#WeekendCoffeeShare – October 22, 2017

Hi everyone.  Welcome, and good morning.  My apologies to everyone.  I am already on to my second cup of the morning but hope you’ll come in and join me for a virtual cup.  The Weekend Coffee Share is now being hosted by Eclectic Alli.  I’m using “Frosted Sugar Cookie” creamer by International Delight in my coffee but I also have plain half-half & sugar (both stevia & Florida Crystals), or black if you’d rather.

Yesterday was kind of an exciting day.  The Citizen Police Academy I’ve been taking was out on the driving track doing mock pursuits.  Last time I took the class I had chickened out of driving (opting, instead, to ride w/ one of the officers who was playing back up in that situation) and had hoped that this time would be better – that I wouldn’t chicken out on the driving part.  I did partner up with another member of the class riding in the passenger seat working the radio while she drove.  I learned that I pretty much suck at improving locations and status but, except for playing things back in my mind  and seeing how I could have done things different/better, it was kind of fun.  On the one hand I am I am kind of pissed at myself for again not taking the opportunity to be a driver.  At the same time, I would have liked there to be an opportunity, for those who wanted to, to simply drive the course lights & sirens as fast as they were comfortable doing without the added pressure of trying to do a mock pursuit at the same time as trying to navigate an unknown course at high speeds.  What can I say,  I’m not a risk taker and hate surprises (don’t get me started on how feel about surprise parties).  Something for me to put down on the feedback/evaluation sheets for that particular part of the class.

By the way, this is how a professional driver handles the course:

The novices of the class, well let’s just say a few cones were taken out – LOL. No doubt, if I had been brave enough to give driving a try under the circumstances given I would have taken out more than a few.

I will say that if any of the local police agencies in your area offer some sort of Citizen Police Academy, that you take the opportunity to enroll in the course.  You will, of. course, have to go through a background check before being allowed to take the course.

In other news, my son helped out with an Eagle Project yesterday morning and then came home for a bit before heading over to his grandma’s to gon on their annual biking camp out.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.  Stay tuned to Eclectic Alli, and hopefully you’ll be joining us on the next Weekend Coffee Share.


#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday October 15, 2017

Hello everyone.  Hope your Sunday is starting off well.  Won’t you join me for a quick cup of coffee (or, if coffee isn’t your thing, anything else that strikes your fancy.

Originally, the Weeken Coffee Share was created by Diana over at Part Time Monster (as it turns out her blog is now protected so it looks like you have to request an invite to view her blog).  So now it appears that Eclectic Ali is our host for the Weekend Coffee Share (at least for this week).

During my down times, I’ve been watching episodes of The Next Foodnetwork Star on Hulu; In fact I’m actually watching it right now as I write up my weekendcoffee share post for this week.  Some of my favorite shows to watch are cooking competition shows, shows like Master Chef (and Master Chef Junior), Chopped, Cut Throat Kitchen, even Hells Kitchen.  I can’t explain it but there’s something about Hells Kitchen, and Gordon Ramsay (I hope I’m spelling the last name correctly),  that draws me in and captivates me, making me to want to see more and find out what happens next…  It’s one of those shows that has you cringing at what happens and yet you can’t look away, can’t change that proverbial channel.

When it’s not cooking shows,  I go for shows that are related to the world of Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement stuff I’m passionate about.  Lately, the “Chicago” series has been my favorites – Shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and (to some degree) Chicago PD.

So do you have a favorite type of show to watch?  What is it?

I believe the Weekend Coffee Share is closed for this weekend but here is the link to see some Coffee Share posts from this weekend.  Also hoping you’ll join in next weekend for the next Weekend Coffee Share.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday August 28, 2017

**Dang Auto correct.  I was trying to type August and it put in April for me (Didn’ realize till after I had posted).**

Good morning everyone.  I’m really not doing well with the coffee shares the past couple weeks, am I.  Last week I think I completely missed it all together and this week. I’m running behind.  Shoot, I imagine the linkup is probably closed by now 🙁

Ohhh my gosh, where are my manners…  Come on in and joint me.  We’re having Sprouts Farmers’s Market’s Super Dark coffee.  It’s actually my hubby’s coffee but I ran out of mine and didn’t want to grind more (call me lazy) so we’re having his.

So, one piece of big news for me….  You all know I do Mary Kay, right??  Well I just sign on to be a Jewelscent sales rep (??). I think that’s what it’s called.    Actually it’s now Gemstra.  If I’m getting my facts straight here, Gemstra is like the umbrella company (?) Something like that) that has partnered with several manufacturers(?)  – Jewelscent being one of them.  So now,  besides the jewelscent that most are familiar with there are other products available.  Been spending some time getting things set up for my new Gemstra business including a FB page – Tena’s Jewelscent, as well as my boutique –  www.gemstra.com/tenacarr  Been doing most of my work on the boutique on my tablet (which isn’t the easiest thing to do, LOL.  I also have a launch party going ton – Tena’s Launch Party.   And, of course, there’s still the Mary Kay stuff.  Like my FB Page – TenaCarrMKIBC,  ohhh and my personal website for Mary Kay (actually nothing for me to do there but make sure settings are what i want.  Mary Kay does the rest).

