My WWBH Story – March 27, 2013: A Strange Light (yeah I know it’s late)

Miranda shivered  as she stepped out into the chilly air from the warm cozy restaurant that she had been sitting in moments earlier.  She stood for a second outside, her gaze pulled to the large lake nearby.  She felt the call, a summons really, impossible to ignore.  The wind blew lightly and the grass rustled quietly around her as Miranda made her way towards the lake’s edge.
Suddenly the wind stilled.  A strange white light streaked across the sky.  Miranda stared at it mesmerized, unable to look away.  The light wrapped around her, surrounding her.  The thought came to Miranda that this strange phenomenon  should frighten her, that she should be running away or at the very least screaming.  Strangely, though, she felt completely at peace.   A feeling of warmth and love seeped through her, the touch strangely familiar.
Suddenly a guy who looked like he belonged in the middle ages appeared in front of her – tall, dark, and undeniably handsome.  A sword hung by his side, the blade glistening brightly.
“It was you” Miranda claimed, “You were the one I felt calling me”  She could not explain how she knew this, only knew that it was undeniably true.
“Yes, indeed it was me.” the man spoke his voice soft and melodious, an air of old world charm.  “I need your help”  He spoke simply without embellishment.
“Whhhy me?” Miranda stammered.  “I’m nobody, just a simple school teacher.  There’s nothing special about me.”
“I know your heart,  you have a certain repertoire about you for having unconditional love for those truly in need of it.I know you are the best one for the job”
“What job?” Miranda asked.
“It involves one of your young students, Bethany”.  Miranda’s mind went to the quiet little girl who rarely spoke and didn’t seem to be comfortable with anyone, anyone except for her that was.  “There is about to be great sadness in her young life and her life will be in grave danger.” the man continued.  “She is comfortable with so few people.  You are one of the few she has warmed up to.  That is nothing to trifle at.”
“But if you know this (Miranda didn’t event think to question how he would know of these things) why can’t something be done to stop it”
“Some things cannot be changed” the man said simply.
“So what is it that I’m suppose to do?” Miranda asked.
“Trust me,” the man answered, “You will know.”
The man simply leaned forward, brushing his lips across her forehead.  “You will not be alone.  I will be with you protecting both of you”   The man shimmered, fading away.
“WAIT!!!” Miranda called ou but he was already disappearing the, strange white light from earlier re-appearing.  The light once again surrounded her filling her again with warmth.  Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone leaving Miranda feeling strangely bereft yet, at the same time, filled with a sense of purpose.

The words used in this story:  guy, repertoire, restaurant, blade, trifle


Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – No use for society

Gloria made her way carefully down the mountain using an old path  that most people didn’t even know was there.   It had long since been over grown with weeds,  rose bushes and blackberry vines lined the sides making it hard to see.   Reaching a clearing, she saw a rickety old house on the river  2 old houseboats sat next to it in just as derelict a condition as the house.
“James” she called loudly  then waited….  “JAMES”  she called again when there was no response.  Gloria new that the old man was slightly hard of hearing and, also, new that he didn’t like being taken by surprise and didn’t take kindly to unexpected guests.  But he seemed to enjoy her company.  Of ten times they would sit and talk for hours about all sorts of things including things about the Lord.  There didn’t seem to be anything that James didn’t know about the Lord and about the bible.
Many people saw James as a decrepit  old man with little use to society….  Most people didn’t even seem to care if he lived or died,  but Gloria knew differently.  Gloria knew  that underneath the withered old body  and a mind that was starting to slow with age there  a man who was quick witted  and a wealth of information.  James had a way of sharing information and telling stories that would make people laugh  (if they’d only take the time to listen). James held several degrees (including Theology, Psychology, and Education).   And had once  been the assistant pastor at a small church before his wife died  of cancer.   He had been so distraught over his wife’s death that he began to binge, often times drinking himself into a stupor….  He had been at his lowest point in life, rock bottom,  with no where to go when a stranger had given a chance.   James had continued to work odd jobs scrimping and saving till he was finally able to buy the tiny piece of land  that he now lived on.  The two houseboats, that sat by the house, had once been in prime condition and he would often rent them out to vacationers.   It didn’t bring in a lot of money, but it did pay the bills and put food on the table.  But the effects of years of drinking had paid their toll on James and as his health declined, unable to put forth the physical effort of upkeep, so too did the houseboats and house.
Gloria wanted to find a way to help James, but he was a proud man  and she knew he wouldn’t take kindly to charity or hand-outs “Honest work for honest pay.” He often said.  He wouldn’t accept anything but that he earned it.  She had come up with an idea the night before.    The small community was in need of a tutor  to help some of the kids that were floundering….  Perhaps James would be interested in helping those youngsters to learn and grow.
(yeah – I know, I went over the 500 words)
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Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – Rainy Day at the Donut Shop

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“Ughhh, look at that rain” Monika complained as she re-arranged the assortment of donuts in the display case for about the fiftieth time that day, Monika.  There didn’t seem to be anything better to do.  She’d already wiped down all the counters and cleaned the backroom – twice.  All the donuts had been finished and the outgoing orders had been filled  & delivered.  In fact the driver had gone home hours ago.
When Monika had arrived into work that morning, her boss (and best friend) had warned her that it would be a busy day due to the aerial show taking place that weekend.  Munchkin Donuts, Where Monika worked, was also offering the choice of an all day – allzone  bus fare or a $5 gas card with the purchase of two dozen donuts.  Unfortunately one of the other workers who was suppose to be coming in that day had had to call in because her daughter had come down with the flu, so it was only going to be Monika and her boss working today along with the baker (who had also left a few hours earlier after he’d finished with the baking.
Steady rain had been falling since early afternoon and the influx of customers they had that morning had begun to trickle till there was hardly anyone coming in the door.  The morning had started out pretty good and sales had been high, which was  a good thing because they were definitely falling this afternoon.  At present her boss was in the back working on paperwork for the nights deliveries.
“Look” Monika’s boss (who had just come up front from the back office) stated, “The rain’s stopped.  Just then a whole bunch of customers came through donut shop’s doors.  “Maybe now we make a profit huh?!” He replied as he took the first customer in line.
“How can I help you ma’am?” she asked of the next customer in line as she shot a quick smile to her boss.

Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – Home-Made Business

Beverly watched from her kitchen window as her son, Jason, headed towards the path that he always gook when waking the families only dog.   They had had two dogs but the other had died recently due to Iron Poisoning.  Beverly couldn’t believe how fast her boy was growing up.  He was small for his age, but was big enough now to walk the dog to a nearby park on his own.  In the small town in which they lived, where everyone new everyone, Beverly felt comfortable in allowing her son to go there on his own.

Normally, Bench (whom Jason had named because he had found him, as a small pup, huddled under a bench one full-moon night) would be allowed off his leash to run once at the park.  Bench was very well behaved and always came back with just the slightest whistle.  But Beverly had given Jason the rule that unless she (or his father) was with him, Jason was to keep Bench on his leash at all times.  As far as Beverly knew Jason had always followed this rule.

Beverly continued to watch.  Soon dog and boy were out of sight.  Beverly went back to making another batch of honey-bread. She had been making bread most all morning to fill orders she had gotten both from local town folks as well as some from neighboring towns.  Beverly made her special bread using homemade honey from the families very own bees.  She remembered being a bit fearful of dealing with bees at first and had let her husband Brian take care of the bees.  Beverly was still a little nervous about getting honey from the combs and preferred to let her husband gather the honey.  But she had found that, if needed to, she could do the job.

Many of Beverly’s neighbors and friends had raved about her Honey-Bread saying that she could easily sell the loaves they were that good.  Beverly wasn’t so sure at first, but figured she had nothing to loose in giving it a go.  The first dozen loaves she had made had sold quickly and there had been orders for even more.  Beverly began to think that just maybe something would come out of her love for baking.  She knew that the family didn’t really need the extra money from selling the loaves as they got by just fine on Brian’s income, and even had a little left over at the end of the month for a “fun fund”.   But they didn’t have extra money to put aside for Brian to go to college and she figured the extra money from selling the bread could go into a University Fund for Brian to use for just that when he got older.

#VeteransDay Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – Angel Kisses

“Daddy your looking awfully peaked.” Little Angelica said to her father, Lt. Jack Ramone, her little face wrinkling with obvious concern as they made their way down the hospital corridor.  “You need to go back to your bed and rest.”   Angelica insisted.  For only being four years old, Angelica was extremely bright and perceptive.

“Peaked?  Where did you learn such a big word?” Jack asked.

For a four year old, Angelica was extremely bright

“My Aunt Cindy.” Angelica replied.  “She was always saying that I looked ‘peaked’, so I asked her what it meant and she told me it means that I look sickly and tired”  “But I don’t look like that anymore, do I Daddy”

“No Sweetheart, you don’t”

Jack was thankful that his sister had agreed to take Angelica after his wife Bethany (Angelica’s mother) had died in a terrible car accident just before he had called up for active duty.  Jack  and Bethany had made the mutual decision that if anything was to ever happen to Bethany and Jack found himself unable to care for Angelica that guardianship would be given to his sister Cindy.  Cindy and Bethany had gotten on well together right from the start and had formed a strong bond.

Being out in the country with her cousins and the livestock had done Angelica a world of good.  Each time Jack had seen Angelica via an online link, each time Cindy sent a new picture he could see that she was looking healthier and healthier.  His plan, after finishing his call of duty, was to get a place in the country – Maybe even on the river so he could use hydroelectric electricity.  His job in the military had been in finding and harnessing various forms of energy and he had had no doubt that he could use that knowledge in his own place.   That is he hadn’t had any doubt before a terrible accident had left him badly injured with the possibility that he might not work again.

The accident had taken place at a geothermal plant where Jack had been stationed.  Everything had happened so fast that he’d barely had time to comprehend what was going on as the proverbial ‘shit hit the fan’  Without thinking Jack had immediately acted to ensure the safety of the others in his group making sure that everyone had gotten out safely.  He was just moments away from safety himself when an explosion had ripped through the building.  Something had fallen hitting him across his lower back.  The last thing that Jack remembered was one of the other guys pulling him to safety.

Doctors hadn’t given Jack much hope that he’d ever walk again.  He didn’t know how he was ever going to be a father to little Angelica.  The dream of having a place of their own in the country now seemed an impossibility….

“Come on Daddy,” Angelica said, interrupting Jack’s thoughts,  “I’ll help you”

“Allright sweetie” Jack responded, we’ll head back

Angelica helped her father push his wheelchair back to his room, her red tap dance shoes clinking on the linoleum as the fairy wings of her favorite costume flapped behind her.

“You know your my little angel girl, don’t you?” Jack said as they rolled into his room.

“Yes Daddy” Angelica responded as she climbed into his lap for his kiss.