Menopause – A List of Symptoms

Warning!! – This post might be a bit TMI. If you’re not wanting to hear about menopause and the symptoms thereof now is a good time to get out….

Don’t say I didn’t warn you – LOL.

  • The thing about menopause is it’s one of those things that cannot truly be diagnosed until after you’ve gone one full year (12 months) without a period of any kind. The stage right before that is called peri-menopause but ironically it’s hard to know for sure if you’ve hit that stage until you are post menopausal. Until then a lot of the symptoms associated with peri-menopause can also be symptoms of other things as well. I did find this list of menopause symptoms over at and thought I’d thought I’d go through each one and see how it relates to myself
    1. Hot Flashes – I don’t actually have true “Hot Flashes” but I do feel like I am always on the hot side, even when others are just right or on the cold side.
    2. Night Sweats – Haven’t experienced that one other than always being hot (see #1). I almost always have to have a fan on to be comfortable at night.
    3. Irregular Periods – Considering I went 4 months w/o a period then just had one a couple weeks ago, and the fact that I’ve had any where from just under a month to 2-3 months (not counting this last time), I’d say Yep definitely looking at irregular.
    4. Loss in Libido – Can’t say for 100% certain on this but lately I haven’t had as much interest in intimacy and being touched. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have romantic thoughts and all that, so I don’t know.
    5. Vaginal Dryness – Wouldn’t say I’ve got the whole dryness & itching but let’s just I do seem to be on the drier side and leave it at that.
    6. Mood Swings – Can’t say I’ve had any problems with mood swings.
    7. Fatigue – Definitely. Even w/ 2 cups of coffee each morning (my usual). I hardly have enough energy to get through the day and often find myself needing a nap and/or dragging.
    8. Hair Loss/Thinning – I’ve always had a problem w/ getting a pretty good amount of hair in my comb whenever I’d brush (but then I’ve always had a full head of hair so it’s never really been an issue). I have noticed that my hair isn’t as shiny & healthy as it was when I was younger and seems quite a bit more brittle looking.
    9. Sleep Disorder – No sleeping disorders, insomnia or waking up in the middle of the night that I’m aware of, other than always being tired (as mentioned in #7)
    10. Difficulty Concentrating – Yep. It does seem to be harder for me to stay focused on things and to pay attention when people are talking to me. I don’t deliberately not pay attention, I just find myself zoning out sometimes if I’m not careful.
    11. Memory Lapses – I haven’t had any major memory lapses, but I do find that I need to write things down more so that I don’t forget them. I’ve also noticed that if I set something down or misplace it I have a terrible time ‘retracing my steps’
    12. Dizziness – Can’t say that I’ve had any dizzy spells related to menopause. I did have a bout of vertigo the other day, related to my ears. I have had some problems if I get up too quickly but can’t really say for sure if it’s the menopause or my ears, and it’s been so benign it hasn’t been an issue worth mentioning (when you’ve had ear problems your whole life, you kinda get use to balance problems).
    13. Weight Gain – I have noticed some steady weight gain.
    14. Incontinence – Definitely can’t hold it like I use to when I was younger and if I have to go real bad, coughing can be a bit of a problem.
    15. Bloating – Haven’t noticed anything there (well except maybe when I’m actually on my period or just before).
    16. Allergies – It does seem that my asthma, allergies, and sinus issues have gotten worse lately.
    17. Brittle Nails – My nails are definitely more bendable than they use to be. I love the idea of Jamberry nails (I have a friend that use to sell them) and I bought some stuff from her – Sadly I haven’t been able to use them since my nails just bend when I try to file the edges so I pretty much just gave up on it.
    18. Changes in Body Odor – Definitely noticing my body odor more lately
    19. Irregular Heart Beat – Every once in a while I’ll get like a pitter patter feeling like my heart is racing for a second (sometimes it’ll feel like it’s bounding a bit) but it never lasts more than a few seconds and always goes back to normal… just enough for me to notice and get that whoa feeling. I have mentioned it to my doctor but until it’s more regular than say once in a while (it can be days or even weeks between episodes).
    20. Depression – Depression runs in my family so I can’t fairly answer that one.
    21. Anxiety – Haven’t had any problems with this one.
    22. Irritability – Ohhh Yes, DEFINITELY. Seems like the littlest things will set me off and irritate the (never-mind) out of me. This does tend to lead to quite a few rowes w/ the hubby.
    23. Panic Disorder – Haven’t had any problems with this one.
    24. Breast Pain – Probably a month ago (there-abouts) I woke up with excruciating breast pain unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It lasted for a couple weeks and was worse when I woke up in the morning, as well as right after I took my bra off for the evening. It has subsided but there is still some tenderness.
    25. Headaches – Nothing outside of the norm.
    26. Joint Pain – No real joint pain but do have some problems with my knees (but then I did have surgery back in my early 20’s I believe it was and am overweight so that doesn’t help).
    27. Burning Tongue – Nope
    28. Electric Shock Syndrome – Nope
    29. Digestive Problems – Well I have been more gaseous lately.
    30. Gum Problems – Can’t say if I’ve had any problems with this one.
    31. Muscle Tension – Definitely tight in neck and upper back, but then I also have asthma and use my accessory muscles for breathing (don’t ask me to explain that one). I have a friend of a friend who is a respiratory therapist who talked to me about athe usage of accessory muscles in asthma.
    32. Itchy, Crawly skin – I do feel like I am almost always itching somewhere, the back being the absolute worst (where I can’t reach, of course).
    33. Tingling Extremities – Not noticing anything there.
    34. Osteoporosis – Not that I am aware of but then it’s not something that has been tested for, and since I’m not actually menopausal not something I likely would be tested for.
  • One thought on “Menopause – A List of Symptoms

    1. I’ve been dealing with most of these symptoms for 12+years-since I had chemo for breast cancer which threw me into unscheduled menopause. The trick is to recognize it for what it, don’t panic, move on with a cold wet towel wrapped around your neck and be sure it is long enough to reach under your armpits. 🙂

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