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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday March 26, 2017

Good News is it looks like I was finally able to follow our host Nerd In The Brain so now I can easily get to the coffee share to link to it.  The bad news -I’ve been sick the past couple days.  I’ll have to ask that you bring your own coffee and stay a safe distance.  I’ve been told that this particular cold bug is nasty, well maybe not nasty buy a bad cold but it’s a short one.  I’m hoping so but then even with the so called “short ones” I end up with it going into my throat & chest and end up with a nearly non-stop cough that lasts a good couple weeks before subsiding…  Sometimes I think the cough is worse than the cold because nothing seems to really help it (except maybe the benzonatate my doctor has prescribed for my asthma).

That all aside, what all have I been up to??  Well, as you know from last week, I had a facebook party which went reasonably well.  In order to stay active in my Mary Kay business, I have to reach a certain production point every so many months.  Well between this party (which got me roughly half of what I need) and another one I believe it was earlier in the month (or maybe end of last month) I should be good to go -not that that means I get to quit working.

We got our bookshelves up this last week and got doors on one of the cabinets (there’s one more set of doors to go on one more cabinet).  About the time we were going to start getting books one shelves, was when I started getting sick so that hasn’t gotten done yet.

I’ve been trying to follow some more challenges and prompts (or at least blogs that have those) so I can have a bit more fodder for my blogs.  I’m hoping that by having more prompts & challenges I’ll be able to do more with Taini Writes.  Of course that doesn’t do anything to help with me actually sitting down to blog there.   I’m now doing my  Tuesday Chatter (note: this is the one from last week) and Weekly Smile posts over on the family blog Life Happens at The Carrs.  My final blog is Public Safety Tidbits.  To be honest it’s not the kind of blog where writing/blog prompts & challenges really help much.  It is a blog dedicated to Public Safety type stuff be it Fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Police or other Public Safety related things.  I post on there whenever there is something for me to blog about but since it’s not like I am actually in the field of Public Safety myself there isn’t as much done on there -still if you get a chance, and have an interest in Public Safety related stuff, I hope you’ll check it out.

Well that’s about all I’ve got and my coffee is drunk.   Going to make my second cup in a bit, as soon as I take care of a little business I forgot last night (being all loopy from being sick), then on to check my e-mails, some social media platforms, and maybe read a few blogs.

Hope you all have a super week.  See you next week.  I should be better by then and can actually offer you coffee.

Catch-Up Post for Our Random View – Writing Prompts

Catching up with all the Writing Prompts from Our Random View from this week.  Link proceeds my response.

2017 Holiday:

Probably not.  We don’t really get the opportunity to go anywhere or do anything…  Certainly not any traveling.  It’s all good though – while I’d love to meet some of the amazing people I’ve met via blogging, facebook, twitter, etc traveling (when we do get the chance) takes a lot out of  both me and hubby.

2016 Holiday:

We actually took a trip to Texas to visit friends and family for Channukah…  Probably last one for awhile.

What I look forward to on a holiday:

What I probably most look forward to is just relaxing.  As I mentioned above, we don’t really take any holiday vacations or anything and being a wife and mom there really isn’t any time that I get to take a holiday from that.  #always needed – LOL.  The good thing is that my business allows me to work when & where I want.

What I Don’t Look Forward To:
I’ll be honest, I don’t look forward to all that is involved in planning a holiday or vacation when it comes to dealing with a wheelchair (hubby’s).  It can be quite involved, especially since now he’s in an electric and really needs to have it with him when traveling.  Most important is being sure that one hotels say”handicap accessible”it actually is and that he can get into the room and into the bathroom with his wheelchair – Believe me, not alll are as they should be and sometimes “accessible” just means they have a (barely) widened door and grab-bars in the bathroom.  And, of course, there’s the loading and unloading of the wheelchair.  Plus, being away from home, hubby often requires more assistance to get things done than he otherwise would if we were at home – so yeah, that takes a lot out of me as well.