So what else can I tell you about?!?, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear me going on about my businesses.  Heck, I imagine some of you are running away right now thinking that I’m gonna be one of those pushy types that never shuts up about her business.  I promise I’ll try not to be like that cuz that’s not who I am.  I’m not a gung-ho sales person who doesnt’ take no for an answer. 

Was on Facebook Live with Tucson News Now this morning.  So much sadness with Hurricane Harvey and the Riots in Douglas at the Corrections Facility (I guess it’s being called a public disturbance – ?? – something like that), as well as other pieces of sad news.  My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I don’t have a way to watch news so most of what I get is through FB and Twitter feeds (and yes I’m referring to legitimate feeds by news, police, government agencies, etc)…  From what I understand it went quickly from a Cat 1 to a Cat 3 or Cat 4 (Was thinking I saw Cat 4 but latest stuff I saw said something about Cat 3, so I’m not sure).  Also in my thoughts & prayers are the volunteers and First Responders going to the aid of those affected.

I guess that’s pretty much it.  I should up shut up and let you all get a word in edge-wise.  What’s been going on with you guys? How did last week go for you?  How was your weekend?  Any exciting plans for the week ahead?

Plans are to be back next week (hopefully on time, LOL) but hey you know that old saying – “Best laid plans of mice and men” (something like that).

OK, well, good day to you all and have a great week.  Catch you later.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – August 13, 2017 Birthdays and School Under Way.

Good Sunday morning to everyone.  I’m enjoying my 2nd cup of the morning and invite you to join me.  How do you take it (your coffee that is) – Cream? Suguar? Black?  We have regular sugar and a sugar substitute (a Stevia Blend)…  There’s also Cocoa Powder if you’d like to make it a Cafe Mocha.  Not one for coffee?  There’s also some tea but I’d need to get the water bottle.  And, of course, there’s water and tea on tap.

It’s been a week (well 2 weeks) of birthdays.  I think I forgot to mention in last week’s Coffee Share that my son son had a birthday nearly a couple weeks back.  He’s reached the big 1-6.  I know for girls that is (or used to be) considered Sweet 16 (is that even done anymore??). Pretty sure 16 year old boys don’t want to be considered sweet 16 😝 but it is a pretty big time in their lives as well.  I asked my son what he thought of being 16 and he responded that it was the same as 15 😂.  Ohhh, did I mention, last week, that he’s taking Drivers Ed as one of his electives this year??

The other birthdays are my own.  Before you start shaking your head in confusion, I’ll explain…  One is my actual birthday (the date of my birth).   The other is more of an anniversary date, but I thought “birthday” sounded better considering the other birthdays I was mentioning, the birthday/anniversary of my becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 years now that I’ve been doing this 😃.

Birthday – wise, it’s been fairly uneventful.    Per tradition, my son got a “beat-down” (basically a ‘spanking’ with a large paddle like thing.  This is done in good fun and even the younger kids go through it, on their birthdays, in good stride. 

In other news,  School is well under way for my son and he’s completed his first week at the new school.  So far, things seem to be going well.  

I’d say that pretty well covers it for me.  How about you?  Do anything exciting or fun this past week?  How about the week ahead?  Any exciting news to share (or just news in general)??  Be sure and join Diane over at Part-Time Monster Blog for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.


Ohh Hi, Good Morning everyone…  I was just doing some research on the use of tags in wordpress – more specifically whether or not tags could consist of more than one tag (eg Weekend Coffee Share vs WeekendCoffeeShare)…  Didn’t exactly find the information I was looking for in my “search” but I did find it when I went to my dashboard and looked at my “tags” so, ok,  good to go now.

Ugghhh,  can you tell how boring things are?!?  First thing I start off with is writing about wordpress and tags….  Ok well it’s not all completely boring so, please, don’t take off running yet.

So last Friday was orientation for my son, starting off at a new school. As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is an online based school so he gets to work at his own pace.  But it also has the benefit of a brick & mortar school in that there are teachers there to help if he gets stuck on a problem or has a question.  I’m thinking, also, that because he is limited by what he can do on the computers in the school and because it is a “school-like” setting there will be less distractions and more of a likelihood to work on school work. 

One clear advantage for our son, and the way he works, is that he can focus his attention on say a couple courses at a time, and spend his 5 hour class day just working on those classes.  When he’s done with those, he moves on to the next set.

 School actually starts off, for the year, on Monday and I’ll have a better idea of what he’s taking during the school year.  He did get a rough schedule at orientation but there was some discrepancies as the school hadn’t gotten the full transcript from the last school and was missing classes he had already taken.  We got that sorted out and a more final schedule should be  ready to go on Monday.  As it currently sits, it looks like  he should have Sophmore English, Geomoetry,  Earth & Space Science, American History.  Plus a couple of electives – Personal and Family Living and a Driver’s Ed course.

The overall schedule of our days will be interesting as he goes to the afternoon session and, between scouts, martial arts, etc,  has something going on nearly every day (or so it seems).

I’ve done enough talking myself…  What all is going on with the rest of you??  Has school started up for anyone else yet?  How is the process going for you?

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I haven’t yet seen a post from our host, Part-Time Monster Blog, yet but I’m sure she’ll be along here soon…  And I’m sure there’ll be more “Weekend Coffee Share” posts to check out.  But, for now, it’s time for me to say good-bye and end our little chat.  Hope to see you next week for more Coffee Chat.