Collaboration Story Part 3 – What just happened?

We’re back with another Collaboration Challenge Story.  This time the participants are:

Carrie Sorenson at Chasing Revery

LeAnn Sypes at Writing and Ruminations

Leonard Suskin at Confessions of a Pixel and Ink-Stained Wretch

Nicole Pyles at The World of My Imagination

and Myself

Before you read my submission be sure and read Part One:  Shedding Light  and Part Two: Black Hollow


Energy streamed between Morgan and her father before Zack could get the warning past his lips.  He watched in horror as Morgan turned her father into a snake (thankfully it was only a garden variety – Garter Snake), but not before he had turned Morgan into a child.

Thinking quickly, Zack grabbed the snake – Morgan’s father – up, keeping a firm hold on the slithery creature who was flipping it’s tail and hissing angrily.  Thankfully, Zack had caught many Garter Snakes as a child growing up and had lots of practice holding on to them.  Morgan, who had been standing their wide-eyed, now started screaming.  Keeping a firm hold with the snake with one hand, Zack grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth to cover her screams, being careful not to suffocate her.

“Be quiet,” he hissed softly, “You keep screaming the neighbors gonna call the cops”.

“Wwwhat are you doing here?  What am I doing here?  Why are you holding that snake”

“You mean you don’t remember what happened?” Zack inquired.  Morgan shook her head.

“Ohhh boy,” thought Zack, “This isn’t gonna be good” Apparently, in the process of being made a child, Morgan had lost all her memories of anything that happened after the age that she had just been reverted to.  Meaning……..  she had no idea of her powers or the old  lady at Black Hollow or even where the journal or map might be.

“I’ll try to explain later,” Zack promise, though he had no idea how he would do, “But right now I need a container”

“Why don’t you just let it go?” Morgan asked

“Not a good idea.”  “Why”  “Just trust me please and get me a container.”

Morgan blinked a couple of times then ran off to the kitchen, Zack right behind her.  She handed him a large Tupperware container – It would have to do.  Quickly depositing the snake into the container, Zack used a knife that he had spotted on the counter top to make some air holes in the lid.  No sense in having the snake die on them (even if he was alcoholic jerk).

“You got any string or rope”  Zack asked.  Morgan ran off, returning a couple minutes later with a piece of thin rope.  Zack used this to make sure that the lid was secured to the rest of the container.

“We need to find that map and directions” Zack said after he was done.

Morgan stared at him in confusion  “What map? What directions”

“Ohhh Crap”  Zack thought to himself.  He had forgotten that Morgan would know nothing about the journal she had told him about earlier.  But they had to find that journal and find the map to find the mysterious lady from Black Hollow.Then Zack remembered Morgan mentioning, earlier, that she had hidden the journal under her bed.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Zack asked Morgan, hoping that she had lived in this house at the time that she was the age she appeared to be now.

Morgan regarded the older boy/man standing in her kitchen with caution.  Who was he?  Why was he here? And, most importantly, why was asking about her room?  She still couldn’t figure what had happened, but for some reason she didn’t understand Morgan trusted him. “Morgan…..  your bedroom.  The boy asked again.  How’d he know her name?

“Wwwwho are you?” Morgan asked in a tiny child-like voice.  “Zack” came the response.  “I need to know where your room is.  There’s something in their that I…. we…. need to get”  “What’s that?” Morgan asked still not moving.  “A journal” Zack replied.  “A journal?” Morgan asked in disbelief, “I don’t have a journal”

“You have one or at least you…..”  Zack stopped mid-sentence.  He couldn’t very well insist on a journal that she didn’t even know she had written…..  “Just trust me on this….. please.  Morgan regarded him for several moments before disappearing out of the kitchen.  Zack, assuming that he was to follow her, did so.  Morgan was heading up a staircase when he caught up to her.  At the top of the stairs she stopped and waited, then turned to the right and went to the last door on the right.

Unlike the persona she portrayed at school of a tough girl, a persona that Zack had never quite believed was really her, Morgan’s room was a “girlie girl” room.  The walls were pink with butterfly appliques covering it.  Morgan was standing in the doorway staring into her room uncertainly.  “I…  this can’t be my room” she was saying.  “My room has Tinkerbell wall paper on it”.

Zack managed to stop Morgan before she backed out of the bedroom.  Her eyes widening with fright and no wonder thought Zack.   She was standing in a bedroom that she didn’t recognize with a boy she also didn’t recognize….  And he had just grabbed a hold of her arm to stop her from running away.  Zack released Morgan’s arm  letting out a sigh….  This  wasn’t going to be easy.

