#WeekendCoffeeShare – Busy Busy

Sorry to be so late to the Weekend Coffee Share this week…  Infact it isn’t even the weekend any more so I can hardly call mine a Weekend Coffee Share, can I?

The reason I wasn’t here yesterday? It was pretty crazy here.  I woke up a little later than usual (something like 5 something in the morning, I beleive – my usual being somewhere around 4 – 4:30 in the morning) and almost immediately got started in the kitchen w/ grounding up a bunch of meat.  Some of it was used in our strogonoff (we did a quick & easy version) and some was put aside for this morning’s breakfast (which I need to get started on soon).  The rest was put aside in the freezer for later use.

We also worked on the car changing out spark plugs & spark plug wires, which included a 15-20 minute bike ride up to the auto parts store to get said parts.  Probably should have bought them ahead of time and then returned if they weren’t needed.  On the way home me and my son (who had gone with me) stopped at the store for a drink and had to wait out the rain for a bit.    The car is finished and sounding a lot better than it has been.  Amazing what changing out  spark plugs & spark plugs wires can do.

After all that, I then baked up some chocolate sandwhich cookies.  Basically, I used a chocolate sugar cookie recipe and put chocolate chips between 2 sugar cookies and then baked.  I’m not super impressed with the recipe I used for the cookies – partly my fault as I forgot to adjust for the fact that I was using white whole-wheat flour (along w/ a little bit of rye flour)….  S till, they aren’t too terribly bad.  I also made up a batch of small chocolate sugar cookies to take across the street to our neighbor who was kind enough to help us out multiple times while we were working on the car.

Today, we are heading up to put our son on an airplane.  His first time traveling by himself  as a regular passenger instead of a “unaccompanied minor”….

So, well, time for me to run – Got to get started on breakfast and get us ready to get out of here.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week everyone and be sure and check out the other Coffee Chats.  You can get to them by visiting Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share


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