Daily Prompt: Bad Signal

For yesterday’s daily prompt, I decided to do a story over at Taini’s Writings.  The post had to include a phone call, a speeding car and a crisp, bright morning.

Here’s an excerpt:

….  The tones went off.  Jason and Alan jumped up  and ran for the ambulance, Jason bringing the mouthpiece of his walkie-talkie up to this mouth as he ran.

“Unit 753 responding”

“Roger, Unit 753,” The Dispatcher said into the radio, You’ll be responding code 3 to an Motor Vehicle Accident at the corner of Brently Rd and Smithson  Map C5″

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#CampNaNoWriMo: Fighting Writer’s Block and “Squirrel”

The good news is that  I did better than I thought I would and managed to get just over 850 words typed towards my CampNaNoWriMo goal today, keeping ahead of the game despite the increase (I can only blame me on this) from the original 10K to 15K.  According to the “Stats” chart  I’m still ahead (but I don’t have the “way ahead” lead that I had.


The bad news is that I spent a better part of the “writing portion” of my day struggling against Writer’s Block…  Yes, Steve Vernon, I realize that I just commited a big NO NO giving a name to that piece of negativity….  To make things more interesting  I’ve also been fighting the “squirrel” syndrome.  You know the one where every little thing conspired to distract you and if it doesn’t, your sure to find something yourself.

Guess it was a good thing that I had gotten a bit ahead (though not as much as was showing before I decided (stupidly) to increase my word count goal) as I didn’t get one lick of writing done yesterday and the day before that pretty well sucked.

Well, one more short blog to write and then it’s off to bed for me.  Hoping tomorrow will be at least as  good as today (or better).   I’d like to see the bars on that stats graph showing well above what’s needed to stay on task for goal – you know, just in case I have more bad days.

Coming Storm (Friday Fiction Story)

I haven’t done Rochelle’s Friday Fiction in a while…  Been involved in other things and the times I do get to blogging have been taken up with other blogging endeavors, but this one just spoke to me begging me to give it a go so here’s my story (I’m hoping my word count is okay.  It said 109, but it was still saying that after making changes so I don’t know – I know it’s higher with this lead in:

photo used with implied permission for sole purpose of this prompt only (source credit goes to Kelly sands)

Katie looked up at the storm clouds gathering over head.  Looked like another late afternoon thunderstorm was on it’s way.   She worked quickly to gather up the laundry she had put earlier to dry, knowing that the rains could come at any moment.  Already the winds were picking up making the branches of the trees sway.  Such was life during Monsoon Season.  You just never knew when the proverbial bucket was going to be overturned…  Never knew when a flash flood was around the corner.  Just in time, Katie got the last of the laundry inside just as the downpour started and the thunder and lightening began in earnest.

More on this #CampNaNoWriMo Thing

I should really be doing my “CampNaNoWriMo” writing but instead of this blog (and yes, I’m probably going to work on a couple more quick blogposts after this one)  but I went to sleep last night with this post in mind —  To tired to keep going.

I have found that the original word count goal (of 10,000 words) hasn’t been a problem, in fact I ended up increasing it to 15,000, but timing has been another story.  The past couple days, it seems, by the time I get around to sitting down to my computer to do any writing it’s late evening or night when my brain is fried and I’m ready to be in a horizontal position.  Needless to say, at that time, my creative juices aren’t flowing and the Muse is NOT my friend.  The good news is that I’ve managed to write something (which is the most important thing, right?!? – WRITE!!

Another thing that I’ve been noticing (which I think, in a way, is kind of funny & ironic if not a bit frustrating) is that I can get a story going in my head (usually at such a time that is counterproductive to actually writing/typing it down)  and yet when I go to “write” the story (or part thereof) down later I find that it does not seem to follow my original idea.  Guess it’s true what they say that stories write themselves – LOL – They just need a person to actually write the words.

Ohhh yes…. And the Writer’s Block…. That dreaded word Writer’s Block  when you just sit there with a blank mind.  Not the kind where you clear your mind so that you can concentrate on a story, but the honest to goodness BLANK  where you can’t even come up with a place…  Not even a simple/single word.  Those moments where you just sit there and stare at the open document (or paper) in front of you and go, “UMMMMM”

Time to check to see what what writing & photo challenges  I’ve stuck filed away  in my “challenges” eMail folder.