Catching up on Re-Caps/Re-Counts.

My apologies for leaving y’all hanging like I did. Last time we “chatted” I was talking about my birthday, which was last Wednesday…. so that would have made Thursday the last day I truly did a daily blog.

I think I might have, briefly, mentioned a certain… ummmm…. visitor that arrived for my birthday. Ladies you probably know which visitor referring to. Been a while since the last visit and this time around was a particular rough visit. Needless to say my energy & motivation levels were on the low end these past few days.

I’ve had people mention, and I’ve kind of wondered, if I could possibly be in the stage of life known as peri-menopause. It’s one of those things that’s really hard to know for sure till after the fact but certain signs do seem to point that way but I’ll get to that in a different post. It could certainly explain a few things.

My birthday wasn’t really all that and certainly not how I would have planned it (not that I had any specific ideas or plans) but the weekend did do me some good and I’m feeling much better now.

Again, my apologies for leaving you all hanging like I did 😔.

Question of the Day:

Today is National Left-Handers Day. So, are you Left-Handed, Right-Handed, or Ambidextrous? I am right hand dominant but can actually write legibly (albeit slowly) with my left hand. I also find there are a few things that I favor doing with my left hand.

Photo A Day (I actually owe you a few):

And my randomly chosen blogs for you to check out.

2 thoughts on “Catching up on Re-Caps/Re-Counts.

  1. Awww….thank you for linking up!
    I’m seriously right handed. I’m farely certain that my left was place simply for balance and aesthetics, in fact, attempting anything with my left is an accident looking for a place to happen. You should see my kids scatter when I take up the left! Its an equivalent to saying ” hold my beer and watch this!” Lol

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