#WeeklySmile 79

I would have done my WeeklySmile post  yesterday but we were busy with the first wednesday of the month shopping.  First Wednesday is Senior discount, starting at age 55, day for many of the stores around here.

Hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and, most importantly, safe fourth of July.  I went out first thing in the morning to take care of a couple things but other than that we stayed home and didn’t really do much of anything.  I know, not very exciting but we’re just not into going out and dealing with traffic & crowds.  There was an event just a couple miles away that I thought about going to but when it got to the time to go it was over 100 degrees out and I was already on the warm side just in our own home.  This year wasn’t as bad when it came to neighborhood fireworks.  I heard some but it wasn’t none stop or going on half the night like I’ve had happen in years past.  As a precaution we had kept Meekah early in starting mid/late afternoon. She wasn’t too happy with us not letting her out, though I think she was happy to be in when the fireworks started.  Even though there weren’t a lot, there were some.

This is suppose to be about smiles, and so far I haven’t said anything about things that made me smile last week.  Well one big smile is that we are all safe.  Trying to think of what else made me smile this last week…  Ohhh,  I did ship out several orders to clients yesterday (that’s always fun).  I’m also awaiting delivery of a package from Pampered Chef — According to the tracking number it is expected to get here the 8th.  It’s a small order, just a “large” scoop and a pastry blender. I’ve been wanting a scoop for doing my muffins and we desperately need a decent pastry cutter/blender…  The one we have works but is broken and was a cheap piece of (insert word of choice).

So there you go.  Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far and have a great upcoming weekend.


6 thoughts on “#WeeklySmile 79

  1. There seemed to be less fireworks around here too. A big smile for me, because the dogs were far less frightened than last year! Lat year they thought the world was coming to an end, this year just a few barks and grumbles.

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    • There were a number of events & activities in the area for people (that wanted to) to go to… Plus some places have fireworks bans in the city. There’s been a good number of wildfires in our area so that may be deterring some people who are safety conscious.

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      • There were many organized events, which is great, but what bothers the pups is the constant “bang, bang, bang” of everyone in the world shooting off their 2,593,627 firecrackers, roman candles, etc. It can sound like WW III…. But this year was a bit calmer.

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