Five Favorites – Winter Holiday Snacks

We don’t really do much of anything to celebrate the Winter Holidays and about the only time of the year that is considered Wintery Weather is probably December and January. We’ve had some relatively cold days here (50’s/60’s) – I say relatively because our summers can hit triple digits – this past several days…. Today is suppose to get up to about 70 I believe. Fall is even worse – blink and you might miss it 😝 – but back to my Five Favorite Winter Holiday Snacks (hosted by Tanya at Salted Caramel)

Come to think of it I’m not sure if I have any favorite “Winter Holiday” specific snacks.

Most any hot beverage is nice. Hot Coffee, in the morning, is a must…. And hot tea or hot cocoa in the late afternoon or evening is quite nice as well. It’s actually rare that I have a hot beverage in the afternoon as our temps are generally a bit warm to warrant drinking anything hot…. Something cool & refreshing is more apropos most of the year.

It’s not necessarily a snack but Latkes are a traditional Chanukah treat though and we do attempt to make a semblance of such (though I don’t think we’ve managed it every single year). I especially like them with applesauce 😋.

I have to mention chocolate because winter is about the only time, if you’re lucky, that you can manage to have chocolate around here without it melting all over you and making a huge mess. I use to be a milk chocolate gal but anymore I go for dark chocolate (or, occasionally, white chocolate).

I think I might get stuck at three 🤷🏻‍♀️😞. I just can’t think of any more Winter Holiday snacks to list. As I said we don’t do much to celebrate the holidays and “Winter” as a season doesn’t last here and doesn’t get all that cold. Most any other snack I could think of is pretty much a year round/any time sort of snack.

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