#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 18, 2017

First off,  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there…  Reminds me,  I need to call mine later.

Sitting here listening to some country music on Spotify while drinking luke-warm coffee.  Certain body urges got in the way of me starting on my blogging here as sooon as my cofffee was done –  We’ll leave it at that and save any more TMI.  Just wish I had hot coffee to offer at the moment…  On the other hand with temps between 105 and 110 expected (114/115s Monday – Wednesday of this week), you might rather have cold coffee.

So care to guess what I did last Thursday??  Don’t have any guesses?  Ohhh come on now.  If you’ve read my other posts I’ve mentioned it coming up.  Infact I’ve done this several different times – something I’m always super excited about…..    Ok,  I’ll tell you –  I went on another ridealong with a local police department (not my local one but one very nearby).  Thinking of writing something up on it and sending it in for approval, something I always do.  Just have to think how to write it up.  Once I do, it’ll be posted over on my Public Safety blog

Lately I’ve been having these moments where I start wondering what I’m doing with my life, what I want to do, and where my life is going.  I enjoy being a volunteer with our local police department.  I’ve only just begun doing the volunteer stuff but I already feel as if there’s stuff for me to do feel like I can be a part of something instead of wondering what I’m doing there, what I have to bring to the table.  

I also like being an Independent Beauty Consultant but it is hard work (for me).  I’m not the most out going person and approaching others & talking to them is not the easiest thing in the world for me to do do.   Not to mention that as soon as the word “No” or “Not interested” comes out of their mouth that’s it, I’m done…  Most of the time I won’t even ask why, ask if their sure, or anything like that – just thank them for their time and move on.  I mean not being a pushy sales person type has its merits – who like to deal with someone who is being pushy and refusing to take no for an answer – but at the same time, I’m sure I’ve shot myself in the foot more than once because I was afraid to go that one step further.   But the bigger difficulty remains actually talking to people in the first place.
Well I’m off to make another cup of coffee and then do a few more things before I head out to take care of a couple things.  Hoping you all have a great day and a wonderful week.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 11, 2017

Good Morning everyone…  Or, Yiddish, Gut Margn… similar to the German Guten Morgen.  Did you know that Yiddish is made of a mixture of German, Russian, and Hebrew.

Come, welcome Guten Tag…  Join me for a cup of coffee.  Today was another early day.  Meekah decided that somewhere between 3:30 and 4am this morning was a great wake up time – I don’t recall the exact time all I know is it was too early for her to be let out.  I did go back to sleep for a bit on the couch and woke up again sometime mid-way between 4:30 and 5am.  Now she’s happily sleeping on “Her” chair next to mine: 

I’m going to have get my sleep adjusted as I go on a ridealong Thursday from 2pm – midnight.  This time I’m going with a different department, one a little larger one than my local department.  I think it’ll be good too get a different look.  Hope they don’t mind a bit of a bribe ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‹ – I’m going to make up a batch of blueberry-banana muffins to take with me.  Going to possibly make up some for Soldiers Angels.  These would need to be marked perishable so I need to check to be sure there isn’t an extra cost involved (ie due to fact they have to be shipped quicker).
Speaking of police departments and all that, last week was a busy one for me in that regard…  Monday was an “all-hands” volunteer meeting,  Tuesday I went in for more training (and actually got to try my hand at doing a fingerprint – I still have a lot to learn โ˜บ๏ธ, Wednesday was the ground-breaking event for the new building…  Been waiting a long time for that to come to fruition.  I am hoping to post something about the ground-breaking event but will need to wait till my piece is approved by proper channels at the police department so it may be a while.  Once done, it’ll be over on my Public Safety blog.  Speaking of, I finally got word back from part 1 of the write-up I had done a while back with the Fire Department so I can get that up.  Still waiting on part 2.

Monday was a busy day for us as, in addition to my going in for a meeting,  my husband had a follow-up eye exam (from cataract surgery), then my son had his annual exam pretty much right after.  We also ran a couple other shopping type errands that day…  Hubby got approval to get cataract surgery done on the other eye so that will be done later this month.

