Catching up on Re-Caps/Re-Counts.

My apologies for leaving y’all hanging like I did. Last time we “chatted” I was talking about my birthday, which was last Wednesday…. so that would have made Thursday the last day I truly did a daily blog.

I think I might have, briefly, mentioned a certain… ummmm…. visitor that arrived for my birthday. Ladies you probably know which visitor referring to. Been a while since the last visit and this time around was a particular rough visit. Needless to say my energy & motivation levels were on the low end these past few days.

I’ve had people mention, and I’ve kind of wondered, if I could possibly be in the stage of life known as peri-menopause. It’s one of those things that’s really hard to know for sure till after the fact but certain signs do seem to point that way but I’ll get to that in a different post. It could certainly explain a few things.

My birthday wasn’t really all that and certainly not how I would have planned it (not that I had any specific ideas or plans) but the weekend did do me some good and I’m feeling much better now.

Again, my apologies for leaving you all hanging like I did 😔.

Question of the Day:

Today is National Left-Handers Day. So, are you Left-Handed, Right-Handed, or Ambidextrous? I am right hand dominant but can actually write legibly (albeit slowly) with my left hand. I also find there are a few things that I favor doing with my left hand.

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Re-Cap/Re-Count of August 06 & 07, 2018

Sorry I missed a day in here. Yesterday was not a good for me and I was not in the best of moods to be honest. Couldn’t get in a proper mindset to do anything except what I absolutely had to. I’ll be honest, I’m not in that much better of a mood today. It’s suppose to be my Birthday and all I want to do is just crawl under the covers bury my head and ignore the frickin world.

Technically, I should do my re-cap of today when I do tomorrows post but to give you an idea on how today has gone, thus far….

This morning I went outside and began to spray our front yard only to realize that there is a problem w/ the sprayer. Once you start the sprayer it just keeps right on spraying (even though it is NOT locked in the on position). As the pressure dwindles down the flow decreases some but keeps right on going. I couldn’t seem to get the stupid piece of (never mind) to stop spraying so I could pump more pressure in. The bottle of spray (concentrate) is suppose to do 3000 SF of yard and our front yard is less than just 2000SF. The way things were going w/ our stupid sprayer, I’ll be damn lucky to get the front yard done, much less anything extra.

To make matters worse my hubby is convinced he can make the thing work properly so we don’t have to get a new one….. Ok, maybe he can but right now I’m having trouble seeing how as I tried several methods to fix the issue to new avail.

Enough of my crappy mood… I am currently enjoying a Triple Mocha Frapp (though I am doing a fair amount of coughing while drinking it).

I believe I owe you 2 photos today:

From Monday:

From Yesterday:

I also took this video of my son doing the rope climb at Martial Arts, on Monday.

So here’s my question of the day for you:

What kinds of things do you do to help you feel better or put you in a better mood when you’re having a bad day??

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Re-Cap/Re-Count of August 04, 2018 – Thoughts on Peri-Menopause

Since yesterday was Shabbat for us there really isn’t anything to re-count. We pretty much stayed home and had a lazy Saturday. Instead, today I think I’ll just yack about something that’s been on my mind lately… Menopause, more specifically peri-menopause.

I haven’t yet discussed anything with my doctor but I’ve had some close-friends and family suspecting, for at least a few years now, that I could be in the stages of peri-menopause. I’ve often wondered that myself. I’ll be 47 in a few days and that is about the same age that both my aunts (on my mom’s side) went through menopause itself. Their mother (my grandmother) was also about that age, perhaps slightly older. My mother died super young so there’s no way to know what would have happened with her.

Three things I’ve noticed right off the bat is that 1) I am constantly hot – I can’t say I have the typical “hot flashes” that you read about that come on all of a sudden then go away, but unless I’m parked in front of a fan or have the AC on to have the house super cool I’ll feel like my body is a frickin oven. And any kind of exertion will have me sweating like the proverbial stuck pig (even just getting up and moving around from one point of the house to another is enough to get the sweat glands going). I swear I must be the only person who can get the “wet hair look” without actually using water…

Sorry got a bit winded there so… 2) I seem to be more and more irritable over the last few years (maybe several) – It’s like I have no patience and even the smallest things will irritate the crap out of me. It’s led to quite a few arguments with the hubby and (between you and me) I’ve been known to tell him where he could go or what he could go do on a number of occasions. Yes, we’ve always worked things out in the end – It’s one of those heat of the moment things and I can get quite heated.

3) The third thing (and this might be a bit TMI-ish so I’ll try to keep the details to a minimum) is that over the last couple years at least (I don’t have any records before that – and even what I do have, for the last couple years, isn’t perfect) my menstrual cycle has gotten considerably less regular. Sometimes it’ll be 20 days long, other times it’ll be 60 days… I think there’s been a couple of times where I’ll be in the neighborhood of 3 months between menstrual cycles. The periods themselves {warning, you might want to scroll past if talking about periods makes you squeamish in any way} are also varied – sometimes they’ll only be like 3 days long others will be 14 days (usually very light and will seem to stop in middle only to start right back up with-in a day). I’ll spare you the details on flow but that can be slightly varied as well.

