#WeekendCoffeeShare – January 14, 2018

Time for another Weekend Coffee Share with our host Eclectic Ali…..

Really, writing a coffee-share post shouldn’t be this hard.  I don’t even know what to say or where to start.  Not a whole lot exciting has been going on with me, personally.  Just a lot of the same ole ole.
Ever watch CSI Miami?  I’ve been on a watching-spree for theshow for, I don’t know, a couple weeks now I guess. I’m on season 5, episode 2 so far.

One thing that’s been same ole same ole, not to mention annoying is the non-stop coughing due to cough-variant asthma and (I’m guessing) sinus drainage.

Earlier this week we went to a special meeting at my son’s troop for Life Scouts and about to be Life Scouts.  The meeting was to talk about getting ready to take the path from Life to Eagle. If all goes right, my son should be getting hisLife at the next Court of Honor in the Spring.

That’s about all I’ve got for this week. See y’all next week (hopefully).


#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday January 07, 2018

Been gone quite awhile and thought I’d take a go, again, at doing a Weekend Coffee Share (hosted by Eclectic Alli).

Not much has been going on to write about and I guess that’s part of the problem…Not having anything much to talk about.

Things have pretty well been status here. Not much exciting has been happening in my absence from doing any Weekend Coffee Shares.

One major development has been the fact that I’ve ended up making the decision to stop doing Mary Kay for personal reasons.  I still believe in the company and in the products provided.

I keep playing around with the idea of maybe going back to school but I have no idea what field of study would be a good one for me to think about going for or what I might be interested in.

Speaking of school, it’s time for school to start back up for our son, following Winter Break.  Last semester went pretty well for him.  He didn’t complete everything he needed to so they’ll be some finishing up to be done (mostly final semester exams) and then he’ll be able to start up on the new semester stuff. 

Well, it’s about time I put this to rest and get the trash and recycling out to the street. Hopefuly I”m not publsihing this too late for the Weekend Coffee Share

#WeekendCoffeeShare – November 05, 2017

Time for another Weekend Coffee Share with our hostess Eclectic Alli.

So, if we were having coffee today, I’d offer you a choice of a few different coffee cups:

Then I’d ask how your weekend has been. going, what you’ve been up to and whether or not you have any exciting plans for this upcoming week?

If we were having coffee, you’d find Meekah, my kitty, lying here by my feet.

She came in a little while ago from her morning kitty patrol.  

If we were having coffee, I’d offer you a bagel and cream cheese (I’m getting hungry and it’d be rude of me to eat in front of you without offering you something to eat).

I’d also apologize for not having anything to share with you about this past week.   Really, nothing much has happened. Nothing new anyway.

If we were having coffee I’d wish you a wonderful week and invite you back next week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – October 29, 2017

The weekend Coffee Share is currently being hosted by Eclectic Alli.

Hi, Welcome, Come on it and join me.  Using up the last of the Frosted Sugar Cookie Creamer in my coffee this morning.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

To our way of thinking, here, The week starts on Sunday.  Saturday is our “Relax” Day (Of course that doesn’t mean I get to 100% relax – after all there’s still the family to take care of)…  Fridays can sometimes be a bit of a “Crazy” Day as that’s when we do all our prep and cooking for the weekend….  What about you?   When does your week start.  Do you have a “Crazy”Day or a “Relax” Day?

This weekend was the National Pharmaceutical Take Back Initiative or PTBI (think that’s. the right name for it)…  Anyway,  Police Departments everywhere (as well assome other organizations) were doing Dispose-A-Meds (or other similar named events).  I volunteered at the local one here.  It’s a good feeling helping out though the amount gathered was lower than usual – think it had somethign to do with the fact that in an approximately 4 week time span we’ve already had at leaast 2 (and I understand there was actually 3 events) recently.  I pretty much always volunteer at these events and the feedback we hear from the community is how much they appreciate these events being done.

As usual, there’s quite a bit of things that I could be working on and things I could be doing… Just not sure exactly where I want to begin.  Yep, typical ongoing problem.  Generally speaking,  I am very rarely ever bored.  There’s always something I can find to do.

So now here’s the time where I force myself to stop talking (I’ve been told I can become a chatter box and go on unnecessarily) and listen to what’s going on in your neck of the woods… Anything exciting?  Any exciting plans coming up in the near future?

Wish you all a Wonderful Week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – October 22, 2017

Hi everyone.  Welcome, and good morning.  My apologies to everyone.  I am already on to my second cup of the morning but hope you’ll come in and join me for a virtual cup.  The Weekend Coffee Share is now being hosted by Eclectic Alli.  I’m using “Frosted Sugar Cookie” creamer by International Delight in my coffee but I also have plain half-half & sugar (both stevia & Florida Crystals), or black if you’d rather.

Yesterday was kind of an exciting day.  The Citizen Police Academy I’ve been taking was out on the driving track doing mock pursuits.  Last time I took the class I had chickened out of driving (opting, instead, to ride w/ one of the officers who was playing back up in that situation) and had hoped that this time would be better – that I wouldn’t chicken out on the driving part.  I did partner up with another member of the class riding in the passenger seat working the radio while she drove.  I learned that I pretty much suck at improving locations and status but, except for playing things back in my mind  and seeing how I could have done things different/better, it was kind of fun.  On the one hand I am I am kind of pissed at myself for again not taking the opportunity to be a driver.  At the same time, I would have liked there to be an opportunity, for those who wanted to, to simply drive the course lights & sirens as fast as they were comfortable doing without the added pressure of trying to do a mock pursuit at the same time as trying to navigate an unknown course at high speeds.  What can I say,  I’m not a risk taker and hate surprises (don’t get me started on how feel about surprise parties).  Something for me to put down on the feedback/evaluation sheets for that particular part of the class.

By the way, this is how a professional driver handles the course:

The novices of the class, well let’s just say a few cones were taken out – LOL. No doubt, if I had been brave enough to give driving a try under the circumstances given I would have taken out more than a few.

I will say that if any of the local police agencies in your area offer some sort of Citizen Police Academy, that you take the opportunity to enroll in the course.  You will, of. course, have to go through a background check before being allowed to take the course.

In other news, my son helped out with an Eagle Project yesterday morning and then came home for a bit before heading over to his grandma’s to gon on their annual biking camp out.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.  Stay tuned to Eclectic Alli, and hopefully you’ll be joining us on the next Weekend Coffee Share.