#PostaDay – Daily Prompt: Toy Story

Today’s  PostaDay question comes from  Emily

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I don’t recall what my favorite plaything was a child.  I have numerous pictures of me in a red wagon that I seemed to enjoy quite a bit.  I also remember a table that we had outside that looked like a huge spool for thread, yarn, or wire.  I remember we would tip it on it’s side and then get up and walk on it, making it roll.  Of course I liked to read and color.  I have vague memories of being in my mom’s studio, on the floor coloring.  I can never picture my mother in these memories, but I know she’s there in them.

About the only place I see a real connection between my childhood toys and now is with books.  Reading is something I enjoy to this day as well as making up stories.  I may not have inherited my mother’s artistic abilities, but apparently I inherited her love of books & writing.

Two Shoes Tuesday: Imagine

This week on “two shoes tuesday” we were given the following two words to choose from Invitation and Imagine.  I chose to go with the idea of “Imagine”

Something that seemingly seems in short supply, or at least it so appears, when you look at the toys sold to kids these days.  Sure, you still see legos on the shelf but they often are as kits with pre-done pieces you simply piece together according to instructions to make the “item” in question.  What happened to using ones imagination to make the item invsioned in your mind.  What happenned to coloring outside the lines, or without lines at all?  What’s happened to taking what you imagine in your mind and making it from scratch?  Are we curbing the imaginings of our children’s mind with toys in the form of pre-made kits that only need the following of instructions to make what is seen on the box?