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Daily Prompt:  Hesitate

Today’s Prompt from DailyPost is Hesitate.

How often do we hesitate before trying something new, before taking the plunge into a new adventure.  How often do we hesitate afraid to take the leap without a parachute or a safety net.  As I once heard on a Million Dollar Message, sometimes you just have to take that leap without a parachute, without a visible safety net, and trust that you aren’t alone that there is a safety net you just can’t see, that there are people to catch you.  Easy to say? – Yes…  Easy to do? – Well that’s another story.

Daily Post:  Lukewarm

Few things are yuckier than lukewarm coffee…  I’d rather have my coffe hot (or at least very warm) or iced (or at least very cold), but lukewarm coffee that’s been sitting around for hours – Icckkk.

I find water to be the same for me. I’ll drink room temperature water but really much rather it be either on the hotter or colder side of lukewarm.

What are your thoughts on lukewarm drinks? Food? — On lukewarm anything?

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DailyPrompt: Protest

Hmmm… Well I thought I had posted this the other day – the day in question for the daily prompt – “Protest”…

 You want to protest?!? Fine… That’s your right to do so! Breaking things, threatening lives, stealing — That’s not protesting, that’s rioting.   And I fail to see how that solves anything. 

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