“Just let me check something real quick” Without waiting for her response, Zack went over to her bed with the butterfly bedspread on it and knelt down on the floor and looked under the bed.   There it was, the journal Morgan had mentioned earlier.


Join us next weekend at Confessions of a Pixel and Ink-Stained Wretch  where Leonard Suskin will continue with Part 4 of our Collaboration Challenge story and Nicole finishes it up, the following weekend,  at The World of My Imagination

The Truth – Collaboration Challenge Part 7

Well, here we are just four stories away from the end of our Collaboration Challenge Story (including mine – below). There are a total of 5 of us (including myself) each writing 2 different weeks (non-consecutively) and No one knows what happens next – Not until the next part of the story is posted on Thursday.

It is, once again, my turn to write and I have found this part a lot more challenging to write than I did part part four.

Before you read my part, however, you’ll want to read through the earlier 6 parts:

Part One:  Two Doors by Carrie Sorensen of Chasing Revery

Part Two:  Shall I Turn on The Lights by Nicole Pyles of The World of My Imagination

Part Three:  The Estate by Landa Lane of Where’s Landa-Loo

Part Four:  You’ll Know It When You See It  by Just Little Ole Me right here

Part Five:  Message, Hold The Bottle by Leonard Suskin of Confessions of a Pixel and Ink Stained Wretch

Part Six:  The Secret Letter by Landa Lane of Where’s Landa-Loo

And Now……….   Part Seven:



Tyler watched with sadness as Naomi (or rather Gnat) disappeared, with Freddy, out into the alleyway.  He hated that he hadn’t yet been able to tell her the truth; That it wasn’t he who had discovered the key to time travel but rather Gnat – no Naomi (she would always be Naomi to him) – herself who had first discovered it.  He had hoped to be able to find the right time to tell her the truth, but that moment never came and he didn’t dare take any risks.  Not with his life and certainly not with hers.

Just sending Freddy back in time alone to bring Naomi to his current time period had been risky enough, but he had been unable to make the journey himself and it had been the only way he could think of to make sure she came across the notebook that she had apparently hidden at some point along the way.  He had no idea what was hidden on the glued together pages, only that it was important somehow and that only Naomi would be able to understand any of it.  It was apparent that she did not remember having traveled through time before.  He could only hope that the contents of the notebook made sense to her.

The thought that he was sending Naomi out alone with Freddy, the man he had (at one time) trusted so much, made his stomach knot up, but he had little choice not if he didn’t want to raise suspicion.  As long as Freddy believed  that it was Tyler  who had discover the key to time travel, and as long as he didn’t suspect that Tyler no longer trusted him, Naomi should be safe.  He could only hope that Naomi somehow, figured out the truth for herself before it was too late.

Feeling even weaker, Tyler sank back into the pillows and closed his eyes.  He knew he needed to reserve his strength for when Naomi returned…  And he had every confidence that she would return.  She was both intelligent and resourceful.  Besides, he had complete and absolute faith in her.  He just hoped that it wasn’t already too late and that he could hold on until she returned.  He could already feel himself growing weaker and weaker


As Gnat followed Freddy into the Alley, she thought back to the letter  that she had apparently written to herself.  According to the letter her future self had written, she would have had to have been in her early 50’s.  at the time.  Except that now that she was nearly 70 years in the future that would be her past self wouldn’t it?  The whole thing was incredibly confusing.  To her knowledge, Gnat had only been in her mid to late twenties when Freddy had found her living on the streets and she was pretty sure she had never time traveled before, except that she had.  But then if she had why didn’t she remember doing so?  Surely something has momentous as time travel would be a memorable experience, especially if she had been the one to discover the secret to it

Struggling to keep up with Freddy, who was now hurrying along the Alley-way, Gnat continued to wonder about the things she had written in the letter to herself what had been meant by the comment in the letter about “Humans not being able to resist temptation….”  Why would she write such a statement when she was so obviously human herself – wasn’t she? Gnat chose not to dwell on that question for the time being.  There was another more pressing question – Why would Tyler act as if it were he that had found the key to time travel?  Why hadn’t he told her the truth?  What was he hiding and why?  And most importantly just exactly who was Freddy and why had she warned herself not to trust him.

