A little Friday Fill-In Fun (Week 55)

Joining the Friday Fill-In Fun after a long long absence.  Was reminded of it when I came across it through Patricia‘s blog.

1. My idea of roughing it is Camping  where you aren’t taking everything including (practically) the kitchen sink.  I’ve been on “camping” trips where  people bring practically all the comforts of home that they possibly can, including ways to cook gourmet type meals.  My idea of camp cooking – hot dogs and beans cooked over a campfire, with marshmallwo (kosher ones) for desert.

2. I never get sick of talking about well pretty much anything to do with public safety (stuff related to fire, ems, police, that kind of thing).  I never tire of learning and listening to that kind of stuff.

3. My youth is gone and but a memory.  Actually I have quite a few… memories that is.  Mostly good ones, I think.

4. My “golden years” Are not yet here.  I’m sort of in that in-between stage of life…  The one, I guess, they call the middle-aged years – though I understand that technically I’m not even there yetso really. I don’t know what I am.

Share Your World – May 22, 2017

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? Nothing really comes to mind.  I was thinking that I might like to take the Martial Arts class with my son but it just hasn’t panned out…. I’ve done ridealongs with Ambulance, Fire, Police.   I’ve taken an EMT course.  Been to college (never received any diplomas or certificates though). Been to the Grand Canyon,  Been to Victoria B.C. (And many other places).  I’m sure there are a lot of things I haven’t done but either I have absolutely no interest in pursuing them or I don’t know what it is I’m missing doing.

How often do you get a haircut?
Hardly ever if you talk about getting it done professionally…  For the most part I usually end up trimming my own hair. 

In regards to puzzle what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search or numeric puzzles?
Word Searches would probably be my top choice followedby maybe numeric puzzes then crosswords.  I’m terrible at crosswords because I can never come up with the exact right word.  Last would be jigsaw puzzles… I’m terrible at doing jigsaw puzzles.

How many cities have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

Number of cities = hmmmm….. 10 and just about the same number of residences – think there is maybe one or 2 more residences as there are cities that I’ve lived in

Join Cee’s Share Your World for May 22, 2017

#WeekendCoffeeShare – May 21, 2017

Good Morning My Coffee drinking (and otherwise) friends.  How are you all doing?  How was your week? Your weekend?  Hope everything went well for you.  

What’s been going on with me?  Pretty much the same as usual.  I did have my annual “women’s appointment on Monday and hubby had a cardiology appointment  right after mine (back to back appointments).  Tuesday was another appointment for hubby (this time endocrinology) and Wednesday, I went in for blood draw.

We did have a bit of situation this last week where my son decided, after starting out, that he didn’t want to go to gramma’s.  So we get a phone call, while we’re across town at a doctor’s appointment, that he hadn’t shown up.  At 16, I’m fine I’m perfectly fine with him deciding he’d rather stay home but you better believe he got a severe talking to from me, AND by Pappa, about communicating!!

What else has been going on this week? Hmmm…  Well. I did just get approval for another ridealong with the local sheriff’s department and got the paperwork in the mail yesterday…  I’ve also posted in one of my other blogs Life Happens at The Carrs. I need to be doing more with my other two Public Safety Tidbits and Taini Writes. There hasn’t been much to write about on the first and I just haven’t been able to find much time to do any writing for the second.  I did post to both about a week and a half ago, so you can check that out if you’d like.

The other thing I’ve done is create a new instagram account for my Mary Kay stuff – the link is actually to one of my photos on instagram (I couldn’t find a general link but that should take you to my account).  There isn’t much up just yet but I’ll be adding some pictures later on.  I also have a facebook page if you want to check that out.

So that’s pretty much my week….  Looking forward to hearing about yours.  Head on over to this week’s WeekendCoffeeShare, hosted by Emily at Nerd in the Brain, and share your own Coffee Share.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – May 14, 2017

Come, join me for a cup.  Coffee’s pretty fresh – just finished brewing just a little more than a few minutes ago.

The first big news (ok not big,  I have been mentioning it several times before) –  My son got his Star Rank yesterday

The pin, in the first photo was lost somewhere at the Court of Honor event which is why you don’t see it in the second photo.

His troop also got a Journey to Excellence awared again this year

The patches aren’t yet sewed on, which is why he is holding it here (the rank patch above had been tacked on using a buttoneer – handy little tool).

…. Just realized Miss Meekah is sitting at the door waiting to be let back in.  Give me a sec while I go do that. She’s just sitting patiently meowing quietly…

Ok, I’m back again.  Here. My son is pinning the mother’s pin on me.  It is tradition that the boys pin a mother’s pin to their mother,

and then mom or dad pins the boys rank pin to him.  The pin is really only for the ceremony and comes off when they get home…  The rank badge stays on the uniform until they earn the next rank – in my son’s case that will be the Life Rank.

Well that’s really all I’ve got for this weekend.  Not much else for me to talk about.    I’d love to hear about your Weekend (or past week even) while I make more coffee…  Anyone up for another cup?

Have a wonderful weekend ohhh and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there.  Be sure to head over and check out Emily’s WeekendCoffeeShare.  A huge ShoutOut to her for hosting this fun challenge.

#ThreeThingsThursday – May 11, 2017

First thing, but not part of my Three Things, a huge welcome to the new host of Three Things Thursday, created by Nerd In The Brain, There She Goes.  Take a sec and check her site out…. Don’t forget to come on back here though.

Back??  Ok,good.  So my Three Things:

1) Yes I’ve been tootin this horn a lot,  I just can’t help it….  My son will be getting his Star Ranks in scouts.  

2) Cataract surgery for hubby’s second eye is scheduled for July.  The eyesight in his left eye is now 20/20 but it is still recovering a bit.  He is able to drive again and is back to being able to use his computer.  Next up, the right eye.

3) For my third thing, I guess I could put down the many awesome and interesting folks I’ve met through various social media sources.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few in person.  I am thankful for the opportunity to connect and meet some new people.