#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday April 23, 2017

Sorry I missed sharing coffee with y’all.  I seem to be having technical difficulty when It comes to some of emails (at least those I’ve saved in other folders).  The emails are there but the body is blank (or, in some cases, shows “no sender” when I know there is one).  One of the email not properly displaying is the Three Things Thursday hosted by Nerd in the Brain, though I can go on my computer and it shows up fine so it’s apparently something to do with my phone, which I was going to try and do along with the Weekend Coffee Share (also hosted by Nerd in the Brain)…  Sorry, I’m talking in circles I’m sure.

Well, like I said, coffee is gone but if you’re still up for a bit of a chat before I’ve got to get started on other thing I’m open.  I could make up another cup of coffee for you though I’m done with mine or the day.  There’s also some plain, unsweetened tea, water, andhot tea if you prefer.

I do, also, have some powerade which I’m saving for tomorrow when I go on another ridealong with one of the local fire departments here…Count 1 for Three Things Thursday (though that’s happening on a Monday 😉).  I plan on making up a batch cookies (well bars) later today to take with me.

Yesterday, I went to an open house event at the Mountain Vista Fire Department.  I’ll be posting a little bit on that over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog (after I get everything together and do some editing).  I will tell you that due to showing up early, I got a front row seat to LifeNet landing – I was getting dust from my ears later than afternoon when I got home. 

Just wish the video I tried to take of the landing had actually gotten taken (I say tried because I was holding my phone towards the landing helicopter while I had my body and (most importantly) face turned the other direction to protect against the flying dirt, gravel,and debris….  I will say that it was unexpected and EXCITING!!  I almost got a video when they were leaving later (this time from inside the station bay area, with the doors closed), except that I apparently ran out of storage space so the video quit before they took off 😞😠.  Just wasn’t my day for getting the good stuff on video.

The other cool thing was getting to meet the lady in charge of doing all the Social Media posting for Mountain Vista Fire… She actually had actually approached me, recognizing me from the all sharing of their stuff I do 😀.  That and finding out what channels to take to see about a ridealong with that department – something to take care of sometime Monday.

While we’re onthe subject of Public Safety type stuff, let’s switch from fire 🚒 to police🚓 for a moment…Looks as if the CRO is due back on Monday (he was on leave for a brief period of time) and I should be hearing something back, shortly, regarding the status of my fingerprinting and getting on board as a volunteer.  So, yeah, exciting times coming up 😁.

So let’s see, Three Things Thursday:

  1. Open House at Mountain Vista Fire Department, including front row seat for the landing of LifeNet.
  2. Ridealong tomorrow with one Fire Department AND 
  3. Info on channels for ridealong with another Fire Department.
  4. Looking forward to hearing something back re fingerprints and volunteer status (including training and another board(?) meeting).

It’s about time I go ahead and do my morning stretching and exercising (that I should have done hours ago) and then decide where to go from there.

Wishing you all a wonder, blessed, and safe week and I’ll see y’all next time.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Just Be a Second While I Fix Coffee

Would you believe it?!?  I made coffee only to realize I forgot the most important aspect – The actual coffee…  So it’ll be just a moment while I make more.  Same thing happened to me just the other day, made coffee but forgot to put the actual coffee in.

OK I’m back with coffee, actual coffee this time – LOL. Mmmmm, gooood, come join me for a cup.  There’s also tea (Ginger Peach, Morrocan Mint, and a couple other flavors) if you prefer, but we’ll need to boil up some water for you.

So how was everyone’s weekend?  Hope it was a good one.   We are in the middle of Pesach and I wish all who  are  celebrating a very Happy Pesach….  And to those who celebrate Easter, a very Happy Easter.

We went to a formal seder at the congregation we go to (or try to go to) and then we had another informal one at our house, with family.

I had promised, well not so much promised but said, that I was going to see about writing up something about the ridealong I had gone on with the local police.  I haven’t really had a chance to formulate anything and to be honest there wasn’t much to write about being that it was on a Sunday night so most everyone was home asleep or at least behaving themselves.  I also want to be careful what and how I write so as to not break any agreements to uphold privacy, etc and so forth.  The last ride I went on was a lot of easier to write on as more had happened and I was able to put together a generic look at the evening without giving anything away – You can read that here if you wish:  A Tale of Two Stupids (and no one of those is definitely NOT referring to the police but two stupid (or at least head-shaking) things I saw that day.  I promise I’ll get something up on the more recent ridealong coming up shortly.  It will be over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog plus you’ll want to stay tuned over there as there may also be something written up regarding another Fire Department ridealong – this will depend on what happens and what I learn (again I have to be careful as to uphold privacy and to be sure I am being accurate in my information).

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted each week by Nerd In The Brain

I’m about to make myself up another cup of coffee (hopefully this time I remember to add the coffee 😝).  See you all again next week.  In the mean time, have a wonderful, blessed, and safe week.                                

#WeekendCoffeeShare – AtoZ Challenge and Ridealong.

Good Morning, Pull up a seat and join me for a quick cup of coffee.  I’m only going for one this morning (the other, I’ll have more later on – you’ll see why further down in this post).

