#DailyPrompt: Kindness of Strangers

Today’s Daily Prompt is “Kindness of Strangers” (check out original post).

One time of kindness by a stranger that really sticks in my mind was the time when me and my husband were at a store (Home goods store of some sort, I believe).  A lady walks up to us and says that The Lord had told her that she should give us some money ($20).  At first we (at least I) was uncomfortable.  I’m not the best at accepting gifts and such from others.  Perhaps it’s the part of me that feels like  I don’t deserve or something.  At first I think we (my husband and I) were reluctant, but in the end we did – Thanking her profusely.  In truth we were having financial difficulties at that point and that $20 was a huge help to us.

Looking back, it was an amazing thing to see someone listening to what God was telling them to do….  To go up and give to a total stranger.

I’ll leave you with this:  Hearing God’s Voice:  Milk and a Baby. Whether it’s true or not (or something I think is a good idea to do) I don’t know, but still…  A Powerful Message.

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