#DailyPrompt: Trace


To trace a line

With out a trace 

Trace Evidence (as relating to Crime Scene Investigations)

This latter is the kind of thing that I’d find most fascinating.

I wouldn’t say I have an eye for detail, in fact I’d be more likely to say I probalby do Not, but I am fairly analytical and tend to compare and analyze things.

Getting off topic a bit –  I’ am terrible at making quick decision as I tend to analyze my options an vascilate back and forth (usually seeing both good and bad in each option (often equally).

Ok, so getting back on topic…  What is “trace evidence”?? Well, as I understand it, trace is things like human hair, gun residue, pieces of glass, basically tiny fragmants of physical evidence that help tell the story of “what happened” at a crime scene.   I’m no expert (duhhh). So I won’t try to go any further, but here’s an article you might find interesting: http://www.forensicsciencesimplified.org/trace/

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One thought on “#DailyPrompt: Trace

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