#WeeklySmile – Wednesday August 16, 2017

Today our local police held another “Coffee with a Cop” event, which always makes me smile.  During this particular event there were a couple things that exceptionally made me smile…  One was a little girl that had given these 3 officers a tiny purple flower (which they had put on their uniforms):

Another was watching our Chief of Police kneeling down to talk to two little ones.

Then there was this little guy (who was hiding from me) who kept dive bombing me, the officers, and serveral others

And last of all (and totally unrelated to anything above)…  Since I a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I couldn’t resist putting this together….

What I Want to say when someone says, “But I don’t wear makeup”

That’s it for my smiles this week…  What have you found to smile about?  Even the little things.  Join Trent for hiw Weekly Smile challenge.

Remember to find something to smile about, even if it’s something small…The antics of a bird, the innocent kindness of a small child, a community event, or a funny meme


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