#WeekendCoffeeShare – Just Be a Second While I Fix Coffee

Would you believe it?!?  I made coffee only to realize I forgot the most important aspect – The actual coffee…  So it’ll be just a moment while I make more.  Same thing happened to me just the other day, made coffee but forgot to put the actual coffee in.

OK I’m back with coffee, actual coffee this time – LOL. Mmmmm, gooood, come join me for a cup.  There’s also tea (Ginger Peach, Morrocan Mint, and a couple other flavors) if you prefer, but we’ll need to boil up some water for you.

So how was everyone’s weekend?  Hope it was a good one.   We are in the middle of Pesach and I wish all who  are  celebrating a very Happy Pesach….  And to those who celebrate Easter, a very Happy Easter.

We went to a formal seder at the congregation we go to (or try to go to) and then we had another informal one at our house, with family.

I had promised, well not so much promised but said, that I was going to see about writing up something about the ridealong I had gone on with the local police.  I haven’t really had a chance to formulate anything and to be honest there wasn’t much to write about being that it was on a Sunday night so most everyone was home asleep or at least behaving themselves.  I also want to be careful what and how I write so as to not break any agreements to uphold privacy, etc and so forth.  The last ride I went on was a lot of easier to write on as more had happened and I was able to put together a generic look at the evening without giving anything away – You can read that here if you wish:  A Tale of Two Stupids (and no one of those is definitely NOT referring to the police but two stupid (or at least head-shaking) things I saw that day.  I promise I’ll get something up on the more recent ridealong coming up shortly.  It will be over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog plus you’ll want to stay tuned over there as there may also be something written up regarding another Fire Department ridealong – this will depend on what happens and what I learn (again I have to be careful as to uphold privacy and to be sure I am being accurate in my information).

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted each week by Nerd In The Brain

I’m about to make myself up another cup of coffee (hopefully this time I remember to add the coffee 😝).  See you all again next week.  In the mean time, have a wonderful, blessed, and safe week.                                

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday March 26, 2017

Good News is it looks like I was finally able to follow our host Nerd In The Brain so now I can easily get to the coffee share to link to it.  The bad news -I’ve been sick the past couple days.  I’ll have to ask that you bring your own coffee and stay a safe distance.  I’ve been told that this particular cold bug is nasty, well maybe not nasty buy a bad cold but it’s a short one.  I’m hoping so but then even with the so called “short ones” I end up with it going into my throat & chest and end up with a nearly non-stop cough that lasts a good couple weeks before subsiding…  Sometimes I think the cough is worse than the cold because nothing seems to really help it (except maybe the benzonatate my doctor has prescribed for my asthma).

That all aside, what all have I been up to??  Well, as you know from last week, I had a facebook party which went reasonably well.  In order to stay active in my Mary Kay business, I have to reach a certain production point every so many months.  Well between this party (which got me roughly half of what I need) and another one I believe it was earlier in the month (or maybe end of last month) I should be good to go -not that that means I get to quit working.

We got our bookshelves up this last week and got doors on one of the cabinets (there’s one more set of doors to go on one more cabinet).  About the time we were going to start getting books one shelves, was when I started getting sick so that hasn’t gotten done yet.

I’ve been trying to follow some more challenges and prompts (or at least blogs that have those) so I can have a bit more fodder for my blogs.  I’m hoping that by having more prompts & challenges I’ll be able to do more with Taini Writes.  Of course that doesn’t do anything to help with me actually sitting down to blog there.   I’m now doing my  Tuesday Chatter (note: this is the one from last week) and Weekly Smile posts over on the family blog Life Happens at The Carrs.  My final blog is Public Safety Tidbits.  To be honest it’s not the kind of blog where writing/blog prompts & challenges really help much.  It is a blog dedicated to Public Safety type stuff be it Fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Police or other Public Safety related things.  I post on there whenever there is something for me to blog about but since it’s not like I am actually in the field of Public Safety myself there isn’t as much done on there -still if you get a chance, and have an interest in Public Safety related stuff, I hope you’ll check it out.

Well that’s about all I’ve got and my coffee is drunk.   Going to make my second cup in a bit, as soon as I take care of a little business I forgot last night (being all loopy from being sick), then on to check my e-mails, some social media platforms, and maybe read a few blogs.

Hope you all have a super week.  See you next week.  I should be better by then and can actually offer you coffee.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday March 19, 2017

*Update:  Just fixed a link below (This Week’s Coffee Chat) – which was going to the main page and not actually to this week’s coffee share.*

Meant to do this while drinking my first cup of coffee but then I got busy posting to a facebook party and messaging back and forth with the hostess for the party. Now I’m on to my second cup, which is about done, and able to take a moment to chat – Come join me, I’d love to meet you and say Hi….  I think the coffee is about done so let me grab us some…..

If we were having coffee, Meekah would be joining us as well, in her favorite spot on the office chair that is sitting next to my big white comfy chair…  Hopefully you’re not allergic to cats (she is part Maine Coone and has pretty long hair).

If we were having coffee, I’d share my excitement at doing another facebook party (they are so much fun) and tell you that the rest of March into the begining/middle of April is lining up to be a bit busy….  I’d tell you that I just spilled some coffee on my screen (ooops).  Okay got it cleaned up….