As she mulled these things over in her mind, her fingers played with the inside pocket of the black shawl she was wearing, finding a small hole their.  To her surprise the hole was big enough to slip her fingers through.  Hidden in the hole was a small piece of paper folded into a small tight wad stuffed into the lining.  When Freddy stopped for a moment, Gnat slipped the piece of paper out of the pocket, and carefully unfolded it

My Dearest Naomi” It began.  “I write this for your eyes only”

Gnat looked around to be sure no one was nearby then went back to reading.  This letter was written in a hand she didn’t recognize.

I am taking a great risk in hiding this note here like this.  I can only hope that  Freddy does not realizes it is in here.  If you are reading this note, then it means you have come across the piece of paper I hid and that (hopefully) Freddy has not found it.  I purposely folded it in a complicated pattern that can not easily be reproduced.  If, when you open this letter, it is not folded along it’s original lines it means that somehow someone has accessed the letter and attempted to refold it and you must be DOUBLY CAREFUL!!

Gnat looked carefully at the paper to see if she could determine any attempts at a refold, but every line was right where it should be.  She read on..

If you found the notebook that matches the one you carry in your pocket then it is possible that you already know the truth – that it was not I who discovered they key to time travel, but you.  I know of the notebook only because I came across it once during one of my travels through time trying to locate you, but I do not know of the contents in the notebook.  I put the notebook back knowing that if you found it you would be able to figure out what it meant and what to do.  I can only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for acting as if was I who discovered the key and for taking all the credit, but I did this for you.  You see, as long as Freddy believes I am the one who discovered the key to time travel you will be safe.

If, when you read this note, Freddy is anywhere nearby you must make absolutely sure that he does not see this.  Whatever you do, Naomi, DO NOT say anything to Freddy about this or let on that you are aware of the truth.  Your life depends on your acting as if you know nothing more than what you have learned since Freddy found you on the streets and brought you to me this last time.”

“I will be waiting for you my dear Naomi.  Whatever happens no one thing.  I love with you everything that I am.  You are my heart and my soul my very reason for breathing.”

Love Always,

Tyler Ross

Gnat folded the piece of paper back up and carefully slipped it back into the hole in the pocket of the shawl she wore.  If anything she was even more confused.  Why would Tyler insist that she go alone with Freddy if he suspected him?  Tyler had told her to go with Freddy to find the women who had stolen the secret to time travel and get it back.  Was Tyler in cahoots with Freddy somehow? Was she mistaken in her love and trust for him?  Gnat’s instincts told her that she was not wrong in her trust of Tyler and she had learned over the years that her instincts were always correct.  Besides, apparently her future, or past (or whatever it was) self trusted him.  There had to be something more going on.  Some reason that Tyler had sent her with Freddy like this, knowing that he wasn’t to be trusted.  There, also had to be a reason that she had no recollection of anything to do with time travel in the past.

“Miss Naomi, We will be heading to the coordinates that Tyler gave me very shortly.  It should only take us a moment to arrive”  This time, when they entered through another doorway, Naomi knew what to expect and was ready for it.  She was careful to keep her every sense open and aware for any sign of danger making sure to keep a careful, and yet seemingly unassuming, eye on Freddy.  They walked a short distance, coming to another doorway.  This time, Freddy rapped on the door three time and waited.

“who is it?”  a voice rang out.

“gobbledy Goop and Snippity Snip” Freddy replied

A moment later the door opened  and they were led down another long dark passage to a darkened room.  Every hair on Gnats body stood up.  She didn’t like this, not one single bit.  She had to find a way out of here without raisins suspicion and somehow find the portal that would lead back to her own time.

Living up to her name, Gnat kept herself small and quiet waiting silently to see what happened next, waiting for an opportunity to get away


Stay tuned as Leonard Suskin takes on week 8, followed by Carrie Sorensen on Week 9, and last but by no means least Nicole Pyles finishing up the story on week 10.  I can’t wait to see what happens next and to find out how our lovely Collaboration Challenge Story ends.

“You’ll Know It When You See It” A Collaboration Challenge Story

I’m joining Carrie Sorensen from Chasing Revery, Nicole Pyles from The World of My imagination, Yolanda Lane from Where’s Landa, and Leonard Suskin from Confessions of a Pixel and ink-stained wretch in writing this Collaboraton Challenge Story.  I’ve never done anything like this before and I hope that my story does a good job of continuing the story started by Carrie, Nicole, and Yolanda.  Before reading my part Find out what’s been going on so far:

Part One:  Two Doors by Carrie

Part Two: Shall I Turn On the Lights by Nicole

Part Three: The Estate

And Now Part Four:

“You’ll Know It When You See It”

Gnat’s mind was still swirling from the “ride” in the transporter, and now she found herself staring up at a large building that seemed strangely familiar.  She found herself gripping Tyler’s arm tightly.  He rested his free hand on hers steadying her.  Faded memories filled the recesses of her mind, but try as she might Gnat just couldn’t seem to get any of them to stick long enough to make sense of them.  She only knew that there was something dark and sinister about the building that loomed before her.

