#WeekendCoffeeShare (Yeah I know It’s Monday)

Hello everyone.  Sorry, I never got around to doing my Weekend Coffee Share yesterday.  We had family over for a late lunch/early dinner (Linner) so a lot of. the morning was spent getting ready and taking care of other things.

Sure, I could have done it yesterday evening but honestly all I wanted to do was vege, besides – It’s just not a coffee share if I’m not enjoying a cup of coffee as I write (and sharing, virtually, with you all ☕️☕️).

This week I’m linking back to two of our hostesses – Diane over at Parttime Monster Blog, who is taking back the reins after a short break, and Emily over at Nerd in the Brain who has been keeping things going these past couple (few?) months.

Ok, now that I’ve got that bit of housekeeping done —  I guess I should get to our little coffee chat.  Everyone have a good weekend?  Anything exciting or spectacular happening this week?

I already told you about having company yesterday which was the highlight of the weekend.  Other than that nothing really happened.  We just enjoyed a quiet relaxing time at home.  Linner (Lunch/Dinner) was good.  We all pretty much decided that the grilled corn was the highlight followed closely by either chicken or beef (think it was an even mix between those that liked the chicken and those that liked the beef).

My son son does his belt testing today, which is exciting.  I think he tests to earn his yellow belt – Hopefully will find out for sure later this evening.  He won’t actually get the belt till later at the ceremony – today is just belt testing day.

Time for me to get on to my usual Monday Morning doings.  Have a great week everyone.


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