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m also excited about doing another batch of ride-alongs (LOL sounds like I’m baking cookies or something – which, btw, I do do for soldiers angels and local fire & police departments), but then you might could have guessed.  I should be hearing back about one ride-along sometime this week.  Another one I am waiting to hear something back regarding the email I sent to the person responsible for scheduling such…  Still another I’ll need to go to the station (or rather sub-station) and get paperwork to put in request.

If we were having coffee, I’d (hopefully) realize I’m talking your ear off, and stop and ask how things are going for you and what you’re up to.  I’d also tell you to go to Nerd in the Brain and check out this week’s Coffee Share posts.  I would also give a nod to Part-Time Monster who originated the Weekend Coffee Share. 

Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you all next week for more coffee.

#TuesdayChatter – March 14, 2017

Family Tuesday Chatter Coffee Chat. Join me over at the family blog (Life Happens….) for Tuesday Chatter

Life Happens at the Carrs

Good Morning to everyone. Well if you’re insane enough to be up at this hour (or maybe it’s a product of necessity – work, kids, etc). I’ve got some coffee on hand. Goodness knows I need it this morning, not so much for the caffeine kick – coffee never really does that for me – but for the slow wakingness (ok so I made that word up) it gives me. Last night was not the most restful for me. Don’t think I slept more than maybe a couple hours at a time. I kept waking up needing to flip sides as achiness seeped into my sleep waking me enough to notice the discomfort. Hopefully your rest last night was more restful than mine was.

So what’s Happening with the family?? Well, it is warming up around here – warming up considerably (we hit something like 90 yesterday).

Can’t recall if…

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: March 12, 2017

Hello there.  Come join me.  I’m about to do my post for the  Weekend Coffee Share.

It’s been a pretty “business-as-usual” week…  My son goes to school a couple days a week (the rest of his schooling is done through an online course), takes Martial Arts twice a week, attends an autism group meeting once a week as well as scouts once a week.   Hubby has been working with another railroad buddy on some model railroad related stuff.  He’s been mainly working on the website for the guy.  Nothing in stone yet, but Hubby’s eye doctor is looking at doing cataract surgery.  I think we are pretty much just waiting to get it scheduled at this point.

Me,  I think I’m suppose to be the glue that holds everything together (except that the glue is failing and doing a terrible job at holding things together) – Errands to do? Appointments to go to?  Places to be?  Cue mom to do the running around.    Let’s add trying to work a business on top of that.  Ohh and household chores – some of which should be able to be done by others (like say the 15 year old son) but somehow end up on mom’s list of things to do….  AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!  Okay, I feel somewhat better now (sorry about your ears there, I should of warned you of the scream coming).

There are a couple of things coming up that I’m excited about….

It looks as if I will be brought on board with the local police department to be a volunteer and helping out with events & community relations.  Basically waiting for some final details to be taken care of and worked out.

Speaking of police department,  I’ll soon be eligible to do another ride-along with two of the local agencies.  I was speaking to someone from one of those agencies who was saying that when I’m ready to do another (and eligible according to time restrictions) he should be able to look up who I rode with last time if I wish to ride with him again.   I may write about the experience on my Public Safety Tidbits blog (mind you I won’t be able to write any details so much of it will either be very generic or thoughts & opinions).   

I’m also in the process of getting updated paperwork in for another ride-along with the Fire Department and when I say process I mean just that.  I’ve made several attemtps to email a filled-out version of a form sent to me with no success.  Neither myself nor the person on the other end can understand why the form isn’t going through properly (it’s always either blank or not there).  At this point I’ve decided to print the form, fill it out, and take it in to the admin building.  The scheduling of said ride-along and the ride-along itself should be a piece of cake compare to this computer fiasco.  I’ll probaby write   a littlle bit about this experience as well (again on my Public Safety Tidbits blog, following the same guidelines mentioned above in regards to the police ride-along.  Paramount in my doing any kind of write up for these ride-alongs is number one accuracy (to the best of my knowledge) and, of course, confidentiality to all concerned.  So if you’re looking for me to write details on what happens – Not Happenning.

The last ride-alongs I’ve done with each agency have been educational & fun (not in the ha ha, laughter fun & games kind of way) but fun in a learning new things and gaining insight kind of way.

At the risk of making this coffee chat longer and longer, I was asked if I was taking a course or if I was interested in pursuing a career in Public Safety…  Class – No, but I wish I could.  I’d love to get my EMT-I ( I believe the EMT-B would be the equivalent now) back.  Career – I doubt very much I’m cut out (not at my age, physical abilities, etc to be a Police Officer or Firefighter.  Even working ambo on a daily basis would probably prove difficult.  If there was, however, something I could do (or learn to do) where I could be useful and beneficial then Yeah, I’d like to do something in Public Safety.   But then most Public Safety careers out there that I’d be physically able to do generally require that you’ve worked in the field a set or pre-determined number of years before trying for those positions…   At the very least, it would require that I go back to school and for me there’s the question of money and time (in that order) and then the biggy – What classes would I take? What would my area of study be…. 

Ok, so I’m going to quit there because if you are at all still around, it’s probably only because I’ve bored you to the point where you’ve fallen asleep at which point you really aren’t here anymore (not mentally anyway).

I hope you all have a wonderful & splendid week.  Make it a great one, and be safe out there.  We’ll see you all for the Weekend Coffee Share next Sunday.