Strange thoughts: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It is strange to think that I am interested and attracted to a guy who can be so exasperating…”

I came across this phrase while I was working on retyping my diary  from right around my college years and found it ironic and funny.  At the same time I had to wonder where my brain had been.

Back then it probably did seem strange, but if I really thought it about it really shouldn’t have.  Seemed I had this knack for ending up attracted to guys that were either ass-holes or complete jerks.  Smh- Go figure.  The few good looking ones that weren’t placed under the above category were (of course) not interested.  Smh – go figure.  Seemed I was really good at picking em – ehhh.

Seemed there was a long line of guys that fit in the above two categories (jerks or not interested).  I recall a High School crush I once had…  If I had half the brains I do now I would have realized that the attraction to this particular guy was nothing short of stupid.  The guy obviously had no interest in me, but worse  was the fact that he teased me endlessly (and before you go spouting about how maybe he teased me because in secret he really liked me – well let me assure you that was most definitely not the case).  It was years later that it came to my awareness that it was his brother that was really the nice one (not that that had made any difference back then).

I’ll tell you I could live a long time not going through that crap again.  Nothing  like meeting a good – looking guy and then finding out he’s a complete jerk.  Or the blow to the ego of finding out he thinks nothing of you.  Glad that part of my life is over.  :-p

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

We Got the Beat
Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. If you’ve never been in a band, imagine you’re forming a band with some good friends. What instrument do you play in the band and why? What sort of music will you play?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERFORMANCE.

If your talking a small “garage-band” style band then no, I never did that… I did play in the school band during Junior High and High School. I don’t recall much about my Jr. High experience except that the instructors name was Robert (Bob) Sellman.

High School is a lot clearer (in memory). The main thing I recall is being in the Marching Band. My first instructor for Band (Marching and otherwise) was Mr. Lambert Morris during my Sophmore year, who was replaced by Dave Matthys my Junior year. I seem to recall some pretty hilarious goings on, that first year, as we learned to March as a group. The first few times it was a mess…. Flute in the drum section, drums in the clarinet section, rows & lines all over the place. I don’t think we knew which way was up.

Of the two instructors, Mr. Morris stood out the most in my mind…. I swear I hated him back then. Due to my (extremely) short stature, Mr. Morris was apoarently concerned about my ability to keep up with the rest if my (taller) classmates. He was constantly tinge next to me (or it seemed anyway), waiting for me to screw up. I won’t say I was perfect, but I did manage to stay in proper position and all that. One thing I will say – Thanks to Mr. Morris, I was determined to do my best despite the “disadvantage” of being short.

I can still remember “Guide Right”… And if I really stop and think about it, I can remember the steps to a box turn (getting my feet to perform with precision – not so much there anymore).

Did I enjoy being in the high school band?? YES!!! Despite all the ups &
downs, I don’t regret a minute. There are so many awesome memories that I have carried with me over the years.

Memories: What Might Have Been

The other day I found myself listening to What Might Have Been (youtube) on the radio…..

In my naivety  I thought in terms of forever, but forever wasn’t to be for us.  As the song goes, “We have taken different roads….  We can’t go back….”  They say that life goes on, but a heart never forgets it’s first.

Do I regret any of the relatively small (in the whole scheme of life) time we had together?  No! Never!  Sure there were some unsavory moments (aren’t there in any relationship) and (of course), but there were lessons learned and memories that will stay in my heart a lifetime.

Have I ever looked back and wondered “What might have been”? Yes, once upon a time I did….  But I’ve realized over the years that it doesn’t matter because what might have been isn’t what happened and will never be…..  No, life goes on but a heart never forgets.

Random Topic Writing Challenge – Childhood Memories

Childhood memories to make me smile…..

Childhood memories to make me laugh…..

Childhood memories to make me cry…..

Childhood memories to make me angry…..

So many childhood memories…..

Tooo many count


One of my earliest memories is one where I am sitting on a floor somewhere (I’m not sure where – perhaps my mom’s studio).  I can’t see my mom’s face in the memory, but I know she’s there.  I can sense it.

Another memory of chasing my dad across a low river as he is chasing our neighbor’s cows.

The sadness of sitting in science class watching on TV as the space shuttle challenger (1980’s) blew up.  The whole class in awe (our teacher was next in line to be on that).

The embarrassment of having a teacher announce to the entire class that I had “the hots” for one of the guys in my class (and he was standing right there).

The memory of laughter of a college EMT/security  overhanding an ice-pack onto a hard floor and having it bust open.

Is that all there is?  By no means….  Too many to count to many to list in 5 minutes time……..

#DailyPrompt: Imitation is Flattery – Lady Doctors That shouldn’t Be

Today’s Daily Post Challenge (at least I think it’s today’s) is based on the “imitation is flattery” idea.

Since I just got through Laughing my Frickin Ass off Reading Jodi’s blog (Snatch Monster, Muff Mauler and Road Rage. A Rant for all Seasons!) over at JodiAmbroseBlog), I thought  I’d use her for this exercise.

{Warning: Watch out for language below – if you have sensitive ears = turn away now}


There are some Lady Doctors (and by that I’m not referring to Ladies who become doctors but doctors who specialize in the study and treatment of the parts of the lady’s anatomy down in the nether-regions) who just should NOT be allowed anywhere near those parts much less be allowed to practice medicine in that area.

I had one of these such doctors for what was either my first or second (I strongly believe it was my first) of these tortuous visits.  As if I wasn’t already a FUCKING wreck with the thought of undressing and lying naked with my legs spread wide in front of a complete stranger (I wasn’t the kind of girl who was comfortable with her body and could openly undress in the girl’s locker room – I tended to make myself as small as possible ); Not to mention the thought of having that “down-there” area physically examined for the first time, Especially considering my “innocent” state of my body at the time…

So, anyway, the doctor comes in and is instantly gruff and hurried (would you believe this “Lady Doctor” was a female).  She tells me to lie on the examining table, instructing me to put my feet into the stirrups and scoot on down (till my ass felt like it was about to fall of the FUCKING Table)  So here I am legs spread wide, Ass half off the table and she RAMS her FUCKING hand clear up to windpipe (or so it felt that way to me) effectively knocking the DAMN wind out of me.  Needless to say i about came off the table. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! This BITCH Had to be a Women Hater or something.

Somehow, I managed to survive that tortuous Exam from HELL (though how I’ll never know).  On my way past the nurses desk I hissed that I never EVER wanted to have that BITCH (I think I did manage to refrain from that particular verbage in public – though my displeasure had to have been transparent) as a doctor again.

Thankfully when I went back the next year, that particular doctor was no longer practicing at that clinic and I was blessed with a wonderfully sweet doctor who was gentle and took her time (but in such a way as to not drag on experience).