Doesn’t look like much going on this next week.  Our son is off to summer camp this week.  Almost as soon as he gets back he starts summer school for a couple weeks.  On top of that he’ll be doing tutoring 4 days a week plus scouts & martial arts – He’ll be one busy kid๐Ÿ˜….

Now that I’ve probably bored with my rattling, what’s been going on in your neck of the woods?    How about heading on over to the Weekend Coffee Share blog posted by our hostess Emily at Nerd In The Brain.  You can read other coffee shares and share your own.

Burrowed from Emily at Nerd In The Brain

Have your selves a wonderful week.  I’m off to read some other coffee share blogs.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 04, 2017

Note:  Below was actually typed up earlier but not posted due to some technical dificulties with uploading photos.

Can you believe we’re into June already…  And that we’re hitting temps above 100 (actually have been since May, though not necessarily with consistency).

As of early this morning

Ohhh my gosh, where the heck are my manners….  Hello everyone, welcome.  Come on on and….  well on second thought – I should have hubby throw something on instead of running around in his underwear.  TMI?!?  Probably – sorry.  The thing is, he wouldn’t understand my asking him to put somethign on for a virtual coffee thing and would probably think I was being ridiculous… So, let’s just imagine he’s dressed  and go on – Yes??

So, where were we?  Ohh right,  I was talking about it being June and the HOT weather we’re getting around these parts.  The good thing is we’re still (for now at least) getting nice relatively cool temps in the early mornings.  Cool enough to be able to open up the house for a bit.  The bad part – It doesn’t cool down till like 2 or 3 in the morning which means you’re up in the middle of the night to open up the house, and it starts heating up by around 7am.  But hey, at least there’s that small window of time.  Pretty soon there won’t hardly even be that.  That pool Pamela mentioned  in her coffee post sure does sound inviting.  We do have a community pool nearby but we lost our key for it a while back and haven’t spent the money on new.  Besides I don’t do well in community pools with all the moving water and wave action from everyone moving around.  Basically I can’t walk a straight line afterwards (longish story there).  The other thing is that, at least for a while, it was hard to know when the pool was going to be open as they kept closing it for various reasons.  Truth is, I’ve always enjoyed swimming, even though I haven’t gone in quite some time,  I just don’t do well (and thus, don’t like to go) in busy community pools.  Now adult swim where everyone is swimming laps and basically going in the same direction – that’s much better.

One good thing about the heat….  I can hang our clothes out to dry – 

With 100 degree temps, they tend to dry fairly quickly.  The only thing is that you have to watch out for the monsoons.

I do hope you’ll also head on over and drop in on our host Nerd In The Brain and check out some more Coffee Shares, perhaps even add your own.  Enjoy the upcoming week.  I’ll try to get over to check out some coffee blogposts myself.  Either way,  I’ll see y’all next week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare -May 28, 2017

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share hosted, as usual, by the amazing Emily over at Nerd In The Brain (and created by the awesome Diane over at Part-Time Monster Blog) … I really wanted a word that that was a simile to wonderful or awesome that started with an “E”, but that wasn’t  to be.

Anyway,  come join me for a cuppa.  Today I’m trying the new International Delight One Touch Latte.  Either I didn’t put enough coffee in the cup or didn’t do enough of the foam (I did hold the button down for the full 7 seconds though) – Thinking I need practice with this thing ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

Before I go any further, let me just wish everyone a safe and wonderful Memorial Day.  To me the importance of this “Holiday” is remembering those who sacrificed all (meaning their lives) that we may have the freedoms and ability to celebrate and such that we do.  

A friend of mine on twitter shared this and messaged it to me so I could share it…  It shows the different holidays relatedto the armed forces and all and what they mean:

While we’re out celebrating with family & friends, and barbecuing and all, let’s  remember those who never made it home, never made it “out of their uniform”.

OK, so on to less gloom and doom type of stuff…  

I was at our local Fry’s Food Store the other day and came across these…

I mean what will they (Oreo) come up with next.