Apparently there are some women out there who do go through the whole peri-menopausal thing without having any major symptoms… The thing is, since I’m not having the text-book typical hot-flashes that is normally associated with peri-menopause it’s hard for me to know for 100% sure whether I’ve been going through that stage of my life yet or not.

All-righty,so my

Question of the Day:

Are you post-menopausal (or even peri-menopausal)? What was/is it like for you….

For everyone else:

Do you have any sisters (blood, step, half, etc)? What is your relationship like with them? – I have 2 step sisters whom I haven’t seen in years, pretty much since my first step-mom and my dad divorced years ago. I do see one on FB from time to time but never actually connect with her on there. The other, I have no idea where she’s at.

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Re-Cap/Re-Count of Friday August 03, 2018

Today was our Shabbat, thus the reason I am doing today’s Re-Count so late in the day.

I mentioned, before, that yesterday was my son’s birthday. For his birthday we had an early dinner at his Grandma’s house along with her mother and her mother’s domestic partner {Long story short, both are at an age (in there 70’s/80’s) where getting “married” can cause more difficulties than it’s worth. They have however made a commitment to each other which has been witnessed by close friends.}

I had also gone out earlier that morning to do the major shopping trip for the month, which took a few hours. Once I got home from that, we got the food ready to go to the party.

Anyway, for dinner we had some sort of prime steak and corn on the cob (bought by grandma & great grandma). We also brought the vege tray (that we made up) along with some brownies (made by the hubby and son) vanilla bean ice cream. I did have one question yesterday – Whether or not it was possible to freeze time and keep my son from growing anymore – I was informed, by his great grandma, that it is not… Considering she’s raised several kids of her own plus has several grandkids, I’d say she’s probably an an expert on the subject 😂.

Question of the Day:

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – Do you like Chocolate Chip Cookies or Not?

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Re-Cap/Re-Count of Thursday August 02, 2018

First big news, which actually has to do with today, ….. The son will officially be 17 today (will be at about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon, sometime around there).

Alrighty on to the Re-Capping and Re-Counting. I really need something better to use as a title for these, “Re-Cap/Re-Count” just sound so boring, robotic, and impersonal. If you have any ideas, let’s here it.

If you saw yeterday’s Re-Cap/Re-Count post, you’d see that I didn’t even get to it until very late in the evening (and even then I kept getting interrupted as I was trying to type).

My day started out with an early morning doctor’s appointment to discuss one of the meds I’ve been taking to control my non-stop coughing. Apparently the Benzonatate isn’t exactly meant for long term, regular, usage. Because of the insurance I’m on, we have to start at the beginning w/ some “approved” medications – even though they haven’t really done me any good in the past. So now I’m on Flovent as a maintenance and Pro-Air as a “rescue” (great, except my coughing attacks seem to just be ongoing, not sudden, acute, attacks. I’m still taking Montelukast (singulair) at night and 24-hour Loratadine, as well as flonase, in the morning. She also set me up w/ a referral to an allergist and a pulmonologist. Hopefully…HOPEFULLY… I can do something to get, and keep, this dang-blasted coughing under control because this is seriously for the birds (and I’m pretty sure they would’t want it either).

After said appointment, I headed down to the Starbucks near my house and got myself an Iced Caramel Coffee/Caramel Iced Coffee (not sure which is correct), and then went over to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescriptions (speaking of which I need to check on one of my hubby’s medication – *mental note to self*).

The afternoon was spent mostly running a couple errands and stopping at a couple stores. One of those was at a place called “The 99¢ Store” I went to use my EBT card and it didn’t work when I swiped the card… Apparently you now have to manually, yes I said manually, enter in the account number on that is on your card before putting in your pin…. Are you fricking kidding me?!? – #FAil. So basically if you can’t read the account number your pretty well screwed there. AssHats. I had to enter my number twice because I mistook a “7” for a “1”. By the way, that was the only place in which I ran into that problem. The other place I went the usual swiping method worked fine.

Apparently, according to the cashier, this is the new thing. I know that it’s easier on the cashiers to have the customers enter in their own numbers, but how about having “readers” that work properly so it comes up automatically rather than having to have the cashier, or customer, fumbling about trying to properly enter the correct 16(?) digit number that may not be easily legible.

Once I got home I was able to sit down and relax for the most part though there were still things that needed my attention as well as some family & personal “administrative” type stuff to be done.

So here is my Question of the Day”

Are you a fan of watermelon or not? Seeded or Seedless?

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