I tell myself…..

I tell myself I’m over them…..

The lost loves of my life.

I tell myself I don’t care…..

About the fighting and the arguing.

I tell myself it doesn’t matter….

That love is a meaningless emotion anyway.

but they’re all lies

Each love remembered………

In the recesses of my mind

Each fight and argument……

Tearing me further and further apart.

Feeling more and more like love is nothing but a shattered dream.

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Need for proper and timely communications in today’s world.

Way back in those “Olden Times” communication was limited to personal visits or letters, which could take weeks and months to get from one point to another (and that was just one way). Then came the invent of telephones which speeded up the process, but you were still at the mercy of the person being at the phone in order to reach them quickly (otherwise you could only leave a message and wait for them to get back to you). Later, in the 1980’s(?), Internet became widely used by the main stream population and you now had eMail as another tool for reaching people. In addition to that was the usage of cell phones in the late 70’s(?). Now, we not only have the mail service, telephones, and cell phones that we’ve had all along – We, also, have a variety of Social Media sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedN, etc)

With all this available to us it seems that we still have a problem with the basics of communication. There seems to be a pendulum swing when it comes to how we communicate with each other. On the one hand, there is the problem of expecting that, just because we have all these ways to communicate with each other, a person should always be available to communicate at a split seconds notice at any given time (day or night). Now a days it is unacceptable for people to not respond (instantly) to a summons (call, message,or otherwise). On the other hand, there is also the problem with not taking the time to effectively communicate when someone is trying contact you. While instant return of communication should not be expected, it is common courtesy to respond as soon as you can; Or, in cases where you come across a lost message later, respond as soon as soon as you realize you’ve missed a message.

Proper and timely response to messages (or calls) is necessary for good communication. When it comes to businesses that proper and timely response is critical.

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No Title to story yet

Right now I am just jotting down ideas as they come to me for a story that I am starting to work on.  It will be a long work in progress….  I would appreciate feedback.  Please keep in mind that the story will not be posted in sequential order  as the pieces to the story may come to me out of order.


Heroine (haven’t named yet)  swerves to avoid a collision with a car that cuts her off on the freeway causing her to loose control of her vehicle.  Luckily the hero – under cover officer – is behind her and stops to provide aid.  As the hero and heroine are assessing the damage of the heroine’s car another vehicle nearly runs them over.  Hero pushes the heroine out of the way in the nick of time.

The under cover officer tries to determine if the circumstances are truly accidental or if the near accidents are deliberate in nature.   As the story unfolds, it comes to light that the heroine’s ex-husband/ex-boyfriend (haven’t decided which yet) is very likely responsible for the heroine being cut off on the freeway as well as the near run in following.  And he isn’t done yet.

Can our hero find out exactly what is going on and can he keep the heroine out of danger?

Sorry it is not a very well written summary.  I tend to be better at the stories themselves once I start writing…

A young man’s pride of working on his own car

I remember, when I was a kid,  how one of the high point in a young man’s life was getting his first (very own) car.  Whether it was one he bought with hard earned money that he had saved OR one that his parents helped him to buy (with the agreement that he’d pay them back and/or pay  for his own insurance & gas).  Often times once said car was obtained it was coaxed into home into the garage where  the young man would spend hours afterschool and on weekends fixing the car up so it would run smoothly (and then decking it out).  By the time the young mad got the car running  he knew every ince of that car and how it worked and what to do if something broke on it.  He could repair pretty much anything himself if need be (or at least repair enought to get safely home or to a shop.  Even young ladies were taught at least a thing or two about cars – How to check the levels of (and add) oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid; How to fix – things like that.

Gone are the days when you could work on cars like that.  Seems that these days you practically need a degree in Mechanics, Computer Science, and a few others just to do anything  on your own vehicle.  With all the computerized technology going into cars now, it seems the only thing that can be done when something isn’t working on the car is to take it in to a shop to be diagnosed and fixed (often times at outlandish prices).  Gone are the days when father and son would spend time together working on the car – the son learning from the experience and wisdom of his father.

As technology in cars progresses, it will become more and more likely that the young men of future generations will loose out on the pride of knowing they put hard work (sweat & tears) into making the car run and the pride in knowing that just about anything that could go wrong with the car was something they could handle pretty much (if not completely) by themselves.

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