Five Favorites – Board Games

This Week, DrTanya asks us about our Five Fave Board Games

To be honest we haven’t played board games in ages. For one thing, our son isn’t into board games anymore. He’d rather spend his time on his computer (watching videos and playing games). My husband isn’t much into board games either. Even when our son was willing to play it was a struggle to get hubby willing. It was one of those if everything was all set up and ready we might be able to “drag” him over and get him to play. We ended up getting rid of a few board games at our last move, ones that noone had any interest in playing; However we did keep a small selection, though we haven’t played any since probably before we moved 2-1/2 years ago

Yep, that’s pretty much it…. All of the boardgames we own.

Don’t know that it counts as a “board game” but one of the first games I remember learning as a child was solitaire, not using a digital device (computer, tablet smart-phone), but a good ole deck of 52 cards…. I believe it was one of my grandmothers who taught me how to play and the same one who taught me how to play another card game called cribbage, not that I remember how to play anymore. We have a few deck of cards running around that I could use to play solitaire if so desired but it’s much easer (and takes up less room) for me to just play on my phone.

I also remember my dad teaching my how to play backgammon…. Another game that I can no longer remember how to play.

Another game I enjoyed quite a bit, growing up, (not sure if it counts as a Board game however) was Jenga. As you can see, I still have a Jenga set (not the same one my family had as a child). Jenga is one of those games that while it’s really meant to played with multiple people, you can play by yourself (though it certainly isn’t the same), which is how I’d likely have to play if I were to take the time to do so… But then there’s also the question of where to set the game up without it being in the way, not to mention that the sound of the pieces falling would irritate the crap out of my husband

I have fond memories of playing Uno with some college friends. We would get quite rowdy with the game and really go at each other with “Skips” Reversals” and even “Wild Cards”… We would pretend to be all mean & nasty about it, but it was all in good fun and we were always friends in the end

One of our favorite games to play as a family (back when we did that kind of stuff) was Life. It was pretty much my son’s favorite. Even when he was starting to loose interest in things like boardgames and family times, etc, if were to ask him what game he wanted to play he would chose the game of Life. Now getting him to do something with the family would be like pulling teeth, but then it’s pretty much that way for all of us anymore. Sorry to say we’re just not your run-of-the-mill, happy, loving, enjoy spending time together, type of family

I realize that most of these might not count as actual board games but these are the games that I have the most fond memories of from my childhood (not counting the game of Life which is memorable in a different way).

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