#TuesdayChatter: March 26, 2018

This past week has mostly been filled with going with hubby to doctors appointments and taking the son to school. We did go one day to get some lab work done. Both me and my hubby needed blood tests and I figured we could do them the same day, right?!? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone kind of thing. Turns out that because of the differences in our insurances we actually were sent to two different labs. The good news was that mine was right down street from his so I dropped off hubby, ran and did mine, then came back to get hubby (still had to wait on him).

The son is is still doing Martial Arts. He’s getting some private lessons as he’s working on his Green Belt and needs the extra help and training.

Last weekend, we went to a Chinese-American(?) Wedding for a friend of mine. I must say it was very simple and very beautiful. They used her dog and another of a good friend (I believe it was) as ring bearers.

It really was cute… The dog on the right is suppose to be dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Tuesday Chatter Weekly- March 28, 2018

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