ReCap/Thoughts on August 16, 2018

Can’t say that yesterday was all that much fun for me.

Woke up and turned on the TV so that I could see what time it was… Only problem was that the time, which should have been stationary on the tv set, seemed to be moving on the screen. Since I had gone to bed so late, I figured perhaps I just needed some more rest. Apparently that wasn’t the issue since I still felt like I had a case of vertigo when I got up a little later. Needless to say the problem didn’t get any better as the day progressed and hubby ended up having to take me, along with the son’s help, into Urgency Care. The diagnoses was “Benign Positional vertigo”. The doctor wasn’t able to verify an ear infection due to a large amount of ear wax that the doctor was unable to remove. Unfortunately normal methods of removing stubborn ear wax (by doing a water wash) used by most clinics/doctors isn’t the best solution for me due to a hole in my ear drum purposely put in place by my ENT, plus the doctor that I was seeing yesterday felt that the method generally used in the clinic was probably contra-indicated with my ear history and the vertigo I was experiencing. She did put in a prescription for antibiotics for me to use if I needed it, as well as a prescription for meclizine to help w/ the vertigo. I’ve been using some ear wax removal stuff in my ear to try and soften the ear wax (which does seem to be working – I did manage to pull a good size chunk of ear wax from my ear). My ear canal is a bit tender and swollen right now but I’m hoping that clears up here soon. I’m still dealing with a bit of vertigo and, ironically, the meclizine can also causes some drowsiness.

Well, the family is home from shopping so I should see what’s going on…. I’ll be back a bit later to finish this and put it to bed.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever been to the Emergency Room or Urgency Care?

I think I’ve been to the emergency room once (that I can recall) when I burned my hip during a flight to see my grandmother (long story)…I have been in the Urgency Care several times when younger, usually due to an ear infection as I was quite prone to them up into adulthood.

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4 thoughts on “ReCap/Thoughts on August 16, 2018

  1. Oh my gosh! I hope you a feeling better. My mom used to get severe vertigo. It is no fun. No one understands it until they have it. Ear wax is more harmful than what people. Keep doing what you are doing to soften it until the doctor can clean it. Take care of yourself. it takes time.🌼🌷🌹🌺🎈

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  2. Hope you are feeling better! A while back, my son’s ear doctor suggested to place ear tubes because of increased pressure. We had to seek for another opinion, glad that my son didn’t have to have it anymore.

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