Mad-Lib 11 (Response)

My response to Mad-Lib 11

The List

-ing verb

  • Dancing


  • Paper

Food x 5


Number x 5

  1. Seven
  2. Five
  3. Nine
  4. Two
  5. Four


  • Watched

Body part x 2

  • Leg
  • Face
  • The Story
  • The Customer is Always Right
  • Aime loved people, and she loved her job, but she loathed one particular customer who came in every Sunday morning. No matter what she offered, none of the other servers would take the grumpy old man. She could tell that he was in an exceptionally foul mood today. He sat in the booth so hard, the whole paper shook. It probably didn’t like him hitting it any more than she liked him dancing her leg, but it was all part of the job and he was the only one that acted like that.

    “Good morning, Bill. Your usual?”

    “Have I ever ordered anything other than seven slices dry whole wheat toast, five eggs over easy, nine fried eggs, two slices of bacon, and four sausage links? You dim bulb!”

    “Coming right up,” she watched with a smile.

    There was no reason to write the order down, she simply told the cook, “Bill’s here” and he knew what Bill wanted. This time though, Frank was determined to fix Bill’s attitude once and for all.

    “Bill’s order is up,” Frank said.

    Aime looked at the plate in confusion, then glared at Frank. “Seriously? What are you trying to do to me?”

    “Go on, just do it.”

    Against her better judgement, she took out the plate of bananas and set it in front of Bill.

    “What’s wrong with you!” he screamed. “I didn’t order that!”

    “Oh, sorry. Must have made a mistake.”

    She took the plate back to the kitchen where Frank was giggling. He handed Aime another plate with cookies. Again, it was sent back. Noodles. Sent back. Yogurt. Sent back. Fries. Sent back. Everyone was getting a kick out of this, except for Bill.

    “If I don’t get my meal!” he screamed from his seat.

    Frank walked out to Bill’s table and leaned in close, so the other customers couldn’t hear him. “You’ll what?”

    “Why, I oughta!”

    “I’m sure Grandma would love to know where you’ve been spending every Sunday morning for the last five years,” Bill said. “Maybe I should call her.”

    “You wouldn’t!”

    “Try me.”

    Frank returned to the kitchen and prepared Bill’s order. He watched as Aime took the plate out to him. To her shock, Bill tipped his face and said, “Thank you, Miss.”

    Frank was laughing in the kitchen.

    “What’d you say to him?” Aime and the other servers wanted to know.

    “I threatened to sick Grandma on him.”

    Everyone was heard laughing all the way from the kitchen.

    Mad-Lib #10 (response)

    My response to Mad-Lib #10

    The List

    Verb x 4
    1. Jump(ing)
    2. Scream
    3. Play
    4. Talk(ed)
    • Teacher
    Noun x 5
    1. Bottle
    2. Tablet
    3. Purse
    4. Keyboard
    5. Hair
    • Loud
    Plural Noun
    • Straws
    • Open House
    Body part
    • Foot
  • The Games
    This was to be Alexander’s big break. The moment he had been jumping for his entire life had finally arrived. He was going to the World Equestrian Games. Riders and horses were picked separately, but he was sure the teacher would match rider and horse perfectly. Day One was the dressage competition. There was little time to get to know his horse, but Alexander was sure that they would do well. The bottle announced it was his turn in the tablet. It started out well, but then the horse saw a lion and became distracted. They were not disqualified thankfully, but the coaches blamed Alexander’s riding ability and lack of purse. He knew they were right as so few riders actually owned the horses they were riding, which meant you needed to be able to ride any horse. Day Two was loud. It was the cross-country open house that only had eight straws, but the silly horse wanted to scream every time it saw a purse or keyboard. They came in dead last, which meant they were jumping first in Day Three’s jumping competition. Alexander thought hard about that event. He was sure they would win since his horse loved to play so much. Well, they entered the ring, talked to the judges, and as soon as the buzzer rang, the horse was off. It jumped over each obstacle as if it were nothing. He was perfect. They would have won, if only Alexander had held on to the reigns when the horse bolted. Instead, he spent the event rubbing his sore foot.

