30 Day Blogging Challenge: Twenty Facts

I’ve decided to join Someday, Laurin on her 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day Two:  Twenty Facts About You

1)  I have been married for 17 1/2 years

2) We have one 12-1/2 year old son

3) I have had an interest in Fire/EMS for as long as I can remember.  (There’s been some lapses, but it always comes back).

4)  I use to entertain myself making up stories in my head as a child…..  (Time outs – even the “sit on your bed and do nothing” types – didn’t phase me).

5) One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Emergency!  (Another was CHiPs)

6) My mother and I would have had approximately the same birthday if I hadn’t have been born premie (as it turned out, my son and I are really close).

7) My mother committed suicide when I was 5 years old (not looking for sympathy – just a fact).  I have a Facebook page devoted to her memory.  Not much there right now.  A little bit of Depression, Suicide, and PTSD once in awhile…. Eventually will include more on her books & artwork.

8) My one biggest crutch/clutch (not sure which word I should be using) is that I like to read Romance …..  Just not the slutty stuff.

9) My two favorite colors are Pink and Purple  (my husbands are Purple and Green)

10) I hate politics and tend to avoid.

11)   I like to do crafts like crochet, knitting (ok,  knifty knitting)….  Well I use to, and still do, but too many other things on plate to deal with any craft projects

12)  I hope to one day publish (even if self-publish) my mom’s books  as well as her cards.

13)   I was always a bit of a tom-boy growing up  (now not so much, but only because I don’t have the energy,etc I use to).

14)  Whenever someone mentions “ladies present” in my presence – I look around to find out who/where they are

15) I am the Founder and Owner/Admin of F.E.S. Tidbits  (Stands for Fire. EMS. Safety)

16)  I use to purposely bypass (public transit) bus stops closer to my house so that I could have time to think while walking.

17)  One of my favorite forms of exercise is leisurely bike riding (along with swimming – which I have trouble with due to ear trouble

18)  I had Cholesteotoma in my right ear as a child….  Gone now, but still missing some of the bones out of my right ear (and have mild, subsequent, hearing loss – as well as sympathetic hearing loss in left ear)

19)  I use to play piano and clarinet

20)  I was born and raised  in Oregon (mostly in the Willamette Valley and the Coast).

If you’d like to join Laurin & Me on the 30 Day Challenge jump on board


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