Autism & Transitioning Into Adulthood; A Mother’s Worry.

I was reading Robyn’s latest post, The Dreaded Red Folder, and got to thinking about my own son….

He turns 18 this year. Sure it’s still over half a year a way, but that time flies by. I worry about him transitioning into full adulthood. I worry about how he will do as an adult, how he’ll do when he no longer has the safety mechanisms available to him now, when society treats & expects him to act like an adult. Is he generally a good kid? Yes! But he does have some social issues and does not always understand or know just how he should act in certain circumstances; Doesn’t always know what he should or should not say or talk about and with whom. He’s run into problems before from saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and getting himself into trouble (thankfully they worked themselves out, though there was quite a bit of stress involved). I worry that he’ll fall between the cracks, that he’ll do or say something he shouldn’t and get himself into trouble.

He’ll still have one more year of school left after this one and will be 18 during the next school year, which means (simply put) he will be required to take a front seat approach at his IEP meetings. At the point, as I was told, the focus will be on him and he will be the one who will be required to do the talking, and to whom the teachers and such will be talking. We, his parents, will be allowed to be there (so long as our son give his okay), but will no longer be the ones to be talking. I can’t help but wonder how he’ll do at that point. He’s gotten better about speaking up and speaking his mind, and about sharing his thoughts & opinions… Will it be enough? Hopefully!

One thought on “Autism & Transitioning Into Adulthood; A Mother’s Worry.

  1. I think it’s good, that he can expurress his feelings more, Tena, as it must be very frustrating for him when he can’t. My twofeet brothers both have an Autism spectrum disorder, so we know the worries you have. Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend🐾😽💞

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