Weekend Coffee Share: 01-09-2022

Update: fixed one of the links

My first Weekend Coffee Share (response) of 2022…. Would you believe I had forgotten what the name was – got as far as “Weekend Coffee” and couldn’t remember the last word – “Time” was what immediately came to mind 😂😆. The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted, as always, by Natalie over at Natalie the Explorer.

I think it has actually been a few weeks since I’ve done a Weekend Coffee Share… I believe my last one was back on December 19. How have you all been doing. did you survive the holidays and all that? Ours was technically the end of November and, to be honest we didn’t really do anything. Didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve/Day either. New Year’s Eve I was in bed by 8pm and New Year’s Day I was in bed by 5pm.

Not really much going on. Waiting for final confirmation regarding my AAS degree (but then I’ve mentioned that several times) – should hear something in about 6 weeks (little less now). Been putting out some resumes & applications. Did here back from one, only to find out that they’ve decided not to go with me. At least there was a response.

Has anyone seen the Cobra Kai series on Netflix? It’s based on the old Karate Kid movies. Daniel Larissa (?) and Johnny Lawrence, the two antagonist/protagonists (I might have the order backwards), are now adults with kids of their own who are now in High School. I’ll admit when I first saw the Cobra Kai title in my Netflix feed, I didn’t make the connection and didn’t really have much interest in watching it. Once I started watching it was actually kind of good. I just finished all 4 seasons and am awaiting for season 5 to see what happens next in the story. Things are definitely not always as they seem 😂.

Well I hope y’all are having a great weekend. I need to go and look at some of the other Weekend Coffee Share blogs – You should do the same.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: 01-09-2022

    1. Lol, now that I’m hooked, I’m waiting for the next season. Hopefully it continues to be as good. So many shows start off with good intentions but end up becoming too soap opera-ish.


  1. Hi Tena, I’m glad you came back for our first coffee share of 2022.
    We had a fairly quiet time too, but did have all 3 of our kids back under our roof along with one newish spouse for our oldest boy. We continue to be thrilled with having a DIL and this gal in particular. She is so perfect for our son. They are killer cute together and I’m predicting will be on an endless honeymoon for years to come.

    Our kids made our Christmas wonderful.

    I hope you have a great 2022 queued up, with lots of coffee shares to enjoy.


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