Murder at the amusement park (5)

Note:  This part of the story actually comes from the beginning, before the earlier parts.


Angela Pamerow Sat on her back patio, digging fleas of her Irish Setter, Flora, with a comb while she watched the laundry she had hung earlier flapping in the wind.   Beside her, on a nearby patio, were some files she had been digging through earlier.  There had been a number of close calls & a couple of  unexplained deaths at the local amusement park.  In every one of those deaths, the common denominator had been the Ferris Wheel.

Many many years ago there had been an accident on another ferris-wheel.  It had been one of the first ferris-wheels built in the area and people had been excited for the job to be completed.  There had been some problems with the construction that had caused many delays.  Finally the job was done and the  the ferris-wheel opened.  Unfortunately, though no-one was aware of it at the time, the problems had not been adequately fixed and those who had been on that very first ride paid the ultimate price

Legend had it that there were ghosts from that fateful day that loomed in the area.  People believed that these ghosts had become angry that a new ferris wheel had been built in the exact same location as the one they had died on.  The Police Force that Angela worked for didn’t think so, and she had been given the daunting task of trying to find out what had happened.

7 thoughts on “Murder at the amusement park (5)

    • thank you 🙂 It’s been a lot of fun. Have you been writing for photo prompts too? (Sorry, haven’t been able to keep track & follow who all’s been writing).


  1. Oh I love this! I love peaceful beginnings to scary stories too! It adds a sharp contrasts the horror that follows and really enhances the experience! I love it!!


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