Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Here’s this week’s Photo Challenge from the DailyPost: Rise/Set

This particular day (the day these were taken), I was able to capture both the sunrise and the sunset. Both were gorgeous – just wish I had a better view of the sunrise (it was blocked by trees and houses).

Daily Post Photo Challenge – “I’d Rather Be”….

One thing I really enjoy doing is taking photographs of Emergency Vehicles and Public Safety events. These are a few pictures I’ve taken of those kinds of things.

LOL – that’s not me. It’s actually another guy that was taking pictures at an event I was attending.

This was another photo I took from that same event.

Night time shot of one of the Fire Engines from Fort Worth Fire Department (my thanks to Dave Lackey(?) who helped me get this shot.

I took this during a recent ridealong

Moments like these are always neat.

Besides taking photos, I also enjoy learning about fire/ems & law enforcement and observing them as they do what they do…. Too bad a career in either isn’t really viable option for me.

DailyPost Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be

Daily Post:  Lukewarm

Few things are yuckier than lukewarm coffee…  I’d rather have my coffe hot (or at least very warm) or iced (or at least very cold), but lukewarm coffee that’s been sitting around for hours – Icckkk.

I find water to be the same for me. I’ll drink room temperature water but really much rather it be either on the hotter or colder side of lukewarm.

What are your thoughts on lukewarm drinks? Food? — On lukewarm anything?

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Daily Promt: Fragile

Daily Prompt: Fragile
Life is a fragile thing.  The lord giveth and he taketh away.  

We have but only one requirement in life – that which must be done, that of which we have no control.  The fact that we will all die some day.  We can decide whether or not to pay taxes  (mind you, you bear the consequences) but the fact that we will one day die is a non-negotiable fact.
Our very livelihood is a fragile thing as well.  In a second, an instant our lives can drastically change forever. A career lost or ended, an ability or dream lost.

Life is but a fragile thing