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Why Jottings & Writings?? Because my (main) blog is a mixture of thoughts/opinions (jottings) and my attempts at (very) short story challenges (writings). Interests? - Pretty much anything to do with Fire/EMS/Police, Writing, and Social Media Firefighters, Police officers, Paramedics, Soldiers.... Those are the True Heroes.

Tuesday Chatter:  Feb 15, 2017

Hi, Hello, am I too late?  Probably.  I didn’t get a chance to do a Tuesday Chatter post yesterday morning with my morning coffee, like I usually do.  I had, instead, planned on trying to do it later – maybe while out and about with hubby running errands….  Didn’t happen, so here I am on Wednesday and today is another busy day.  Hope you’ll join me for a quick cup of coffee any way.

Right now the family is asleep, but later this morning we have a meeting way down south of downtown to go then some stops to make on the way back home towards our house….  The afternoon is clearish but there’s still a lot of things to do.  And then this evening my son has a group meeting plus his Martial Arts class.  This is the last one being done as a “private” session. Next week he’ll be moving to another Martial Arts class wherein he’ll be in a group.  He’s been doing fairly good.  The biggest hurdle for him seems to be finding that balance between being robotic in his movements and being like a limp rag doll.  He’s trying but the fluid and controlled movements don’t come easy.  He’ll get the hang of it though, I’m sure.

Just had to flip the laundry over and I’m just about done with my first coffee so  I should say good day to you lovely people and get to work with folding some laundry and trying to get a little MKU in (if I can) before getting ready for the day…  That along with making myself another cup of coffee.  Before I leave, I’ll ask you to check out Tuesday Chatter at BrewNSpew.  It’s another fun Coffee Chat.

Share Your World (for last week) – Feb 06, 2017

These are Cee’s Share Your World questions from last week (I’m running late, can’t you tell).

Without further ado, here are her questions for us (in bold) and my answers (in italics) – 

Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

A little of both.  There is at least some level of organization, especially when the hubby is involved  (he’s more the organization freak).  Sometimes it does get a bit chaotic, especially right after a shopping trip when we might just shove everything inside.  It generally doesn’t stay that way too terribly long and most everything has a specific place to go.

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

Partly depends on what it is.   Somethings are okay mixed together, others not so much.  I do have a tendency, towards the end of a meal (when there is only a little left on the plate), I do have tendency to scoop everything together jut to finish it up.

Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

How about any of the above??  I really couldn’t choose which of those I’d prefer reading…  Any of them would be enjoyable to me.  Particularly if it is about subject matter I enjoy.

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?

My face;  It’s telling me to do my morning skincare routine – LOL.

Daily Post:  Lukewarm

Few things are yuckier than lukewarm coffee…  I’d rather have my coffe hot (or at least very warm) or iced (or at least very cold), but lukewarm coffee that’s been sitting around for hours – Icckkk.

I find water to be the same for me. I’ll drink room temperature water but really much rather it be either on the hotter or colder side of lukewarm.

What are your thoughts on lukewarm drinks? Food? — On lukewarm anything?

Join the Daily Post for today’s One Word Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

#WeekendCoffeeShare – February 12, 2017

Hi everyone 👋🏼.  How are you all doing?  Did you have a good week, last week?  I hope so.  Come join me for a cup of coffee – fresh made, to order.

It looks as if the Weekend Coffee Share is being moved from Part-Time Monster over to Nerd in the Brain.  If you are already a part of the Weekend Coffee Share community you’ll want to be sure your following Nerd in the Brain and joining in over there…  If not, well I invite (begging Nerd’s forgiveness for not asking first – I’m sure she won’t mind) you to head on over and join the fun….  Just don’t forget to come back to me 😉.

Well look at who is joining us for coffee share, Miss Meekah Kitty.  I’ve written about her over on our Family Blog – Life Happens at The Carrs, though I haven’t written much lately.

Got a lot of things to work on today…  Mostly office/admin type stuff.  My desk area has gotten a little out of hand and needs some TLC as you can see.

My Office Space in the Living Room.

Lots of little things to work on – coupons, receipts, going through paperwork, taking care of some little projects etc…  Plus I am working a facebook party, but I’m not the hostesses – Someone else is acting a the hostess.  The nice thing is they don’t have to do anything just invite their friends and have fun at the “party”…  But enough about all that.  I don’t want you all to think that facebook parties and Mary Kay is all I think about…

My son is going off on a hiking campout next weekend.  I believe this is his first time doing this campout.  He hasn’t done it in years past as there is a ratio requirement of gear to boy’s weight , which is something like 1/4 of the boy’s weight that he can carry in gear  (something like that).  We’re thinking this year he’ll be okay.  My son isn’t exactly a muscular type.  Even at 15 (15 – 1/2) he’s well rather scrawny looking (but a lot tougher, in many  ways, than he looks).

And what about the hubby?  He was talking, just a little bit ago, about getting serious about his trains (model railroading that is) again.    He is a ferroequinologist… Now let’s see if anyone can break that apart and figure out what it means 😋.

Well, it looks like my first cup of coffee is gone (drunk)  and I’m about to start my second cup in a moment.  That and do a pre-party post for that facebook party I mentioned earlier.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Sunday – same time, same place.