Ohhhh Ohhh Ohhh…. Have I shared that I’m going in this coming week to start volunteering with our local police ๐Ÿ˜€- well more like training but it’s OVT (On the Volunteer) type training I guess you could call it.  The same day as I do that,  I am also going in (to a different department) to do a ridealong during swing shift (which goes till midight).  I tried a mids shift (which is basically graveyard) once and let me tell you that took it out of me not to mention, being a Sunday night, it was slowwwww.  If I am ever able to work it out to try mids again, I think I’ll maybe try something like a Saturday night —  That’s “IF”…At my age, grave shifts (when I’m not use to being up all night) isn’t so easy a feat as it was when I was say in my 20’s.

So that’s basically what’s been going on around here in my neck of the woods.  How about in yours?  Come share your week (last/next/both, your choice).

If you’ve got a weekend coffee to share, share it via the link attached to the image below (burrowed from Emily)

#WeekendCoffeeShare May 07, 2017

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Emily over at Nerd In the Brain.  Just brewed myself a cup of coffee.  Care to join me?!?

So, what have you all been up to this past week?  Anything good and exciting?  Not so much for us here.  The weather is starting to heat up here in Arizona.  We had our first 100 degree day of the year back on Thursday I believe it was.  Today is suppose to be much much cooler only in the mid 70’s.

Monsoon season is not too far away.  I love watching and listening to the  lightening and thunder, but could really do without the torrential downpours of monsoons – though I know that the rain is desparately needed.  Most of our rain comes during that time of year; But turning into a proverbial drowned rat trying to get from the store (or whereever) to my car.  Sure I could carry an umbrella but they can be cumbersome to carry around, you don’t really know when the rains will hit (they come, they go just like that) and they really don’t do that much good in a good strong monsoon rain….  Listen to me going on about the weather ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜”.  I’m sure you didn’t come here to have me go on about that.

What else….  Next week, my son will be getting his Star Rank in scouts (have I mentioned that already – knowing me, I probably did).  He’s off on a camping trip this weekend.  Gramma will be picking him up later this morning and he’ll be spending a few days with her.  He’s coming along quite nicely in Martial Arts – Each meeting (lesson) is an improvement from the one before.  His directional confusion is causing him difficulty remembering which way to turn when doing the set of movements he’s working on (to be honest I don’t know what you call those… The one he is currently working on is something Koshodone or something like that).  Besides that, the biggest thing for him to work on is some of the basics – good strong stance, railroad tracks, getting his head/chin back instead of sticking it out like he’s looking to get it hit, keeping his guard up and tight, things like that.  Like I said, he’s improving and getting there.

Not really much of anything going on with me or with the husband.  Our fun of the week was getting stuck in backed up traffic due to a railroad crossing arm malfunction (my understanding is that it was stuck in the down position).  Funny thing was shortly after we made the turn on to said street that was backed up,  police came in and blocked the intersection (or atleast blocked cars from continuing in the direction we were headed) – Damn just a few minutes later/earlier on either of our parts, we wouldn’t have been stuck in the back-up *sigh*.  Eventually, the police did get all of us who were stuck in the back-up turned around so we could go the other direction and find alternate routes (including a semi tanker).  A few people chose to do some off-roading to get turned around.  The officer working to get people turned around helped me do a 3 point (or whatever it was) turn as my car does not do tight u-turns in the least.  I should mention that where we were at, there is a median between the two directions of traffic, a median I wouldn’t trust trying to go over in this car (no telling what it would do to the underside).  So that was our fun & excitement (not very exciting when you consider just sitting there in traffic waiting for something to happen.  They did get the arms working again later that night.

Just before all that,  We were travelling on a different road with lots of construction going on.  I was having trouble (due to the construction and it being dark) where exactly the road I wanted to turn on was.  As I’m looking, I see our local Northwest Fire fire engine coming from said street — Ahhh, thank you guys, now I know where exactly to turn.  Gave them a friendly wave as I turned on to the street and went past.  It was shortly after that, going from the street I turned onto there to the one I was mentioning earlier that we ended up in the back-up and having to turn around.

So enough about me and my excitement.  What all’s been going on with you?   Go on and join the Weekend Coffee Share fun.  Looking forward to reading some once I make myself another cup of coffee.