Re-Cap of Monday August 13, 2018

Don’t know if I can say that yesterday was busy, but definitely a full day… Or at least it started out to be.

The day started out with a trip downtown to the federal courthouse with my son as part of his “Citizenship in the Nation” merit badge requirement. The trip there was an easy one… that is until we got down there and attempted to locate the parking garage. There was some confusion in the signage and figuring out exactly where I was suppose to be going. In the confusion I ended up on the service road to the freeway and had to loop my way back around. The second go-round produced the results I needed of getting into the parking garage and finding a place to park (though I think the garage really could use some better lighting.

The visit to the courthouse went quite well and we even got to sit in and observe a couple hearings.

After the visit to the courthouse me and the son headed back home for a quick lunch of homemade pizza before taking him to school. I then headed to my usual hang out spot at a nearby starbucks. I would have hung out longer except that I got an emergency phone call from my hubby regarding our cat. Apparently she had coughed up a major hairball in the middle the living room… I know what you’re thinking – ‘why didn’t the hubby just clean it up himself?’. That would have worked out great except that then I’d have to pick him up off the floor (or rather call for someone to do so). Have I mentioned my husband is in a wheelchair?? So anyway, I ran home to take care of the cat (and a few other things) then headed back out to pick up the son from school. He was suppose to go to Martial Arts yesterday evening but he had stepped on a small piece of glass the other day and his foot was still bugging him a bit so we cancelled and decided he’d go for Wednesday’s class instead.

So that was pretty much how my day went.

Question of the Day:

Do you have a preferred spot to hang out if you have to wait on someone for a period of time (say a few hours)… For me, I usually find myself at a nearby starbucks whenever I’m waiting for my son.

Photo of the Day:

Sorry, I forgot to take any photos yesterday.

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