#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday August 14, 2016

Hello everyone.  Please, pull up a chair and join me.  I’ve got the usual cream & sugar to offer, as well as a couple coffee flavorings – caramel  and hazelnut.  I’m enjoying the caramel in my current cup…Hazelnut will be the flavor in my next one.

How’s everyone doing?  What’s going on? – Anything fun & exciting?

Took me a little while to find this week’s Coffee Share.  I usually find it in my blogreading email but it seemed to be playing hide and seek…I’m sure it’s there somewhere.  I finally ended up going to the actual wordpress link for the host (Diana from Part Time Monster) and finding the coffee share that way .  Seems she is a bit under the weather.  If you could all send some “well wishes” thoughts her way.

I’m afraid there isn’t much going on that’s worth mentioning.  I’ve told you all about my Mary Kay business and my son starting school…Really there isn’t much going on.  Well there’s stuff going on, there always is, just nothing earth shattering – nothing much worth mentioning.

So far this morning (I’ve been up since about 4am and it’s now about 6am), I’ve been mostly cleaning up my emails including my blog reading emails (where I get notifications of all the blogs I read) – Damn there was a lot there (too many to catch up on 😦  ).   I did also clean up some apps on my phone, and did a bit of stretching (not sure how much good it did, I’m stil stiff).

Well back to cleaning up emails and reading up on some blogs.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


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