As you’ve probably noticed, I have not signed on to do the #AtoZ Challenge this year.  I’ve done it in the past, but decided not to do it last year as I needed a break.  I almost signed up this year but just didn’t feel ready.  Doing the AtoZ Challenge is fun, but a lot harder than you might think, coming up with a post for each letter of the alphabet and finding the time to write or put together a post every day – it really does pay/help to have your posts pre-done and scheduled for the appropriate time, that way you don’t have to fret over it (something I should have done for this year, but I hadn’t really thought of doing the AtoZChallenge till it was too late for that).  To be honest,  I hadn’t really decided what topic to even use for the AtoZChallenge (if I had done it).  Perhaps next year I’ll take the plunge again.

I had thought of maybe doing something related to Mary Kay Cosmetics (and perhaps Mary Kay Ash) but not sure how that would have worked and was having trouble with some of the letters.  I had thoughts of doing A to Z Arizona (with places & things having to do with Arizona) over on Life Happens at The Carrs.   There are many options (though right now I can’t think of them) for Public Safety Tidbits.  As for Taini Writes, well that one is easy and yet difficult – Randomly find a word (or words) that start with each letter of the alphabet and incorporate into a story.

Enough of the AtoZ Challenge.  Last week seems to have been a typical week for me….  Looking back at the calendar (to refresh my memory of what has happened) there wasn’t really anything outside the usual, certainly nothing on there that had anything to do with me (pretty much all of it was appointments and such related to the family).  Nothing showing up for me for next week either.

Probably the biggest (and most exciting) thing going on, this coming week would be the ridealong I’ll be going on – a mids shift ridealong (mids for midnight).  This will be my second ridealong, third if you count the first one which was a partial shift, but my first doing an overnight ride.  Should be interesting, and I’m looking forward.  If I do happen to write up anything it will be over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog.  I baked up a batch (or two) of Oatmeal & Dried Fruit cookies to take with me for the officers (a little bribing – hee hee :-D, JK).

Time for me to finish up here, try to read a few Weekend Coffee Share posts (you should check some out as well), do something for breakfast, and see what all I need to do around here before I head out to run a couple errands & pick up my son from his Zip-Line camping trip (that will probably be posted about over on my Tuesday Chatter post (over on Life Happens at The Carrs), and then take a good long nap in preparation for tonight’s ridealong.

Have yourself a wonderful week.  Enjoy your coffee, and Happy Blogging.

#WeekendCoffeeShare:  Sunday April 02, 2017

I’ve already had my coffee earlier this morning and to be honest I’m not really in a talkative kind of mood today.  Just one of those days where I’m just not in the mood.  Not really much for me to share anyway this week.  Just been a typical run-of-the-mill boring week.  Guess that’s a good thing, because right now I don’t need excitement.  I just want to lay low and not deal with anything.

I’m sorry if my post seems a bit depressing.  I’m pretty sure you’re not really going to want to hang around this week (can’t say I blame you – Not so sure I’d want to hang around me either).  Next week should be better and maybe I’ll have something worthwhile to share.  

In the mean time, you can always check out what other people had to share.  Just had over to Nerd In The Brain. Weekend Coffee Share.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday March 26, 2017

Good News is it looks like I was finally able to follow our host Nerd In The Brain so now I can easily get to the coffee share to link to it.  The bad news -I’ve been sick the past couple days.  I’ll have to ask that you bring your own coffee and stay a safe distance.  I’ve been told that this particular cold bug is nasty, well maybe not nasty buy a bad cold but it’s a short one.  I’m hoping so but then even with the so called “short ones” I end up with it going into my throat & chest and end up with a nearly non-stop cough that lasts a good couple weeks before subsiding…  Sometimes I think the cough is worse than the cold because nothing seems to really help it (except maybe the benzonatate my doctor has prescribed for my asthma).

That all aside, what all have I been up to??  Well, as you know from last week, I had a facebook party which went reasonably well.  In order to stay active in my Mary Kay business, I have to reach a certain production point every so many months.  Well between this party (which got me roughly half of what I need) and another one I believe it was earlier in the month (or maybe end of last month) I should be good to go -not that that means I get to quit working.

We got our bookshelves up this last week and got doors on one of the cabinets (there’s one more set of doors to go on one more cabinet).  About the time we were going to start getting books one shelves, was when I started getting sick so that hasn’t gotten done yet.

I’ve been trying to follow some more challenges and prompts (or at least blogs that have those) so I can have a bit more fodder for my blogs.  I’m hoping that by having more prompts & challenges I’ll be able to do more with Taini Writes.  Of course that doesn’t do anything to help with me actually sitting down to blog there.   I’m now doing my  Tuesday Chatter (note: this is the one from last week) and Weekly Smile posts over on the family blog Life Happens at The Carrs.  My final blog is Public Safety Tidbits.  To be honest it’s not the kind of blog where writing/blog prompts & challenges really help much.  It is a blog dedicated to Public Safety type stuff be it Fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Police or other Public Safety related things.  I post on there whenever there is something for me to blog about but since it’s not like I am actually in the field of Public Safety myself there isn’t as much done on there -still if you get a chance, and have an interest in Public Safety related stuff, I hope you’ll check it out.

Well that’s about all I’ve got and my coffee is drunk.   Going to make my second cup in a bit, as soon as I take care of a little business I forgot last night (being all loopy from being sick), then on to check my e-mails, some social media platforms, and maybe read a few blogs.

Hope you all have a super week.  See you next week.  I should be better by then and can actually offer you coffee.