Re-Cap of August 14, 2018

Last night was Scout night for the son. He spoke w/ the Scout master and turned in his blue card for the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. He also spoke w/ the Scout Master about having completed the conservation hours needed for his Life rank. It sounds like he will be getting his Scout Master meeting and Board of Review soon.

We also spoke w/ all the merit badge counselors for the last of the eagle required merit badges he needs, so that’s all in the process of being worked on. He’ll be working on his

  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Family Life
  • Personal Management
  • Camping
  • Troop elections are coming up soon as well.
  • Question of the Day:
  • If you have kids are they involved in after-school activities like boy scouts, girl scouts, or anything like that? What kind of affect would you say it’s had on your child’s life?
  • I’d say that being involved in scouts has been good for our son. He’s gone through periods of time where he was less interested than other times, but he’s stuck with it and did also decide (on his own) that he wants to get his eagle.
  • Here are 5 Blogs for you to check out:
  • Sorry, I forgot to get a photo yesterday.

  • Mad-Lib 11 (Response)

    My response to Mad-Lib 11

    The List

    -ing verb

    • Dancing


    • Paper

    Food x 5


    Number x 5

    1. Seven
    2. Five
    3. Nine
    4. Two
    5. Four


    • Watched

    Body part x 2

    • Leg
    • Face
  • The Story
  • The Customer is Always Right
  • Aime loved people, and she loved her job, but she loathed one particular customer who came in every Sunday morning. No matter what she offered, none of the other servers would take the grumpy old man. She could tell that he was in an exceptionally foul mood today. He sat in the booth so hard, the whole paper shook. It probably didn’t like him hitting it any more than she liked him dancing her leg, but it was all part of the job and he was the only one that acted like that.

    “Good morning, Bill. Your usual?”

    “Have I ever ordered anything other than seven slices dry whole wheat toast, five eggs over easy, nine fried eggs, two slices of bacon, and four sausage links? You dim bulb!”

    “Coming right up,” she watched with a smile.

    There was no reason to write the order down, she simply told the cook, “Bill’s here” and he knew what Bill wanted. This time though, Frank was determined to fix Bill’s attitude once and for all.

    “Bill’s order is up,” Frank said.

    Aime looked at the plate in confusion, then glared at Frank. “Seriously? What are you trying to do to me?”

    “Go on, just do it.”

    Against her better judgement, she took out the plate of bananas and set it in front of Bill.

    “What’s wrong with you!” he screamed. “I didn’t order that!”

    “Oh, sorry. Must have made a mistake.”

    She took the plate back to the kitchen where Frank was giggling. He handed Aime another plate with cookies. Again, it was sent back. Noodles. Sent back. Yogurt. Sent back. Fries. Sent back. Everyone was getting a kick out of this, except for Bill.

    “If I don’t get my meal!” he screamed from his seat.

    Frank walked out to Bill’s table and leaned in close, so the other customers couldn’t hear him. “You’ll what?”

    “Why, I oughta!”

    “I’m sure Grandma would love to know where you’ve been spending every Sunday morning for the last five years,” Bill said. “Maybe I should call her.”

    “You wouldn’t!”

    “Try me.”

    Frank returned to the kitchen and prepared Bill’s order. He watched as Aime took the plate out to him. To her shock, Bill tipped his face and said, “Thank you, Miss.”

    Frank was laughing in the kitchen.

    “What’d you say to him?” Aime and the other servers wanted to know.

    “I threatened to sick Grandma on him.”

    Everyone was heard laughing all the way from the kitchen.

    Mad-Lib #10 (response)

    My response to Mad-Lib #10

    The List

    Verb x 4
    1. Jump(ing)
    2. Scream
    3. Play
    4. Talk(ed)
    • Teacher
    Noun x 5
    1. Bottle
    2. Tablet
    3. Purse
    4. Keyboard
    5. Hair
    • Loud
    Plural Noun
    • Straws
    • Open House
    Body part
    • Foot
  • The Games
    This was to be Alexander’s big break. The moment he had been jumping for his entire life had finally arrived. He was going to the World Equestrian Games. Riders and horses were picked separately, but he was sure the teacher would match rider and horse perfectly. Day One was the dressage competition. There was little time to get to know his horse, but Alexander was sure that they would do well. The bottle announced it was his turn in the tablet. It started out well, but then the horse saw a lion and became distracted. They were not disqualified thankfully, but the coaches blamed Alexander’s riding ability and lack of purse. He knew they were right as so few riders actually owned the horses they were riding, which meant you needed to be able to ride any horse. Day Two was loud. It was the cross-country open house that only had eight straws, but the silly horse wanted to scream every time it saw a purse or keyboard. They came in dead last, which meant they were jumping first in Day Three’s jumping competition. Alexander thought hard about that event. He was sure they would win since his horse loved to play so much. Well, they entered the ring, talked to the judges, and as soon as the buzzer rang, the horse was off. It jumped over each obstacle as if it were nothing. He was perfect. They would have won, if only Alexander had held on to the reigns when the horse bolted. Instead, he spent the event rubbing his sore foot.

    Re-Cap of Monday August 13, 2018

    Don’t know if I can say that yesterday was busy, but definitely a full day… Or at least it started out to be.

    The day started out with a trip downtown to the federal courthouse with my son as part of his “Citizenship in the Nation” merit badge requirement. The trip there was an easy one… that is until we got down there and attempted to locate the parking garage. There was some confusion in the signage and figuring out exactly where I was suppose to be going. In the confusion I ended up on the service road to the freeway and had to loop my way back around. The second go-round produced the results I needed of getting into the parking garage and finding a place to park (though I think the garage really could use some better lighting.

    The visit to the courthouse went quite well and we even got to sit in and observe a couple hearings.

    After the visit to the courthouse me and the son headed back home for a quick lunch of homemade pizza before taking him to school. I then headed to my usual hang out spot at a nearby starbucks. I would have hung out longer except that I got an emergency phone call from my hubby regarding our cat. Apparently she had coughed up a major hairball in the middle the living room… I know what you’re thinking – ‘why didn’t the hubby just clean it up himself?’. That would have worked out great except that then I’d have to pick him up off the floor (or rather call for someone to do so). Have I mentioned my husband is in a wheelchair?? So anyway, I ran home to take care of the cat (and a few other things) then headed back out to pick up the son from school. He was suppose to go to Martial Arts yesterday evening but he had stepped on a small piece of glass the other day and his foot was still bugging him a bit so we cancelled and decided he’d go for Wednesday’s class instead.

    So that was pretty much how my day went.

    Question of the Day:

    Do you have a preferred spot to hang out if you have to wait on someone for a period of time (say a few hours)… For me, I usually find myself at a nearby starbucks whenever I’m waiting for my son.

    Photo of the Day:

    Sorry, I forgot to take any photos yesterday.

    5 (randomly chosen) blogs:

    A Predictive Tale

    I’m stealing this idea from The Haunted Wordsmith (check out their predictive story).

    And here is my go at it:

    I just got turned off in my yard and got a yard full of chores and then going home to take a shower I’ll take care and thank y’all so so far for the day today and tomorrow hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a great day tomorrow morning thank y’all so so far thank y’all y’all have fun yesterday and evening thank y’all for dinner and dinner thank y’all for the dinner and dinner thank y’all so so sorry for you wishing you had lots to come up here today thank y’all for dinner and thank y’all y’all so so far.

    LOL, that certainly is a bunch of gibberish… and a lot of thanking at the end 😂😂.