#WeeklySmile 83 – Wednesday August 02, 2017

Whooops….  Almost forgot the WeeklySmile (yet again).  In my defense, I’ve spent most of the day either taking care of household chores, baking, or shopping – Today is the first Wednesday of the month when several stores in the area offer senior discounts, which means it is our big shopping day….  So I guess we could start of with the fact that I’m smiling because we’re finally done, everything has been put away and I’m finally able to relax a bit.

Another “Smile”  mentioned in the paragraph above was the baking.  I baked up a batch of muffins to take to the guys at one of the local fire stations – That always makes me smile when I’m able to bring the guys a batch of muffins.

Ok, now to go back a bit in time for some more happiness.  My son took his first flight traveling as a non-unaccompanied minor (or at least that’s the best I can think to call it).  He did wonderfully and for the most part everything went off without a hitch (the parts that didn’ – which, by the way, had nothing to do with how well my son did on the trip – I’ll leave unsaid as it would get into a lengthy explanation and would take a way from the Smiles that this post is about, so….. moving on….

Another piece of awesome news is that my son earned his first belt in Martial Arts, his yellow belt.  For someone who started with two left feet and  no coordination he has improved a lot.  There’s still a lot of room for improvement but he’s come a long way.
And for my last smile – The thought of going to bed here very soon (preferably before I fall asleep sitting up)….  That and my morning coffee.  And with that I say, “Good Night to Everyone”


4 thoughts on “#WeeklySmile 83 – Wednesday August 02, 2017

  1. All nice smiles. I have a nephew who seemed a bit uncoordinated as a little kid. I think he got his black belt (and eagle scout) before he graduated high school… I think it helped draw him out. (He’s still a bit of a nerd, but my entire family is 😉 )

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