#TuesdayChatter – March 20, 2018

Well the sink (more specifically, the hose on the faucet of the sink) is fixed. Got the car fixed too – well partly. The problem with the radiator and overheating has been fixed but we still have the PCM to replace (planned for the beginning of the month).

Yesterday was a an interesting day. Got everyone up early because I thought we had an appointment for my son that morning (turned out that appointment was today). Later, we took the son to school (his school schedule is different than a typical school) and then took hubby to his doctor appointment. At the end of said appointment, hubby comes out with news that doc wants him to go to ER for CT scan. Apparently one eye wasn’t tracking (or not tracking properly). Both the doctor (well Nurse Practitioner) and the neurologist that she had called were concerned about a possible aneurysm or a TIA. The good news is that the CT scan did not sow any signs of either. It’s looking like it could be 3rd cranial palsy (possibly related to a sinus infection). We’re suppose to follow up with hubby’s regular doctor (NP)… By the time we got home it was something like 9 at night.

Today was less crazy…. Just the appointment this morning (the one that I thought was yesterday) and then a few quick stops at some stores after dropping off the son at school.

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