You wouldn’t think so to look at me now but there was a time when I use to be a lot more agile than I am.  I could do round-offs (though I never could get the hang of doing a true cartwheel), back bends, summesaults, and something we use to call a cherry-drop (I guess they still do) – I was able to find a fairly recent youtube video:

YouTube: Cherry-Drop
I have found myself wanting to do a round-off, at least in my mind… Probably a good thing that I never actually follow through on that – the results would be painful at best and probably leave me with some pretty drastic injuries at the worst.

I may not be as agile as I was way back when, but I have maintained at least some of my agility – a fair amount, all things considered.

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DailyPrompt – Triumph

Silly me – I thought this was the prompt for today.  Turns out it was yesterday’s prompt.  Oh well, “onward and upward” as they say. Speaking of upwards let’s get to today’s prompt – Triumph.

Triumph is completing your EMT course with an “A” and completing the certifiying exam, after being told you shouldn’t even bother taking the class cause you probably wouldn’t even get through it.

Triumph is earning you Starter Kit, becoming “active”, and maintaining active status after being told you shouldn’t start a business because you don’t want have what it takes.

Triumph is succeeding at something when others tell you it can’t be done.

Triumph is doing something others tell you you can’t do.

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#DailyPrompt: Trace


To trace a line

With out a trace 

Trace Evidence (as relating to Crime Scene Investigations)

This latter is the kind of thing that I’d find most fascinating.

I wouldn’t say I have an eye for detail, in fact I’d be more likely to say I probalby do Not, but I am fairly analytical and tend to compare and analyze things.

Getting off topic a bit –  I’ am terrible at making quick decision as I tend to analyze my options an vascilate back and forth (usually seeing both good and bad in each option (often equally).

Ok, so getting back on topic…  What is “trace evidence”?? Well, as I understand it, trace is things like human hair, gun residue, pieces of glass, basically tiny fragmants of physical evidence that help tell the story of “what happened” at a crime scene.   I’m no expert (duhhh). So I won’t try to go any further, but here’s an article you might find interesting:

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Daily Prompt: Chuckle

I’m not much of a laugher and don’t, generally, tend to find much that makes me laugh or chuckle (perhaps it is just my personality), but every once in a while I’ll see something (or something will happen) that will make me chuckle or shake my head in amusement.

As bad as it may sound often time, often times it is the stupid things that people do that make me not so much chuckle or laugh but shake my head in amusement wondering what in the world they’re thinking (or if they are in the first place).

Daily Prompt:  Hesitate

Today’s Prompt from DailyPost is Hesitate.

How often do we hesitate before trying something new, before taking the plunge into a new adventure.  How often do we hesitate afraid to take the leap without a parachute or a safety net.  As I once heard on a Million Dollar Message, sometimes you just have to take that leap without a parachute, without a visible safety net, and trust that you aren’t alone that there is a safety net you just can’t see, that there are people to catch you.  Easy to say? – Yes…  Easy to do? – Well that’s another story.