Mad-Lib #8 (response)

Here is Mad-Lib #8 hosted by A Haunted Wordsmith….

First, the blanks:

Noun x 3

  1. Creamer
  2. Hair
  3. Notebook

Verb x 3

  1. Sit
  2. Walk
  3. Stand

Food x 2

  1. Croissant
  2. Cake Pop

Plural verb

  • Runs
  • And the Story:
  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame

    Take me out to the creamer

    Take me out to the hair

    Buy me some croissants and cake pops. I don’t care if I never get back.

    So it’s sit, walk, stand, for the home team

    If they don’t win, it’s a shame

    It’s one, two, three runs you’re out

    At the old notebook.

    Hope you’ll join the fun 😂😂.

    What Pegman Saw (response)

    Joining the What Pegman Saw Writing Challenge… This week Pegman takes us to Rawson Lake:

    Here is my story, inspired by the photo above

    Enjoying some ‘Me-Time’
    “It’s so peaceful and quiet here”. Emily thought to herself as she closed her eyes and leaned back against the grass. Rare was the time she got the chance to just relax and enjoy some ‘me-time’. Even on vacation she was in constant demand by her family. “Just once,” she had thought to herself on more than one occassion, “it would be nice if others could step up and help out instead of expecting her to take care of everyhing.”
    She had already spent a good part of the day cooking breakfast, making lunch, and cleaning up the cabin. She knew her husband and 2 boys would be back from their fishing trip in less than an hour and, no doubt, there’d be a gutting and cleaning for her to do before she started on dinner.
    For now she planned to make the most of the time she had left.

    Mad Lib #5 – Response

    So it appears that the Haunted Wordsmith will be dis-continuing their Mad-Lib challenge series 😢😭. If I am reading correctly, there will be something else put in it’s place but no idea what that might be yet. Here is yesterday’s Mad-Lib #5
    List of Blanks for this Mad Lib
    • Sleepy
    Plural noun x 4
    1. Lights
    2. Chairs
    3. Books
    4. Flowers
    Noun x 4
    1. Paper
    2. Glass
    3. Vase
    4. Keyboard
    Verb x 4
    1. Run
    2. Dancing
    3. Biking
    4. Sleeping
    Animal (plural)
    Type of drink
    • Coffee
    • Ohhh My
    Type of writing
    • Expository

    Night Life

    The world of sunlight is for the humans. They hurry here and there with their sleepy lives, never knowing that when Mother Nature turns out the lights and they go to their chairs, another world begins. This world belongs to the night. Cats plot paper schemes to take over the world in school under the moonlight. Racoons and dogs clean up what humans run away. A perfect balance of using everything that can be used without waste. Every now and then forgotten dogs and discarded cats will find each other and find they are really not alone. Cicadas and fireflies spend the evening dancing for glass. Night is filled with vase unseen by the sunlit world. Contrary to many books found in the sunlit world, nothing evil lurks under the moon’s watchful biking. Zombies rise from their flowers at midnight to say keyboard to long lost friends. Vampires and witches gather for expository readings and paired type of coffee samplings. As the moon says Oh My, and life’s keys are sleeping to the sun walkers once again, members of the night life bid each other adieu until the moon’s rise once again.

    Twittering Tales #91 – Invisible Chains

    “Out of those chains, those chains that bind you”…. Sara listened to her favorite Karen Carpenter song while her husband was at work. Sadly the song held an all to real element in her life. She married young, thinking she knew it all. Now she felt bound by invisible chains.

    {277 Characters}

    Each week Kat Myrman (do I have that right) gives us an image to inspire us to do a 280 character story (yes, that’s right CHARACTERS).
    Side Note: When I saw the chains in the photograph my mind instantly went to Karen Carpenters Song – “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, particularly the part that I used in my story.

    100 Word Wednesday

    100 Word Wednesday

    Write a 100 word story inspired by the photo below:

    The from the balcony patio was amazing and Sara wished she could remain thereforever. Being the small mountain resort the past week had been the first moments of peace she’d had in forever. Going through the motions of day to day living pretending that everything was perfectly fine when it was literally falling apart around her was wearing her out and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep upt the farce. Tomorrow she’d have to go back to civilization go back to putting on a stoic brave face… But for now she could sit and enjoy the view