A Photo A Week Challenge: Looking Up

Response to Nancy Merrill’s A Photo A Week Challenge: Looking Up

Took these photos of the Super Blood Blue Moon (or whatever it’s supposed to be called) yesterday:


#DailyPrompt: Trace


To trace a line

With out a trace 

Trace Evidence (as relating to Crime Scene Investigations)

This latter is the kind of thing that I’d find most fascinating.

I wouldn’t say I have an eye for detail, in fact I’d be more likely to say I probalby do Not, but I am fairly analytical and tend to compare and analyze things.

Getting off topic a bit –  I’ am terrible at making quick decision as I tend to analyze my options an vascilate back and forth (usually seeing both good and bad in each option (often equally).

Ok, so getting back on topic…  What is “trace evidence”?? Well, as I understand it, trace is things like human hair, gun residue, pieces of glass, basically tiny fragmants of physical evidence that help tell the story of “what happened” at a crime scene.   I’m no expert (duhhh). So I won’t try to go any further, but here’s an article you might find interesting: http://www.forensicsciencesimplified.org/trace/

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Daily Prompt: Chuckle

I’m not much of a laugher and don’t, generally, tend to find much that makes me laugh or chuckle (perhaps it is just my personality), but every once in a while I’ll see something (or something will happen) that will make me chuckle or shake my head in amusement.

As bad as it may sound often time, often times it is the stupid things that people do that make me not so much chuckle or laugh but shake my head in amusement wondering what in the world they’re thinking (or if they are in the first place).


Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – The Road Taken

When I looked at this challenge, I realized I don’t have any “road” pictures, so I decided on a more “non-literal” approach to this challenge.  What I have isn’t an actual “road”, but a journey…each day with it’s ups and downs (like that of a mountain road.  Each day bringing new adventures, new things to learn, new things to see, and new people to meet.

Here is my “Road”

When I received my Mary Kay Pin, there was a feeling of both excitement and nervousness. I was excited about the opportunity to maybe make a little extra money to help my family and yet still be available for my family as needed. I was nervous about whether or not I’d be able to do this.

Something about wearing a name tag that makes you feel sort of official and business like.

Unfortunately my first name tag was lost (to this day we have no idea where it went to).  The good thing about getting a new name tag was that, due to completing the appropriate course and related quizzes,  I was able to show “Advance Color Consultant” on my name tag.

Doing Mary Kay Booth Events (when the opportunity aligns for me) can be exciting and fun.  You never know what you’ll get, but at the very least you meet new and interesting people.

Like a road, there can be many ups and downs when taking on a new adventure (and to me this is still new)…All the time, there are new things to learn.

With the help of my Mary Kay family,  I believe…..

(Me trying my “Team Leader’s” Red Jacket for size…  Some day this will be me).