Share Your World – April 24, 2017

Wanting something to quench your thirst, what would you drink? 

Our usual go to, around here, is diluted icea tea (usually made with peppermint tea).

Complete this sentence: Never In My Life Have I…. 

LOL, where do I begin?   There’s a lot I haven’t done – Some of which I wish I could done and some that I have absolutely no desire to do – EVER!

If you could be given any gift what would it be? 

Hmmmm, well there’s a lot of things I could come up with.  One thing I wish I could do would to catch a group of firefighters when they’re doing their daily food shopping and pay for their purchases or, perhaps catch them (or police) when going to lunch and pay for their lunch…  I know there’s a lot of other things like that could be done but that is what comes to mind (and is the kind of person I am).

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you count sheep, toss and turn, or get up and try to do something productive

Sometimes, I’ll try making up stories in my head as I go to sleep – usually I’ll fall asleep in the middle of a story…  Other days, by the time I get to bed, I’m so tired it doesn’t take much at all for me to fall asleep.

What was I grateful for last week and what am I looking forward to next week

Well, I am grateful for another opportunity to ridealong with a local fire department and the opporunity for a “Front Row” seat to seeing LifeNet landing just ahead of an Open House at another fire department – That was an awesome and exciting experience:

This video (hope it shows up here) was just after the landing – I missed getting a video of when they actually were landing (thought I had started “filming” but apparently had not).  Let me tell you it was something else (even if I had gotten the video I don’t think it would have done justice to actually being there in person.
So there you go, my answers to Cee’s Share Your World questions of the week.  Join in and share your answers.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday April 23, 2017

Sorry I missed sharing coffee with y’all.  I seem to be having technical difficulty when It comes to some of emails (at least those I’ve saved in other folders).  The emails are there but the body is blank (or, in some cases, shows “no sender” when I know there is one).  One of the email not properly displaying is the Three Things Thursday hosted by Nerd in the Brain, though I can go on my computer and it shows up fine so it’s apparently something to do with my phone, which I was going to try and do along with the Weekend Coffee Share (also hosted by Nerd in the Brain)…  Sorry, I’m talking in circles I’m sure.

Well, like I said, coffee is gone but if you’re still up for a bit of a chat before I’ve got to get started on other thing I’m open.  I could make up another cup of coffee for you though I’m done with mine or the day.  There’s also some plain, unsweetened tea, water, andhot tea if you prefer.

I do, also, have some powerade which I’m saving for tomorrow when I go on another ridealong with one of the local fire departments here…Count 1 for Three Things Thursday (though that’s happening on a Monday 😉).  I plan on making up a batch cookies (well bars) later today to take with me.

Yesterday, I went to an open house event at the Mountain Vista Fire Department.  I’ll be posting a little bit on that over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog (after I get everything together and do some editing).  I will tell you that due to showing up early, I got a front row seat to LifeNet landing – I was getting dust from my ears later than afternoon when I got home. 

Just wish the video I tried to take of the landing had actually gotten taken (I say tried because I was holding my phone towards the landing helicopter while I had my body and (most importantly) face turned the other direction to protect against the flying dirt, gravel,and debris….  I will say that it was unexpected and EXCITING!!  I almost got a video when they were leaving later (this time from inside the station bay area, with the doors closed), except that I apparently ran out of storage space so the video quit before they took off 😞😠.  Just wasn’t my day for getting the good stuff on video.

The other cool thing was getting to meet the lady in charge of doing all the Social Media posting for Mountain Vista Fire… She actually had actually approached me, recognizing me from the all sharing of their stuff I do 😀.  That and finding out what channels to take to see about a ridealong with that department – something to take care of sometime Monday.

While we’re onthe subject of Public Safety type stuff, let’s switch from fire 🚒 to police🚓 for a moment…Looks as if the CRO is due back on Monday (he was on leave for a brief period of time) and I should be hearing something back, shortly, regarding the status of my fingerprinting and getting on board as a volunteer.  So, yeah, exciting times coming up 😁.

So let’s see, Three Things Thursday:

  1. Open House at Mountain Vista Fire Department, including front row seat for the landing of LifeNet.
  2. Ridealong tomorrow with one Fire Department AND 
  3. Info on channels for ridealong with another Fire Department.
  4. Looking forward to hearing something back re fingerprints and volunteer status (including training and another board(?) meeting).

It’s about time I go ahead and do my morning stretching and exercising (that I should have done hours ago) and then decide where to go from there.

Wishing you all a wonder, blessed, and safe week and I’ll see y’all next time.

Daily Prompt: Chuckle

I’m not much of a laugher and don’t, generally, tend to find much that makes me laugh or chuckle (perhaps it is just my personality), but every once in a while I’ll see something (or something will happen) that will make me chuckle or shake my head in amusement.

As bad as it may sound often time, often times it is the stupid things that people do that make me not so much chuckle or laugh but shake my head in amusement wondering what in the world they’re thinking (or if they are in the first place).

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge 

Here are my photos for Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge:

Bed Frames
Rutabagas (finally in stock) and Turnips

Here, I was taking a picture of Sombrero Peak (nearby where I live) as we were heading home from somewhere.

A gift from a friend.

Hatch Wine — Now this is interesting.