Stop And View the Sunset

Stop and view the sunset….


and Smell the roses while you’e at it

20120421 double delights

We hear these all the time, but do we follow the words enough, or even at all?  Do we stop, even close to enough, to enjoy simple pleasures that Our Father in Heaven has put upon this earth  Not just the sunsets (as well as sunrises) and roses, but everything?  Do we?


Observe or OmenWhat do either of those words mean to you?  Time is pretty much out for this week but join Josie Two Shoes on Tuesday for the next “Two Shoes Tuesday” challenge

Fast Friday

As I was driving home, after dropping of my son for his camp-out, I saw the most gorgeous view of the sunset. The sun was below the mountains (I believe), but you could see the colors in the sky. As I was looking to find a good place to (safely) stop, I could see The colors (and the light) fading. I did manage to find a spot and quickly snap this quick picture. I think it qualifies as a “Fast Friday” 😉

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