Social Media Platforms I Like To Use

*Disclaimer – I am not a Social Media Guru or expert or any of those things…  I simply enjoy being online and using twitter, FaceBook and WordPress.

The three Social Media platforms that I use are FaceBook, Twitter, and WordPress and I like all three for different reasons.

WordPress I (of course) use to write my blogs.  I cannot, expertly, say that it is the best program out there or not, but I do find it relatively easy to use and have gotten fairly good results – considering I just started blogging not long ago and don’t have a large following.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with old friends (from High School and College).  Most of these people do not have a Twitter account and seemingly have no interest in joining – They are content with FaceBook. If I want to stay in contact with them I have to keep with FaceBook.  Facebook is about “friends”.  You have to be accepted in order to see what is going on with other people.  And if you want to share your news, you either have to make it public (doable) or Hope you can get people to accept your request.

Twitter, on the other hand allows me to follow people without having to wait for them to “accept” me first.  It also allows me to reach new people I’ve never met before and even get the word out further via retweets.  Twitter also allows you to follow news events, happenings, products, subject matter, and all sorts of things simply and easily. Twitter is about mass information and sharing – While meaningful friendships may be formed here, Most are people we don’t even know (or know anyone who knows) except online.

I would say that I am pretty well hooked on using FaceBook and Twitter as my Social Media Platform and WordPress as my Blogging Platform.  While sometimes frustrating they have served me well.

For more on Social Media and Social Selling Check out GunnarSpeaks and M3NewMedia 


Have A Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Now that we are well into the month of December, People are beginning to get ready for the Winter Holiday Season (Christmas, Channukah, etc).  Christmas Trees are going up; People are lighting candles for decoration and ambience; In another week and a half Channukah candles will be lit for 8 days.  Regardless of what you do to celebrate this holiday season remember SAFETY FIRST and foremost!!!!

Make Sure ALL candles, etc are put out of reach of small children and animals AND that they are in a location where they will not be bumped or knocked over….  Also, don’t leave candles burning over night.  If you are using candles for lighting consider a flashlight if at all possible.  If you are lighting candles for religious or symbolic reasons that must remain lit – Make ABSOLUTELY certain that these are placed in a location where there is NO chance of them being knocked over!!!  Turn off all Christmas Lights before going to bed, especially the ones on the Christmas Tree – for SAFETY sake.

Holiday Safety Tips: as well as

This time year brings other problems as well.  As cold weather sets in people start looking for ways to stay warm – especially when electricity goes out.  While a wood fire or a space heater can be a great source of heat they can also pose great danger if proper care and caution is not exercised!!!  As with candles, don’t leave an open fireplace unattended over night (or even to go out).  Space heaters should be placed away from curtains, bed sheets, etc and should be in a well ventilated area.  Same with kerosene heaters.

Winter Safety Tips from FEMA

Winter Safety Tips from Home Safety Council

This also the time of year for partying and drinking.  While there is nothing wrong with enjoying the holiday season with “Cheers”, Keep it in moderation.  Set a limit in your mind ahead of time and stick to it.  If you plan to be out drinking – consider alternate transportation (designated driver or taxi).  If you are planning on drinking at  friend’s house – consider staying over.  Under NO circumstances get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking.  We all deserve to have a SAFE and FUN Holiday season!!  In some areas of the country bad weather conditions (snow, ice, rain) make driving difficult and unsafe – Don’t make it worse by Drinking & Driving.

REMEMBER Firefighters have a hard enough job as it is – Let’s not make their job anymore difficult.  BE SAFE and have a  GREAT Holiday Season  🙂

Tena Carr

Cheap and Easy Tea Latte

Put water in tea kettle and put on stove top to boil

Pour a bit of Vanilla Spiced Rum creamer into coffee mug (to your liking)

Put Bigelow’s “Vanilla Chai” tea bag (or any Chai tea) into mug

Add hot water to just below top of mug

This last part is VERY IMPORTANT —  ENJOY!!!!  🙂

Have a SAFE, FUN, and HAPPY Holiday Season!!!

Coupons Need to Be More Clear and Concise!

Went shopping last night using coupons….  Had two of them that the cashier said wouldn’t work (actually one I think she might have tried to run).  Either she didn’t know what she was doing or the people who word these coupons needs to seriously change how they are wording them.  Here is what the coupons say – Tell me what you think:

  • Save $5.00 on any (1) BenGay Cold Therapy, or (1) BenGay Pain Relief+Massage, or (1) BenGay Ultra Strength 4oz product. {Manufacturer Coupon}

  • Free Can of (12.4oz) Advantage or (12.9oz) Premium or $9.00 any Parent’s Choice Infant Formula

With the BenGay coupon I tried to use it on a  single 4oz tube of BenGay UltraStrength (cost $6.83).  To be honest I had to question the $5 off on a $6.83 item, but after reading over the coupon several times it looked like it should work.  At register, cashier said it wouldn’t work – that I had to get the BenGay Pain Relief+Massage.  My question to that is why do they put all the  bogus *crap* on the coupon if you can only use it on a single certain item; And, if you have to buy 2 items make that clear.

On the Parent’s Choice Coupon I was trying to get a can of Parent Choice Sensitivity.  I forget the size of the can, but the price was $14.88.  I figured that $9.00 would be taken off (as per coupon) and that I would owe $5.88 – again cashier says this won’t work that I have to buy a can for $9 or less…  I thought I saw her try to run this coupon, but at the same time I don’t think she understood what was going on because she said something about not expecting to get a $14.88 for free using coupon – I wasn’t expecting to get it for free I was expecting to have $9.00 taken off and owe the rest.

So, what’s your opinion on these coupons and this transaction.

My Passions and Interests

I have three main “passions”, hobbies, interests – whatever word would be most fitting.  Three things that I enjoy spending my time on.  I have always had a life-long interest in the work of firefighters.  I do not possess the skills nor the physical attributes to be a good firefighter myself, but even as a little girl I have been fascinated by the work they do and the how they selflessly risk limb (and even life).  I also enjoy working on my knifty knitter projects and am currently working on two of them.  One is a baby blanket that I am making for a friend and the other is a pink & lavender scarf that I plan to put up on my Etsy page when it is done.  I also enjoy reading books of all sorts.  Of course I also enjoy unwinding by playing a couple games on facebook.  I do have several games that I play, but most are simply ones that I send gifts to help others.