My Advice to the Younger Generation

If I had one advice to give the younger generation  I would have to say “Don’t wait to get a college education.  Don’t fill your mind with the thought that you’ll do it later.  Yes, it is true that as you get older and (hopefully) more mature you’ll find that you take the learning more seriously.  However, it is very easy to find yourself in a situation where responsibilities, obligations, finances, and well life in general get in the way of the ability to go to college or at the very least make it difficult.  For me I have been lucky to have the opportunity to try and earn a certificate in Administrative Professionals and am thinking of also going for a certificate in small business.  However, I have learned that this is not an easy task (even taking online classes as I am) since  I’m constantly having to balance the needs of my college classes with that of my family (my husband and my son).  It makes me, sometimes, wish that I had done better in college in my younger years and stuck with it more.   I wouldn’t be sitting here at nearly 40 years old trying to wrap my head around all the information I’m trying to.  Thank goodness most of what I do is open book (or I’d be seriously stuck).  Perhaps the best is a balance between starting college right away when so many aren’t ready to settle down and take learning seriously  and waiting till it is too late in life.

College Years

As I sit in the cafeteria (in the student center),  with the hub bub of young (ok younger) people talking around me. – some deep in quiet conversation as if studying or talking of something important, some joking around slightly louder and more animated (but not overly so) – I am reminded of all those may years ago when  I was a college aged college student.  I didn’t have many friends in college (only slightly more than in High School), but there are many memories that will live with me forever.  Like sitting around with friends talking or joking around.  Of racing across campus trying to make it from one end to the other in less than 2 minutes – praying you’d make it to class on time so you wouldn’t get docked.  Of last minute cram sessions, hoping to get at least a decent grade on the test.  I think in many ways the college years are the best.  Old enough that most everyone is past the petty stuff (teasing, making fun, cliques, weird/dirty looks cause your different)  – yet young enough that the responsibilities of being married and having kids hasn’t necessarily come about  yet.

What is Time????

What is time?? Is it merely the passage of a period of time that it takes to say “one one thousand” or “one mississippi”? Time is a funny thing. A moment in time can seem an eternity (waiting for your child to be seen in the ER) or it can pass by with a blink of an eye (when your baby grows up and begins walking & talking). Without time there is no past, there is no future, there is no today. Without time there is no learning, no growth, no change…..

Just Once

She sits off in a corner, all alone by herself.

No one notices her, no one bothers.

Just once she wishes someone would come over.

Just once she wishes someone would would say hello.

But they walk by like she isn’t there, like she doesn’t exist

No one sees the tears, no one sees her pain.

Just once she wants someone to notice her.

Just once she wants  someone to be her friend.

All they see is a strange girl, one who doesn’t fit in.

All they see is an outcast, she isn’t worthy of their time.

Just once she’d like to be one of the “gang”

Just once she’d like to be invited in.

People can change

For no rhyme or reason, I sometimes find myself thinking of people that I knew years ago in Jr. High, High School (and in a few cases Grade School).  After graduation I lost contact with most of them  and (for various reasons, including finances) have been unable to attend any of the reunions hosted – though  I would have liked to.  The latest one (my 20th H.S. reunion) would have taken place after I moved away from my hometown.  I have had the pleasure of finding  and reconnecting  with many of my old classmates on facebook  and in many ways have found that to (almost anyway) make up for missing the high-school reunions.  Of course the other thing about the high school reunion is that generally they are for the members of that particular graduating class.  For me, howvever, I have found that the people that I’ve reconnected with (and sometimes find myself thinking about) cover not only my graduating class but those in the graduating class before and after me.

Getting reacquainted I have found that many of the same people who enjoyed teasing me, didn’t seem to realize I existed, or (in a few cases) were down-right mean have actually become some of the nicest people.  Or at least that is the perception I get through facebook.  It just goes to show that you never know how people will turn out as they grow up and mature.  Those who were once mean may end up being some of the nicest people.  The ones that were the class clowns, you may find to be deep & thoughtful and full of insight.

And it isn’t just my classmates where there’s been the experience of people changing over the years.  Even as an adult I’ve seen people change over time.  it isn’t to say that everyone changes for the better….  There are, sadly, some cases where people just don’t change and are determined to remain the same year after year.  But there have been a number of times where I’ve known people to change the type of person they were – to act and say and do things differently.

It is often times hard to know what to expect from people (especially as years go by).  On the one hand when a person has acted in a certain manner for so long it becomes expected that they will continue in that manner (and in some cases they just might).  However, there is also room for growth and change and so often we can find ourselves pleasantly surprised by the changes.