#TuesdayChatter – February 06, 2018

*Note: Didn’t realize that I hadn’t actually posted this blog before posting the one mentioned at the end of this blog, so things are out of order.

Kind of a busy day today. Earlier this morning we went through the monthly “what do we need” list, getting ready for the “first of the month” shopping. Hit a few stores today after dropping the son of at school. Got one more store before picking him up and then tomorrow we do the bulk of our monthly shopping.

My son’s Martial Arts class did some sparring yesterday. Each time he gets a little better. Yesterday he was shown a “hook” technique (yeah I’m butchering the name of the technique) used when the other guy is in close and clobbering you. I can’t really do justice in describing it but basically you hold both hands up to your head palms in so that you’re protecting your face and then when the opportunity strikes you do a sort of a side hook punch (like I said, I can’t describe it very well). I know it sounds terrible to read it but we are talking Martial Arts and Self-Defense. He’s still working on the Kata he started learning towards the end of last year… I can’t remember the name of it. He’s starting to get it down pretty well but he’s still a bit hesitant at parts and also needs to work on his form and tightening things up. In fact he needs to work on both those things in general – form and tightening up as well as control of movements.

Next Monday, I meet with the career counselor at the local community college (I’ll have to let you know how that goes), then the hubby has a quick procedure being done on one eye next Tuesday. Because it’s the eye that bounces (due to the stroke he had several years back) they may have to sedate him more than usual to stop the bouncing of the eye.

Got another Dispose-a-Med event coming up this Saturday that I’ll be helping out at. You wouldn’t believe how much is collected at these things in just a couple hours. I’ve pretty much volunteered for every one that is done by the department I volunteer for and thoroughly enjoy helping out.

Well the coffee is finished

And I’d like to get one more post written up before it’s time to leave.. Make sure you check out the Tuesday Chatter. See ya all next week. Have a wonderful Tuesday (what’s left of it)

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