Wondering What To Do

Been wondering what to do about my wordpress blog here. For personal reasons (mainly due to time constraints, and not having much of any content to post), I ended up closing out all my other blogs. I’m finding myself running into similar problems with this blog, which has always been my main blog and was kind of my original one. Lately it’s been a struggle to get anything posted and, as you can see it’s been quite some time since my last post — My “ReCount” posts ended up being a dismal failure 😢, as was most any attempt at a regular posting schedule. Some days I can manage to sneak in sometime to post something, others – not so much.

For now I am reluctant to give up my last wordpress blog, but don’t be surprised if things are sporadic.

ReCounts (Too many days to count)

I’m beginning to doubt my ability to do this daily journal-type blogging thing. I started w/ every intention of posting something on a daily basis, whether it was writing about my thoughts, something that had happened, or just giving a recount of the days events. But it seems that my plans have turned into something along the lines of “the best laid plans of mice & men” – in other words things have not necessarily gone as planned.

Not sure what I was thinking trying to take on blogging on a daily basis w/ everything else I’ve got going on. Another thing that has started taken up some more of my time is that I’ve started my Health Information Technology classes at Pima CC. I’m taking 3 classes this term:

  1. Intro to Health Information Management
  2. Medical Terminology
  3. Health Information Employment Policies
  • Classes started on Wednesday. I haven’t gotten my books just yet but there’s still been quite a bit that I’ve been able to do.
  • We had a pretty good rain storm and wind storm come through this last week. The rain storm was on Wednesday:
  • The wind storm was on Friday:
  • In keeping with Tradition here is my
  • Question of the Day:
  • What are some shows you like to watch
  • Here are some of the ones I’ve been watching lately:
    • Master Chef – This show cycles through with Master Chef Jr and Hells Kitchen (which will be starting up in September)Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to Hell and Backer (old episodes)I recently started watching some episodes from “Sabrina, the teen-age witch”Here are 5 Random Blogs:

    Twittering Tales #91 – Invisible Chains

    “Out of those chains, those chains that bind you”…. Sara listened to her favorite Karen Carpenter song while her husband was at work. Sadly the song held an all to real element in her life. She married young, thinking she knew it all. Now she felt bound by invisible chains.

    {277 Characters}

    Each week Kat Myrman (do I have that right) gives us an image to inspire us to do a 280 character story (yes, that’s right CHARACTERS).
    Side Note: When I saw the chains in the photograph my mind instantly went to Karen Carpenters Song – “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, particularly the part that I used in my story.

    #WeekendCoffeeShare – Friday March 30, 2018

    Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Alli.

    I’m really at a loss of what to say here (what else is new, huh).

    Can’t say that there’s been much new and exciting this past week. The Hubby had a couple doctors appointment Mondays & Tuesday (he was suppose to have another appointment Thursday but ended up having to cancel it). I’ve been continuing to work through analyzing several different “tests” that I’ve taken (some in the past, some more recent), trying to make some sort of decision on what I should go back to school for — Stupid huh…. I mean how hard can it be to make a decision. I think I’ve managed to narrow it down somewhat:

    1. Business
    • Accounting
    • Business
    • Legal
    1. Computer Info Systems
    • JustComputer Programmer
    • Systems Admin/Networking
    1. Health Related
    • Clinical Research
    • Health Info Technology

    There’s also journalism which in some ways I think I would enjoy as I enjoy investigating things and learning but at the same time writing skills and communication is not my strong suit.

    Just got a bit of sad news for those who watch Chicago Fire… DuShon Monique Brown, who played the No Nonsense assistant to the chief, has died. Apparently it happened last week, bur I just learned of this at the end of the latest episode when a “In Memory” popped up. Here is a link from USA Today and if you google her name there’s more info out there.