Greeting the Dawn: A #DailyPost Prompt

This Daily Post Prompt actually comes from Friday.

I had hoped I might have a photo of a sunrise to share with you but, alas, do not have ready access to such.

I use to be more of a “night owl” — well actually a swing shift type would be a better description. I’ve certainly done my share of all-nighters (back in the college days of yester-year)… But usually found myself on auto-pilot.

These days, I find myself an early riser – either by virtue of the actual alarm clock or the 4-legged one… Which means I, frequently, get to see the sun rise.

Filling In The Blanks

Here is this week’s Friday Fill-in Fun with Feeling Beachie (my answers are in Italics

Living in Arizona makes me feel hot

Wondering what will happen always makes me go batty

Looking back I would have ohh the options for answers here are endless – gotten a degree, kept current with my EMT, taken time to talk to/ listen to elder relatives (with wealth of information)

Listening to music makes me feel like singing & dancing

Floral Friday

Had to share these lovely flowers (phewww that almost came out flour) from my good friend and fellow blogger/writer Leanne over at Writing and Ruminations


I ended up putting the flowers in to two vases. Above is the vase sent with the flowers (how well she knows me and my love of pink & purple).

The other half of the flowers were put in our (hubby & my) “Swan” vase in the living room:


Getting To know You (Me)

“Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you”. Sorry just had the song pop into my head…

Came across this via Writing Wings for You (who came across it via FlippyZipFlop)

Looked like it might be a bit of fun, so thought I’d give it a go here as well… As well as on a couple of my other blogs: Taini’s Writings and (perhaps) my family blog – Life Happens

1. How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start?
I’ve been blogging here for a couple years now (I’d guess). Not sure the exact start date. The other 2 mentioned blogs (and there’s another I didn’t list, for my Fire/EMS Tidbits related stuff) are quite a bit newer, but we’ll get to those over on their blogs :-)

2. What do you like to blog about?
Here I mainly like to just jot about thoughts, ideas, opinions… Things like that. I had also been including my “writings”, thus the name “Jottings and Writings”

3. What types of bloggers do you follow?
I don’t have a hard set “rule of thumb” answer for this. I do like reading blogs about “real” people who live real lives (note: blogs that are simply trying to sell or ONLY about promoting are generally a turn offs for me). I enjoy photo blogs as well… Really it boils down to there just being something about the blog that reaches me, touches me, speaks to me. Corny, I know.

4. What country are you from. If from the US, what state?
United States = Arizona (in the “wettest desert” in the world – LOL)

5. Have you ever been published?

6. Are you a writer or a photographer?
I enjoy doing both on here. But call myself neither. At best I am only an amateur.

7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique.
The only things that pops into mind is that I’m only 4’10” and that I have a hole in my right ear drum (one put there purposely by my doctor years ago due to Cholesteotoma as a child). But really I can’t say that makes me unique. I guess being able to walk a straight line (and drive) even when dizziness hits (due to ear infection) MAY count.

8. Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place.
Nothings coming to mind. Being in a negative state of mind, I could say my apparent ability to be a “scapegoat” for people to fuss & yell at… But let us not go there

9. Do you have any children? If so, how many and what ages?
One. A, now official, teenage son. Yep, that’s right, he just turned 13… And is pretty good as 13 year olds go. But then we haven’t hit the hardcore teen years or actual puberty – you know, where the *bleep* hits the fan and everyday is a proverbial emotional roller coaster (those days are around the corner, no doubt).

“Don’t You Recognize Me?” A Daily Post Inspired Story

Tena Carr:

For the daily prompt challenge: Secret Admirers

Originally posted on Taini's Writings:

All Molly wanted to do, when she got home after grueling day at work, was soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good romance book.  Maybe even a couple of the scented candles, she had recently bought to help her relax.   She had barely gotten a few feet from her front door when the humungous bouquet of flowers came into view.  It was a wonder she hadn’t seen it from the street as big as it was…  And with bright colorful flowers.

There didn’t appear to be any cards attached to give Molly a clue as to who the flowers might have come from.  A moment later, her cell phone began to jangle from within her purse.

“Hello” she answered after retrieving her phone.

“Hi”  came the voice on the other end of the line,  “Did you like the flowers I sent you?”


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