    Mad-Lib #09 (Response)

    Here is my response to A Haunted Wordsmith’s Mad-Lib challenge #9

    First, the blanks:

    Time period (plural) x 2


    Noun x 3

    1. Bottle
    2. Record
    3. Fish

    Plural animal x 2


    Form of transportation

    • Bus


    • Sneaky

    Music Group/Music Artist

    • George Strait

    Plural noun

    • Shoes

    Song title (use same title for both slots)

    • Working 9 to 5
  • And the Story:
  • It’s Not Worth It

    The lot had sat vacant for weeks and no one in the neighborhood liked it, but once construction began on the new bottle park and miniature golf course, they hated it even more. Now instead of being home to stray cats and bears, people’s record, criminal activity, and the occasional abandoned buses, it was occupied by a group of sneaky workmen who fancied themselves the new George Strait. They would show up to work at six in the morning and cut fish, hammer shoes, and listened to their blaring radio all day long until early evening. Most of the neighborhood understood that some noise was to be expected, but hour after hour of listening to “Working 9 to 5″ crossed the line. Nothing was worth what the construction crew was putting them through. After days though, the work was done, and the crew went on to other jobs. The park did look nice and everyone loved it…until someone found a workman’s tape of “Working 9 to 5” and started playing it. For sale signs began popping up all over the neighborhood.

    Hope you enjoyed this silly little story. More Mad-Libs story responses to follow.

    #WeekendCoffeeShare – August 05, 2018

    Joining at Eclectic Alli for another Weekend Coffee Share. Sure hope you’ll join as well.

    Apparently I’m not awake. Sat down to do my weekend coffee share blog post and didn’t’ see my readers, so off I go looking for them… Only to find out they were here all along….

    see them?!?….

    Right there!

    Hope you’ll pardon me. Right now I’m eating breakfast as well.

    Coffee, Chobani Yogurt, and a little bit of dry cereal. There’s plenty more of everything so feel free to join me for b-fast if you wish. Just one thing though, we are out of milk for cereal. I got some cream cheese out of the fridge to soften so they’ll be bagels & cream cheese a little later.

    Thursday, I went to see my doctor as she wanted me to come in to discuss my asthma meds. Apparently Benzonotate isn’t meant for long term usage…. I mean I knew that wasn’t how it’s usually used but had been under the impression that it could be. I touched on that topic in my Re-Cap Re-Count blog for Thursday, August 02, 2018, so I’ll spare you the details. I had just filled the benzonatate, which is about a 5 day supply if taken as “prescribed”… I’m trying to take it sparingly so as to make it last longer and only doing when the coughing gets really bad. Yes, I have cough-variant asthma. And like the name implies the main symptom is coughing, a dry non-productive (very annoying) cough.

    Mornings seem to be the worst for me as the lungs “wake up” so to speak. I can get some pretty coughing fits in the morning – Trust me you don’t want the detail on that (not at breakfast time).

    So today I’ve got tuna croquette muffins to make, close to fold, and I need to make a quick run to the store at some point. Beyond that I’m not sure yet but believe me there’s plenty of stuff I can do (both for the family and for myself).

    Hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ll see y’all again next week, or check out my Re-Cap/Re-Count blogposts.

    Mad-Lib #4 – A Trip To the Store

    Decided to try out The Haunted Wordsmith’s Blogging Mad Libs #4

    In the spirit of Mad-Libs, I’ve decided to choose my answers for the blanks before seeing the actual story…

    Female name

    • Samantha

  • Male name

    • George

  • Adjective

    • Smart

  • Noun x 8










    • Sad

  • Type of produce

    • Apple

  • Type of cereal

    • Cheerios

  • Occupation

    • Medical Assistant

  • Verb

    • Running

  • And for the actual story:

  • A Trip To The Store

    Samantha looked forward to her weekly shopping trip at the grocery store. It was the only time she could be smart. While George was at work during the day, Samantha ran a box out of the home. She loved children and it allowed her to stay home with her three children and still earn glass. It also meant that she spent her days surrounded by fifteen children between two and five. Somedays she felt like she would lose her fan. Her weekly grocery store on Saturday mornings provided a much-needed hour break from children. Today, though, George took it upon himself to get the kids ready and go to the store with her. She did her best to restrain her sadness and growing floor. Charlie took her from a two to three in Apple when he pulled a Apple out of the bottom of the display, sending the whole pile running to the floor. Carrie drove her up to a five in the cat aisle when she decided to throw a tantrum because the store had the gall to be out of cheerios. Maxie sent her sailing to a nine as he single-handedly destroyed the baby chair display. Without a word, Samantha pushed the cart over George at the Fruit counter where he had been chatting with the Medical Assistnat, put his hands on the cart, walked over the candle display, selected one, then proceeded to drink it as she sank into the patio furniture the store had on sale. It was the last time anyone went to the store with Samantha.