Re-Cap/Re-Count of August 06 & 07, 2018

Sorry I missed a day in here. Yesterday was not a good for me and I was not in the best of moods to be honest. Couldn’t get in a proper mindset to do anything except what I absolutely had to. I’ll be honest, I’m not in that much better of a mood today. It’s suppose to be my Birthday and all I want to do is just crawl under the covers bury my head and ignore the frickin world.

Technically, I should do my re-cap of today when I do tomorrows post but to give you an idea on how today has gone, thus far….

This morning I went outside and began to spray our front yard only to realize that there is a problem w/ the sprayer. Once you start the sprayer it just keeps right on spraying (even though it is NOT locked in the on position). As the pressure dwindles down the flow decreases some but keeps right on going. I couldn’t seem to get the stupid piece of (never mind) to stop spraying so I could pump more pressure in. The bottle of spray (concentrate) is suppose to do 3000 SF of yard and our front yard is less than just 2000SF. The way things were going w/ our stupid sprayer, I’ll be damn lucky to get the front yard done, much less anything extra.

To make matters worse my hubby is convinced he can make the thing work properly so we don’t have to get a new one….. Ok, maybe he can but right now I’m having trouble seeing how as I tried several methods to fix the issue to new avail.

Enough of my crappy mood… I am currently enjoying a Triple Mocha Frapp (though I am doing a fair amount of coughing while drinking it).

I believe I owe you 2 photos today:

From Monday:

From Yesterday:

I also took this video of my son doing the rope climb at Martial Arts, on Monday.

So here’s my question of the day for you:

What kinds of things do you do to help you feel better or put you in a better mood when you’re having a bad day??

And for my 5 Random Picks:

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