Tyler gently tugged on Gnat’s arm.  “We must hurry!” he exclaimed, urging her forward.  Gnat tried to dig her heels into the ground in protest, but she couldn’t get a foothold and her attempts ended up being futile.  “I can’t do this.” she cried, “I can’t go in there”

Years on the streets had taught Gnat not to be afraid of much.  She had survived numerous fights, including several knife fights, and even a rape/beating.  But she was afraid now – a deeply embedded, unexplainable fear that she still couldn’t put her finger on and that disturbed her further.  Gnat wasn’t use to being afraid, being afraid on the streets could get you killed.  Fear was something to be staunched, but now at it ate at her  nearly paralyzing her with panic making it difficult to breath.

Every muscle in her body screamed for her to run, but Tyler’s hand had tightened around her arm preventing her from doing so.  For a man who appeared to be in his 80’s his grip was surprisingly strong.  He bent his head to her ear whispering softly, soothingly, ” You can do this!” He assured her, “You must do it.  Your the only one who can”

“But I have no idea what I’m even looking for” Gnat protested.  “You’ll know” Tyler replied, “You’ll know when you see it.”

Gnat looked again at the large building before her  The fear was still there, but not as overwhelming as before.  Tyler was right she could do this.  Again Tyler’s voice whispered in her ear, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” he said it as a promise.  “Don’t let the physical appearance of my age fool you”

Tyler meant what he had said with every fiber of his being.  He would not let anything happen to her.  Many years ago when he had been little more than a child himself, Gnat’s home had burned and she had lost her whole family overnight.  He had begged his parents to take her in, worrying about what would happen to her if she were put in foster care.  But they had refused to listen, the ongoing family feud between his family and hers being the biggest reason.  They stubbornly refused to listen to reason, refused to help a young girl who now had nothing.  No home. No family.

Tyler waited as patiently as he could, but he knew time was running short.  He needed Gnat to find the item that would help locate the person who had stolen his key to time travel.  He needed to get that key back so he could continue his research, continue to find away to make time travel work properly.  Only then could he return to his proper time .

Taking a deep breath, Gnat gathered together her courage, courage that had served her well over the years, and followed Tyler and Freddy (who had been standing silently nearby) towards the building.

Inside, the building appeared even larger that it had appeared from the outside and more daunting.   Gnat had no idea where to even begin looking and she still had no idea what she was looking for.  And there was still the question of why Tyler had gone through the trouble of buying this estate – Gnat could only assume that “this” was the estate that he and Mrs. Chan had been talking about earlier in the conversation she had overheard.

Tyler spoke just two words, “Lights on”  Instantly the front hallway (or atleast that’s where Gnat assumed they were) lit up.  The space inside the large building seemed endless.  To her left was a staircase that seemed to go nowhere in particular.  Directly ahead of her and slightly to the right Gnat saw what appeared to be an elevator.

Gnat walked over to the elevator and stared at  the wall looking for a way to “call” the elevator, but she saw nothing.  While she was staring at it Tyler simply said “elevator”.  Instantly the doors opened and he ushered her inside.  Like the outside, there were no buttons in which to indicate what floor she wanted.   Tyler looked to Gnat, waiting for her to say where she wanted to go.  “Top floor” she said a bit nervously.  Suddenly the doors closed and she felt the same rush she had in the transporter earlier,  her stomach feeling as if it was going to drop out as the elevator lurched upward.

A second later the doors opened again and they were on the top floor.  Gnat stepped out of the elevator with Tyler (and of course Freddy) directly behind her.  Gnat made  her way towards the door she saw at one end of the long hallway, figuring it was as good as place as any to start.

She had no idea how many rooms she had searched through trying to find whatever it was that Tyler had said she needed to find.  Still having no idea what she was looking for.  Neither Tyler nor Freddy seemed to be able to give her any clues except that she would “know when she found it”.   Gnat searched the room she was in carefully, but didn’t find anything. She was just about to abandon the room to search another when something caught her

I wonder where Leonard will take us next and just what is this “thing” that caught Gnats eye??  Stay tuned as we continue the collaboration story – none of us knowing what the next person will come up with until it’s reveal each Thursday.