Dream Holiday:

I haven’t really given my “dream holiday” much though – probalby because it would likely never happen.  I think I would just prefer some place nice and quiet where I could just relax and enjoy myself…  Probably a nice mountain retreat where I could sit out on a porch or deck close my eyes and enjoy the sounds of nature, or maybe do some writing or a little craft work. Of course there would need to be someone to help hubby out while I was on my “dream vacation”; After all, it wouldn’t really be a vacation for me if I had to spend time helping hubby whenever he needed.

Friday Fill-In Fun # 45

Here’s my responses to this week’s Friday Fill-In Fun – Questions in bold, My response in italics.

1. The oldest item in my home isthis rocking chair from (we’re guessing sometime in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  It belonged to my husband’s grandmother Lowry and was passed down through the generations.

This cabinet was also considered but is a considerably more recent item….

The cabinet was actually hand-made by my husband’s grandfather, but we’re not exactly sure when…  Sometime in the mid 1900s.

2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is the flaxmeal, I’m guessing.  We have a lot of condiments that have been in there a while (still good though) that could possibly be older but I’m not entirely sure.

3. My family heritage is Jewish.  My mom’s side of the family (both sides of her family actually) are from Germany, though both her parents were born here in America…  On my dad’s side of the family are from Hungary and (I believe) Russia or Checkoslavakia (and no I’m not sure that I’m spelling that correctly).  My grandfather on my dad’s side was actually born in Hungary and came to america sometime before World War II (there’s actually a short story behind that).

4. My favourite family tradition is From my childhood I would say that one of my favorite traditions was making sponge cake with my dad as well as hiding the afikomen and then my dad bribing me to get it for him.

I can’t really say that we have any real traditions that we do now.  We have as a family switched the tradition that I grew up with so that instead of the child hiding the afikomen and the parent having to find before the seder can continue…  The adults hide the afikomen and the chidlren find it and bring it to the adults for a small gift.

*Afikomen: Afikoman (Hebrew: אֲפִיקוֹמָן‎, based on Greek epikomon [ἐπὶ κῶμον] or epikomion [ἐπικώμιον], meaning “that which comes after” or “dessert”) is a half-piece of matzo which is broken in two during the early stages of the Passover Seder and set aside to be eaten as a dessert after the meal.

*Seder: The Passover Seder (English pronunciation: ˈseɪ dəɹ; in Hebrew: סֵדֶר‎ [ˈsedeʁ], meaning “order, arrangement”; and in Yiddish: “seyder”) is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday March 19, 2017

*Update:  Just fixed a link below (This Week’s Coffee Chat) – which was going to the main page and not actually to this week’s coffee share.*

Meant to do this while drinking my first cup of coffee but then I got busy posting to a facebook party and messaging back and forth with the hostess for the party. Now I’m on to my second cup, which is about done, and able to take a moment to chat – Come join me, I’d love to meet you and say Hi….  I think the coffee is about done so let me grab us some…..

If we were having coffee, Meekah would be joining us as well, in her favorite spot on the office chair that is sitting next to my big white comfy chair…  Hopefully you’re not allergic to cats (she is part Maine Coone and has pretty long hair).

If we were having coffee, I’d share my excitement at doing another facebook party (they are so much fun) and tell you that the rest of March into the begining/middle of April is lining up to be a bit busy….  I’d tell you that I just spilled some coffee on my screen (ooops).  Okay got it cleaned up….

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m also excited about doing another batch of ride-alongs (LOL sounds like I’m baking cookies or something – which, btw, I do do for soldiers angels and local fire & police departments), but then you might could have guessed.  I should be hearing back about one ride-along sometime this week.  Another one I am waiting to hear something back regarding the email I sent to the person responsible for scheduling such…  Still another I’ll need to go to the station (or rather sub-station) and get paperwork to put in request.

If we were having coffee, I’d (hopefully) realize I’m talking your ear off, and stop and ask how things are going for you and what you’re up to.  I’d also tell you to go to Nerd in the Brain and check out this week’s Coffee Share posts.  I would also give a nod to Part-Time Monster who originated the Weekend Coffee Share. 

Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you all next week for more coffee.