Re-Cap/Re-Count of Wednesday August 01

Well once again I’m at the end of the day getting to this… This really isn’t going as expected… and my ability to think coherently is vastly diminished. I’m having a hard enough time thinking about what I did today (speaking of which, I need to make a note or I won’t remember tomorrow), much less what it is I did yesterday. Like I said I need to write notes.

I do recall that I went out to the pharmacy then to one of the grocery stores nearby. I remember because there was a major lightening show going on as I was driving. I tried to take a video, using my phone holder, while driving but never got a good video.

Hard for me to believe that tomorrow is my son’s 17th B-Day (I’ll be 47 on Wednesday).

So today I have 2 set of questions for you:

  1. Did you like to color in coloring books when you were younger? Do you like to do so now??
  2. What is your favorite Ice-Cream Sandwich flavor?
  • Photo of the Day:
  • And my 5 random pick blog-posts:
  • Time to put this puppy, and me, to bed.

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