Share Your World – Week 44

This week Cee did things a little bit.  Check out the blog post on Cee’s Potography

Would You Rather…….

Always have the sun in your eyes, while driving no matter where you go -OR-have to use your heater, full blast, in the summer and AC, full blast in the winter (also while driving)?

I’d have to go with heater full blast in summer and AC full blast in summer….  I absolutely can’t stand driving with the sun in my eyes…  Can’t stand not being able to see where the heck I’m going or what’s in front of me (and stupid sunshields never do me any good).

Be able to go forward in time on 3 different occasions in your life – OR- go back in time once?

Back in time once.  I know I can only pick one time (and I don’t know what I’d choose) but there’s a few people in my ancestry I wouldn’t mind talking to such as my  Aunt Irene (she use to tell stories about the holocaust but as a child I didn’t really understand it all) or my mother….  I never knew her (she died when I was 5).

Be considered annoying -OR- boring?

Be considered boring.  I’m pretty boring as it is (I may always have things going on, but nothing nothing much worth writing home about……  Besides, I hate being a bother to people (or being annoying)

Be the last-ranked person in an accelerated high school class -OR- the first-ranked person in a decelerated high school class?

Ohhh, I don’t know….  last-ranked person in an accelerated high school seems to sound better, but I really don’t have much of an opinion on this one.

Drive 100 miles on a freeway with speed bumps every ½ mile -OR- drive 100 miles on a freeway that is completely covered with those little reflective lane dividers?

100 Miles on a freeway completely covered with reflective lane dividers….  Speed bumps drive me nuts (though I understand them in certain situations).

Find out the house you just bought sits on top of an earthquake fault -OR- an top of an old burial ground?

Seeing as how I’m not a super superstitious person  I think I’d be more worried about being on top of an earthquake fault….  Though I don’t know, the old burial ground would probably be a bit freaky too

Have an itch in the middle of your back at all times -OR- an eyelash in your eye all the time?

Both sound pretty annoying, but I’ve had “the ITCH” in the middle of the back that won’t go away.  The one that you can’t reach no matter how hard you try….  And thus look like an idiot rubbing up and down against the door frame trying to get relief

Have your picture be on the one dollar bill – OR – on the cover of every magazine and newspaper once?

Depends on the picture, but I guess the cover of every magazine and newspaper once.  Not really big on either one to be honest.

Never again be able to make a right-had turn while driving -OR- never again be able to go more than 3 blocks straight in a row while driving in your town?

I guess Never be able to go more than 3 blocks straight in a a row…  In Portland, OR (where I grew up there was a section of Burnside that would have “no right turns” (or was it lefts) on the one-way streets going that direction – the next block would be one-way the wrong way….  And so the pattern would repeat for several blocks.  Drove me batty trying to get anything down there.

See everything in slow-motion -OR- see everything at double speed?

Good Question.  As long as long we’re talking seeing I guess I’d say see everything slow motion…..  As long as we’re not talking listening.  Don’t know why, but I can listen to people in slow motion.  Ever have a super slow talker that talks in monotone?  Yeah, I can’t follow because my mind tends to wander.


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