#WeeklySmile for Wednesday July 19, 2017

Woww,  I am seriously behind schedule this week both in this blog and on Life Happens at The_Carrs.  I believe I got the Weekend Coffee Share done on the right day (Sunday), but my Tuesday Chatter was done yesterday (Wednesday) and here I am doing my Wednesday Weekly Smile on a Thursday (Geez)…But hopefully I can get Three Things Thursday done today, and get back on track…  I really need  give some attention to my Taini Writes blog as it has been a bit neglected lately.

So where are we —  Weekly Smiles – What was there this past week to smile about…  Well actually the weather has been a bit dreary and overcast.  The other day we got a good amount of “Monsoon style” rain along with some Thunder & Lightening which made for some good weather watching.  Yesterday we just got a constant drizzle type of rain.  I mean it was actually raining but was like a shower that lasted for awhile.  So what is there to smile about with that kind of weather?!?  Well for one thing, I heard that the Burro Fire which was burning in a nearby mountain has finally been fully contained.  At one time there was something like 60 wildfires burning here in the Arizona area (not sure what that number is now) and firefighters were having a terrible time getting a handle on them, and getting them contained because of the high heat and dry weather.  Now, finally, we are seeing starting to see these fires under control, contained and even put out.

Let this (all these wildfires going on) be a reminder to you all that when you go camping and make a campfire to keep an eye on it and never let it go unattended.  Be sure your campfires are Fully Out.  A rule of thumb you hear is that it should be cold to the touch – For me, and my family, this means that you can put your hands down into the fire (which obviously should be out at this point) and keep it there for like 5-10 seconds.  There should be no warmth whatsoever.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to SMILE 🙂😀😃😁.    


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