#WeekendCoffeeShare – August 13, 2017 Birthdays and School Under Way.

Good Sunday morning to everyone.  I’m enjoying my 2nd cup of the morning and invite you to join me.  How do you take it (your coffee that is) – Cream? Suguar? Black?  We have regular sugar and a sugar substitute (a Stevia Blend)…  There’s also Cocoa Powder if you’d like to make it a Cafe Mocha.  Not one for coffee?  There’s also some tea but I’d need to get the water bottle.  And, of course, there’s water and tea on tap.

It’s been a week (well 2 weeks) of birthdays.  I think I forgot to mention in last week’s Coffee Share that my son son had a birthday nearly a couple weeks back.  He’s reached the big 1-6.  I know for girls that is (or used to be) considered Sweet 16 (is that even done anymore??). Pretty sure 16 year old boys don’t want to be considered sweet 16 😝 but it is a pretty big time in their lives as well.  I asked my son what he thought of being 16 and he responded that it was the same as 15 😂.  Ohhh, did I mention, last week, that he’s taking Drivers Ed as one of his electives this year??

The other birthdays are my own.  Before you start shaking your head in confusion, I’ll explain…  One is my actual birthday (the date of my birth).   The other is more of an anniversary date, but I thought “birthday” sounded better considering the other birthdays I was mentioning, the birthday/anniversary of my becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 years now that I’ve been doing this 😃.

Birthday – wise, it’s been fairly uneventful.    Per tradition, my son got a “beat-down” (basically a ‘spanking’ with a large paddle like thing.  This is done in good fun and even the younger kids go through it, on their birthdays, in good stride. 

In other news,  School is well under way for my son and he’s completed his first week at the new school.  So far, things seem to be going well.  

I’d say that pretty well covers it for me.  How about you?  Do anything exciting or fun this past week?  How about the week ahead?  Any exciting news to share (or just news in general)??  Be sure and join Diane over at Part-Time Monster Blog for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.


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