#TuesdayChatter – April 10, 2018

OK actually it’s Wednesday,… Been a pretty busy day today. First off the son had a dentist appointment this (well yesterday) morning after which we stopped for 49¢ ice cream cones before dropping him off at school. Then I stopped at a couple of fire stations to drop off cookies before heading home to pick up hubby and head off to another appointment – this one to see about getting some assistance to pay for some overdue utilities bills {note: looks like it’s gonna happen}.

Friday, I volunteered at a Drug Awareness event, mostly helping out with the bean bag toss. It was actually a lot of fun seeing the kids have such a good time. This coming Saturday, I’ll be volunteering, again, at another dispose-a-med event.

And the final bit of news…. I’m on Day 2

  • 5 Toe Touches
  • 5 Squats
  • 5 Walking Burpies
  • 5 Lady-style pushups
  • 5 Sit ups
  • 5 crunches

To be honest the lady-style pushups don’t qualify as an actual sit up as I can’t even manage one of those without having to lower myself all the way down.

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