At one point we noticed an abscess at the base of her tail. We managed to contain her and take her to the vet. As it turned out the abscess required surgery (they also ended up neutering her, per our request) at that same time). It was a decision making point. Previous to that she was not our cat we just gave her a place to eat & sleep outside but that was the extent of it. At that point, in the vet’s office, we were looking and spending money, etc and taking on direct responsibility – though arguably you could say we took that on when we decided to provide for her. Later on we ended up moving cross country and could not take her with us. We ended up leaving her with my step-mom at the time (herself a cat lover).

Another decision making point (if you could call it that), that has come up a a number of times has to do with my marriage. Right now, for example, everything “seems” to be just fine but just the other day we had one of our big fights where the big D word was thrown out there. And yet here we are today, just a couple days later as if everything is hunky dory. It took me a bit longer to settle down, and deep down I’m still not, but hubby was pretty much acting like everything was fine and back to normal the next day. Even when things are back to “normal” it’s on a knife’s edge. I keep asking myself how much of this roller coaster ride of a marriage can I take. How much of this feeling like everything I do is being criticized, questioned, and so forth can I take. I keep thinking I can’t do this anymore, I’m done…but then I question if that s the right decision or not or if I’m just being a whiny little biatch about things. Not to mention the feeling of… being alone in making any decisions and feeling like you’ve got no real safety net to fall on, like your all alone with no place to go and no one you can really turn to (ohh sure I have friend’s who will listen while I vent, etc but there’s no one I can turn to for actual help. I guess you could say that this would be one of the most difficult decisions, that hasn’t even really been made and I don’t even know what to do or what direction to go.

Five Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022

This week Dr. Tanya asks us about Five Things we need to repeat to ourselves in 2022. Here’s my list, not in any particular order:

1. I Am Worthy

2. Breathe in, Breathe out, try not to hyperventilate – okay the last part of this is a little bit of a joke.

3. Don’t overthink things – I’m constantly overthinking things I do.

4. Relax

5. I don’t have to do everything.