Teasing is a way of life

As a child growing up  I was often teased and didn’t really have many friends to speak of.  I wasn’t all that popular though  I got a long with most people well (at least I think I did)….  Now I’m hearing about how we should raise our son so he’s not different  in anyway  so that he fits in and won’t get teased.  Hmmmmm  you know what….  I was teased  and I survived it and it many ways came out a stronger person.  I learned to not be worried about whether I fit in with a certain crowd or not.  I learned to not worry about whether or not I wore the latest styles.  Not saying that teasing is nice and should be condoned, but it is a natural part of childhood (for some more than others).

Now bullying and outright meanness  that is a whole other story.  Thankfully I was never actually bullied.  Yes I was teased a lot but never recall actually being bullied or anyone being deliberately mean.

Why must we pretend?

We live in a world that I just don’t understand.  Where being depressed or hyperactive (ADHD) is something that must be fixed with medication.  Where be outspoken  is a bad thing (unless you agree with the other person).  Where being different is unacceptable and being like everyone else to be accepted is the norm.  Why do we have to cover up our failures with  acts of being perfect.  Why do we have to pretend like we love when we hate?  Why do we have to act like everything is ok when we feel like we’re falling apart?  Why do we have to act like we are strong when we are feeling weak?  Why do we have to feel bad about feeling bad about how our own lives are going because  “there’s always people worse off”?  Why is it wrong to have a bad day  and want to be left alone  to cry and not have people assume you are an anti-social person with problems?

I’m not saying we all have to go around accepting and loving everyone individually  and that having strong opinions and beliefs are wrong, but why can’t we be who and what we are  and go around pretending

The Sacrifice of Soldiers and their families

It is so easy to forget the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  Since the dawn of time there has been wars and people have died and the soldiers go into war for the most part knowing that they may have to sacrifice their lives, knowing that every moment could be their last on earth.  They leave their families knowing that they might not return home.   Their families watch with tear filled eyes  not knowing if that is the last time they will see their loved one.  And when a soldier dies it is their families that are left behind to pick up the pieces and go on with life.  Yes for awhile  we may assert how he or she was a hero and so on, but then when all that is said and done  we go on with our lives as if nothing has happened, but what of the family of that soldier that died?  They still have to go on with their life knowing that there loved one is gone never to return, knowing that there kids will never again see there mother or father (perhaps they never even knew them).  Kids old of enough to know  have to deal with the knowledge that mom or dad is gone forever.  There only comfort is that they died a hero.

Let us not forget those that have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  May they never be forgotten.  Let us not forget the families they leave behind.  May the G-d watch over and protect them.  When we exercise our freedoms let us remember those that died that we may have them.  Let us not be non-challant about our freedoms.  Remember many people have died and many more will that we may have them.  Let us be ever thankful.

G-d Bless the soldiers

Why do I like writing…..

When I write I can formulate my thoughts and my ideas more carefully.  I can  delete and rewrite and redo before sending it on….  writing gives me a chance to think things through.  As I write I can look back at what I’m writing and decide that perhaps I should leave this or that out.  Except for those rare occasions where G-d is giving me the words to say  I often find myself saying the wrong things and embarrassing myself or making people angry.  I’m like a bimbo whenever I open my mouth  and I’m sure to be misunderstood cause I didn’t clarify what I was saying carefully enough (and in our rush rush gotta get there yesterday world how do we do that?)  But in writing  I can use all the words necessary to get my thought and ideas across.


Writing also gives a chance for a little what if in our lives (as long as we don’t expect fictional writing to be reality  and keep it in perspective).  We can have things be different (at least on paper) than they actually turned out.


Do I have a gift of writing and words?  I don’t know….  My mother  wrote children’s books and I’ve read a couple other things she wrote (confirmation and other diary stuff…..  Perhaps  my love of writing is through her…  Whatever it is  I like writing and am more comfortable with it than speaking