Photo Prompt: Dash for the Deadline!!

Update:  July 05, 2012 – I’m going to be joining Carrie Sorensen and Nicole Pyles as Co-Host for the Writer Wednesday Photo Prompt.  I am still working on getting the widget for people to post their links to work on my page.

Carrie at Chasing Revery  Is hosting this weeks “Writer Wednesday Bloghop”

This weeks picture is:

Taken by: Kristoffer Sorensen

The words are taken from Creative Games: Random Word Generator

This weeks words are:






The instructions are simple:

1) There will be one photo, and five words – both of those elements must be a feature in the brief story you create.

2) There is also a 500 word maximum.

3) You have until the next Wednesday to create your post.

4) When you have finished your post, let me know and I’ll send your link on to the actual hosts Chasing Revery and World of My Imagination.

5) Most importantly have fun with this!  Don’t loose sleep/forget to eat, fret worry, pull hair out, freak, Go Crazy….  (Need I continue??)!!

I’ll be working on my story before long (unless of course I do my usual last minute “dash for the deadline”)

Here’s some “Photo Prompt” Stories to enjoy:

You Sounds Like a Dying Peacock by The World of My Imagination  (Continuation of Curse-The Ongoing Blog Story)

Paper Thin by Chasing Revery

Caffeine Story by Scotty Watty Doodle All The Day

Lost by Landa-Loo Where Are You

Lost Hopes, Lost Dreams by Me

Murder At the Amusement Park (5) by Me (Read the rest of the Story)


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