#WeekendCoffeeShare: July 16, 2017 – In which I have been MIA from Blogging.

Had to look back at my blog to see whether or not I had even done the last Weekend Coffee Share (welcome back our hostess Diane from PartTime Monster Blog) – that was after I had to check the date on my phone to know what today’s date even was

No good reason, really, for my absence from blogging… Just a lot of little things pop up (mostly in the mornings when I do my blogging) and I just never got around to it.

Before I get into my goings on (and no doubt bore you to tears) how about a cup of coffee??  I have a single cup brewer here.  Takes a minute to get coffee out to everyone but can make fresh and to order – Do you prefer Super Dark or a French Roast/Sumatra mix (almost put Samoa…that’s a cookie isn’t it).

We’ve had some heavy rain the past couple of days as well as some thunder and lightening.  I did have one video that kind of showed the lightening (and of course I didn’t save it).  I did get these two shots ahead of the storm from the other day (taken looking opposite directions from each othe)

There was also a panoramic view I had taken as I was leaving the store (just ahead of the storm), which I also failed to keep.

Not really much to tell you all this week…  The big thing was belt testing for my son… Don’t know if he passed or not (we find out Monday at the ceremony, but he did do pretty good (for him) and has come a long way since he’s started.

Just for fun, here’s a cool screen shot I grabbed from a video I was watching on you-tube (BeAmazed

{The link above should take you to the specific video I was watching}.

Till next time, have a wonderful week…  Now off to link this to linky and then check out some other weekend coffee share posts.  I urge you to join me in doing the same.


7 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: July 16, 2017 – In which I have been MIA from Blogging.

  1. It’s a slow time of year, I think. The weather. Ugh. These last 2 weeks of July are usually the worst. August will be here before we know it (that thought helps me 🙂 ). Have a good week.

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