#TuesdayChatter – March 06, 2018

Once again my apologies for leaving you guys hanging for so long. Let’s see where were we when I last posted…..

Ahhh yes, hubby had just had a routine follow up procedure on his eye. Everything went just fine with all the procedures involved. He still needs reading glasses and still has the one eye that bounces up and down a bit (long term symptom of an old stroke), but his vision is much improved and he no longer needs driving glasses. Wish I could say the same about my vision…. I’ve had glasses for driving ever since college (maybe even High School) and was first diagnosed with astigmatism about that same time. On top of that I now find myself needing reading glasses for reading. The problem is the driving glasses don’t work for reading or anything close up and (obviously) the reading glasses don’t work for driving, and neither really does me any good for in between stuff. The problem is without some sort of correction the outline of items are blurred (something that seems to be getting worse with age). I’ve tried bifocals but the pair that I have don’t really work for me. The line between bifocal and non goes right through my field of vision and causes my eyes more confusion that not trying to figure out where to look (not to mention annoying as hell).

Enough on eyes and vision and all that…. Our son is still continuing to work on getting his Life Rank (just about there). He’s also come up with an idea for his Eagle Project that sounds promising. I’m sure the folks in his Troop can help him flesh it out when the time comes. We also just signed him for a class through Primavera – American History in addition to the courses he’s taking at Mountain Rose. We were going to have him do a summer school at M.R. but the summer school schedule conflicts with summer camp so that won’t work. Because of that, we looked into summer school through primavera and decided that History would be a good option. The problem is that the summer courses aren’t out yet and there’s no guarantee what will be offered so we decided to go ahead and sign him up for the current session. Each session is 6 weeks long so he’ll get through his US History right around the end of May.

As for me, not really much new going on. The whole college thing, for me, is on hold at the moment. Won’t really be much news there till sometime in April, I believe. Not sure what I’ll be getting as far as Financial Aid (which is really the major deciding factor as far as my going back to college). I’m still trying decide if I’m 100% on board with Health Info Technology (medical records, coding, things like that) as my career field. I mentioned, last time, that that was what the career counselor thought would be best. Part of me says yes (It does fit in to my current skills set as well as my personality and all that) but then there’s a part of me that’s like – “Am I really sure about this”…. and then there’s the Administrative/Clerical degree that I started a few years back and never got to finish – Do I maybe want to see about finishing that and what will that get me if I complete it????… Ugghhh so many questions, so many decisions. Arrrgghhh!!! Why do I suddenly feel like I’m 18 all over again with no idea what I want to do with my life. Heck. I think I knew more about what I wanted to do with my life when I was 18 then I do now.

Well that’s pretty much it. Hopefully life has been treating you all well. Be sure and check out what’s up over at Brew N Spew and while you’re there take a look at the Tuesday Chatter.

I’d say “See ya next week” but I’m hesitant to make any promises…. As you can see my blogging has been pretty much a hit and miss thing lately.

2 thoughts on “#TuesdayChatter – March 06, 2018

  1. It is good to see your husband is doing better with his eyes. Do take extra care of your own. Lutein supplements help me greatly with my vision. Life planning is a funny thing. The only things that mattered to me, at 18, were parties and girls. At 40, I was far more focused; being a husband and father made that easier to do. Now, I am intensely focused, though wife has passed on and son is grown.

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